True Love Is When These 20 Signs Exist In A Relationship

There is a strong reason why true love happens once in a lifetime. Sometimes is hard to get it, so learn how to recognize it with these signs.

By Tashke
True Love Is When These 20 Signs Exist In A Relationship

Love, oh love

There is a big difference between true love and passion. We can feel love several times in life; we can love each one of our partners. But there is only one true love! So, how to recognize and distinguish it from the crowd of people who pass through our lives? Sometimes, the person we are blindly in love with is not our true love. Maybe that's the person we were totally indifferent towards at first. You'll never know. Here are signs that can tell whether your love is true or not.

Signs of true love

Throughout our life, many people and different kinds of love will pass by. There are some scientific studies that show how true love can be experienced many times. Maybe that is true, but here we are talking about that one single, unique and lifetime love. The signs of true love can be various, but we mark off the most important ones. Of course, it's hard to find all those in one relationship, but if you can recognize more than a half of them in yours, than your love is real.

1. Accepting differences

When the stage of blind love passes and when you take off those cute pink glasses and ‘love blindfold’… it is the moment when your love is on a mini-test. As love and relationship become more serious, we begin to see the flaws and virtues of our partner. Everything that seemed so ideal to us until this moment now gets its real shape and it is up to us to accept or reject it. There is no more idealization, that's just the way it is. We become aware of how our partner's character and behavior affect our own. If we manage to comply with this, without huge sacrifices and not making excessive concessions to our own damage, it is a sign that it is not only passion but something much stronger. The point of love is not to transform or change a partner, but to learn to love him as he is. But you need to understand that true love doesn't exist unconditionally. One always needs to make some small exceptions for mutual satisfaction and happiness.

2. No signs of jealousy

Although many say that if there is no jealousy, there is no true love, we do not fully agree with that. If there is true love, is that an excuse for blind jealousy? No! Jealousy can be a very dangerous feeling and if you don't set some limits on time, it can destroy everything that you have built up till now. Some people find it cute when they notice that the partner is jealous, so they play with him deliberately. When love is true and mutual, there is no need for that. Unconditional love requires a certain amount of freedom, trust and faith that we must have in our partner. If it does not exist, but only the possessive feelings - that this person belongs to us only - the relationship is sure to be ruined. As soon as we realize that life exists beyond our intimacy and our bedroom, that it is inconceivable to avoid interaction with others and that jealousy is absolutely unnecessary if we trust a partner, it will be easier for both. Suspicion is like a poison plant. If we cultivate this grain in ourselves and we only fill it with additional distrust, it will flourish and ultimately grow out of love and destroy everything. If we learn to control it, and keep it at a minimal level, it is a way to a healthy and strong relationship.

3. There's no need for others

When you think that you have found true love for your entire life, you become inaccessible to everyone else. You ''shut down'' your emotions for all the rest and you only have the blind love for the person by your side. You delete all potential candidates from the phonebook, Facebook, Instagram; you deleted old messages and texts. If your partner finds something of that, he might get suspicious, and there's no room for doubt in true love. Simply, that is sacrificing some exes! If they were your true love, they won't be exes for sure but. You do not want your recollection of any of these previous unsuccessful attempts at love, now that you are finally sure that you have found true love. You do not want your partner to suspect that in your life there is someone other than him.

4. Your love has signs of friendship

At the basis of every true love, there should be a sincere and unconditional friendship. First of all, two people should connect at the psychic level and then the physical so as to build strong and lasting love. If you think that you have found true love, your partner becomes your best friend. Share your secrets, your dreams, and fantasies with him. Ask for advice and unconditional support from him. And more than friends, you are slowly becoming a family and reservoir from where you both draw strength for future endeavors. When you find true love, it seems that you are all mighty!

5. You understand each other without words

Sometimes, the absence of words can say much more than the words themselves. When you have pleasant silence with someone and communicate without speaking, it means that your connection is at a higher level. You are able to agree just by nodding a head or a single look, with your own body language - that only you two understand. You will think that too much silence can mean a problem you don't want to talk about. But not where true love is concerned. Then it's easy for you to be quiet, hugging each other, tied up in your thoughts. It's a real pleasure of true, unconditional love.

6. Planning your mutual future

Mentioning a common future can be a good sign that you have found a love for your entire life. True, it does not have to be pompous plans for an exotic journey or a big wedding party. You can easily plan a shorter trip sooner or visit a cousin. You can plan the purchase of some piece of furniture or make plans for rearranging the apartment. Whatever you're planning or you're talking about, it's important that you both ask about that issues and have the desire to do it together. Your true love will be more stable if you have long-term plans and put in joint efforts to achieve them. It might be hard, but together you are stronger. Your relationship becomes more serious; your visions of the future are aligned and you have some common goals; that is true love! If your current partner is a person with whom you see yourself in a few years, this is a sign that you have found true and unconditional love.

7. Small gestures as signs of true love

It's definitely nice when we get some gift for important dates or go to dinner or in any other way mark that day. When we are in a long, committed relationship with someone, it can happen that we forget some important date or anniversary. Somehow it becomes a routine. But when you buy a little present for no reason or surprise your loved one with some little gesture, you show that your love is important every day, not just when there are anniversaries or a day of love. True love won't be annoyed if you forget to celebrate seven months from the beginning of the relationship; true love is celebrating every day. Sometimes a little candy bar can be more significant than an expensive piece of jewelry.

