15 Baby Shower Favor Ideas for New Parents

Unique Personalized Baby Shower Favor Ideas as Thank you Gifts

By Harold Penn
15 Baby Shower Favor Ideas for New Parents

It is only ideal that you would want your baby shower favors to be as unique and memorable to your guests as your baby’s birth would be to you. There are a ton of party favor ideas available and it is up to you to decide which style you want to go with. For unique and personalized shower favors, you might want to consider these options:

Unique baby shower favor ideas

There are a lot of milestones worthy of celebration in a person’s life, but a baby shower is definitely one of the celebrations that tops any life list. A baby shower is a celebration of a new life, you (or you and your partner), have successfully brought a child into the world, and now it is time for you to raise that tiny being into the best person they can be. A baby shower may also be celebrated before the birth of a child.

That said, at your baby shower, you can expect to see every one of importance, and not-so-importance, gracing your event. All of these people will be there to celebrate with you, instil some parenting wisdom in you and gift you with enough items for the mother and new-born. With all these, it shouldn’t be a far stretch that you should give something back to your awesome guests.

1.Baby-scented Candles

This favor will ensure your guests can get a dose of that fresh, new-born smell anytime. The scented candles vary in smell, coming in scents including baby shampoo and baby powder. Add your own personal touch with a DIY personalized label of your baby, or with your family name.

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2. Sugar Bowls

Commemorate the arrival of a sweet addition to your family by gifting your guests with personalized sugar bowls. Your guests will definitely put this item to good use and will remember your joyous occasion with each use.

Sugar And Spice Baby Shower Favors Ceramic Bowl - FREE Rush with Custom Tags

Personalized Thank you Gifts

Say a big thank you to your guests with personalized gifts that show your appreciation for their support. Express your appreciation of them and celebrate your little bundle of joy with them.

3. Customized Can Cooler

Surprise your guests with a can of beer and a customized can cooler. Add in your baby's name and due date to shout out your joy of having your little one soon!

A Baby is Brewing Funny Baby Shower Can Cooler Rustic | Etsy

4. Personalized Soaps

Sending your guests home with the loveliest scent with personalized soap as baby shower favor. Choose from a menu of fragrance from lavender to almond, each with a different color!

40 personalized favors Shower favors Wedding soap favors | Etsy

5. Bottle Openers

Personalize bottle openers to say things like “Cheers” and include these as party favours for your guests. Every time your baby shower guestspops open a bottle, they’ll think of you and your baby shower.


6. Personalized Plates

Plates are one of the most frequently used items, and are handy as a budget-friendly souvenir for your baby shower guests. Create a unique design that may include your baby’s photo and name (if the shower is post birth), or just write a little thank you note signed with ‘Baby X’.

Your guests will look at the adorable design every time they use the crockery and smile fondly at the memories.

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Cheap and Useful Favours

The feeling of giving your guests a souvenir that will not only serve as a reminder of your event but will come in useful for your guest. Party favors do not have to come all expensive and fancy, though. Even when you are counting pennies, you can still commemorate your little one’s life with party favors that are unique in their own way. Send your guests home with memorable, affordable and useful gifts to celebrate and remember your new life milestone.

7. Popcorn Favours

Ready to Pop! What a creative way to use popcorn as a baby shower favor and customize it further with your name or your baby's name! You can get popcorn easily and add in the sticker to have a customized feel at an affordable cost!

Personalized Ready to Pop Stickers Ready to Pop Favours Baby | Etsy

8. Yummy Cookies

Even though these favors are perishable and will probably be devoured within a week, your guests will be grateful to have these treats in their gift bags. Package your cookies in unique, charming little gift bags and send your guests home with a bag each. For that extra personal touch, include a little personalized tag and make your guests feel extra special.

Custom Baby Shower Oreo

DIY Favors

9. Exfoliating scrubs

Mix up an invigorating DIY scrub mix and pack them in personalized jars as shower favors for your guests. This one is really easy and inexpensive to make, too. Your guests will thank you and think of you every time they pamper their skin with this scrub. You can mix up a batch with coconut oil, granulated white sugar, and lemon oil.

How to make sugar scrubs as shower favors or gifts | The Family Freezer

10. Yummy Pastries

Hand out delicious homemade doughnuts, cupcakes and even cookies to your guests as a special, sugary thank-you for attending your baby shower. You can make the pastries more fun by making them in miniature sizes.

11. Hair Clips

This party favor is obviously most ideal for a baby girl. The gift is not only adorable, it is also extremely thoughtful and guests will have use for them for a long time to come.

12. Uniquely Designed Marble Mugs

Send your shower guests home with this amazing mix of uniqueness and practicality. Gift your guests with hand-designed glasses, mugs or cups and ensure they remember you and your awesome shower every time they use the cup.

14. DIY Jewellery and Bracelets

A beautiful and personal gift to send your guests on their way with is a hand-crafted bracelet. This is a very thoughtful way to say thank you to your guests and it adds such a personal touch, your guests will definitely remember your party for a long time to come.

7. Lip Balm

Get some pastel colors EOS lip balm or other similar alternatives and have a printable cut out to add on to make it look like a balloon from the baby shower! 

About to Pop Baby Shower Favor - Project Nursery


There is very little that can compare to the joy of bringing a new life into the world. It is an event that involves everyone in your life, no matter how privately you might want to leave it. Well-wishers will pour in from every angle, giving you gifts for you and your new-born and showering you with love, advice, and care.

Throwing a baby shower is not just a great way to introduce you and your newest addition to your life to your loved ones; it is also a perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to all of them and also gather even more tips and wonderful baby gifts. 
Baby showers are not all about receiving though and by sticking to some of our tips and favor ideas, you will definitely score it right with your baby shower.