8. You'll be the best version of yourself

When we are in love, we want to be the most beautiful and our best version for our partner. We try to shun harmful habits, get rid of vices, pay more attention to ourselves ...and this is not temporary, we slowly acquire new, useful habits that will improve both our and the life of our partner. We become better because of someone who deserves that!

9. Care about your partner

Caring for someone means that you are aware of his problems, everyday concerns and obligations. You do not have to struggle with all your force to solve it for them; it's enough to show them your support. Wish your partner luck before a business meeting, if he has to finish a job at home, give him company...these are the little things that indicate that you are ready for small sacrifices for the sake of mutual happiness.

10. Quality sex

Blinding passion will fade over time but does not necessarily mean that passion between you two must disappear completely. It is true that you no longer have relationships as at the beginning when only one look was enough to flare up passion. But now the sex is better and gives you mutual satisfaction. Now in your relationship, there is much more tenderness and desire to please the other.

11. Talk about everything

There are no taboo topics in a serious relationship. When you find your true love, you can talk literally about everything and you will never be bored. When you are with your soul-mate, the themes are simply attached to each other and there is no end to the story. You can go like that for hours. Time just flies. Whether they are some kind of everyday topics or stories about serious things, you see your ideal interlocutor in your loved one. And this is a sign that you want that love for your whole life. You can be completely honest with your partner; tell him everything. You can expect the same if your love is true. At some point of your relationship, it can be really hard to hide something from your partner. You'll simply learn how to 'read' each other's minds.

12. Mutual friends

Common friends can be a trap. There are links where partners have completely separate society, which means that joint fellowships are minimized. If you have shared friends during your relationship, it can help you strengthen it. When you have a joint company, it increases your connection and indicates the similarities that exist between you. For friends, you choose people who love you and enjoy your socializing, and if you find the people you are responding to, it's a huge plus!

13. Your love is childish sometimes

From time to time, allow yourself to be childish. Stay in pajamas by noon, tickle each other, play social games, eat candies in bed, start a pillow fight...if you have a person who is ready to share those sweet little moments of madness, then you really have a keeper by your side.

14. You support each other

In a relationship filled with true love, each partner will support the other side in his or her efforts and aspiration to achieve the goals set in his career or elsewhere. When you find the right person, your plans can change and your focus might be redirected. That is the moment when the mutual support of the partner is very important. If you or your loved one sacrifices something for mutual benefit and future, appreciate the efforts. Encourage your partner to not give up on his goals and aspirations. Be aware that you both had a life before you got into a relationship. You love each other unconditionally and that's fine, but you should not give up your own goals, you should not sacrifice yourself completely. Of course, you will try to reconcile them and turn your goals into some common accomplishments, but true love also means a certain degree of freedom and autonomy. If you tried so hard to get to some point in your life, why give it up now? If your loved one understands this, then he's a true keeper!


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15. Critics are also signs of true love

When you love someone, you want him all good. And when you really love someone, you want him best! When everything goes smoothly and there is no problem, you can dive and enjoy true love. But if there are some problems and arguments, do not worry; it’s also one of the signs that you sincerely love someone. If your fights are constructive and you are able to criticise each other so that the other side can see and correct its mistake, that's a great sign. True love can be seen both in good and bad light. If you really love your partner and he loves you, you will sincerely make him know when something is wrong and help him to correct it. You will both work on fixing it. You will not find whose fault it is, you will try to find a solution jointly. Know what they say, for better or worse, if it's true love.

16. True love is having your own space

Just like you love the time you spend with your partner, so learn and love the time you devote to yourself. True love is not blind and does not shut you in a prison. Even though you found a person for a lifetime, you do not have to devote every moment of your time to him or her. Get out with your crowd, meditate, walk; do what makes you happy and relaxed. And you will also be able to make your partner happy.

17. Feeling peaceful when you're together

Mental peace doesn't have a price. And not only for those moments when your partner is next to you. If you feel relaxed and calm even when you are separated, you have reached the peak of mutual trust and you can enjoy true love without obstacles.

18. No playing games

True love is serious and dedicated, and there is no place for various mind games that we were prone to at the beginning of the relationship. Playing all kinds of hot and cold is overrated; now it's all clear and honest!

19. There's no faking

When you return to your partner in the warmth of your home, all your masks fall and you can finally be what you are. Free and relaxed with your beloved, you will forget about all the worries that the outside world brings and rest in your love nest. You will charge the batteries for new life challenges. When love is true, there's no need to pretend. The one who really loves you will love you no matter what you are.

20. You're just happy

The meaning of true love is not that you are there for one another only when it's all smooth and nice. The whole point of true love is finding a common solution to the problem when it's difficult; to support each other in hard times and when all of this passes, you can be happy because you still have one another. This does not mean that you will not go through turbulent phases in your love, but the goal and purpose of true love is to bring basic peace and happiness into your lives. Of course, you will go through very stressful times and situations, but if someone asks you ''Are you happy?'' and your answer is yes with no doubt, then be free to consider yourself in true love.

So, does true love exist?

You are complete in true love. There is nothing left to say anymore. It is pure peace and happiness! Care and maintain your love because it is a rarity to find the perfect person with whom you want to share your life.