Online Birthing Classes you can take up from home

Too busy to go to actual classes, pick up these online birth classes

By Lucilia Pires
Online Birthing Classes you can take up from home


You’re pregnant? Congratulations! Is it your first one? Wow, that’s awesome! You keep thinking and wondering what he/she will look like. You feel the baby growing within you… It’s a truly fantastic experience.

And, though you can hardly wait to meet your little bundle of joy, the thought of the actual birth fills you with dread and anxiety. You speak to your doctor and she suggests Birthing Classes, usually led by midwives, or specialized nurses. And you can find a wide variety of Birthing Education Classes, from the most traditional ones, mostly offered at hospitals and doctors’ offices, to a those offering a more natural approach or even hypnobirthing at some specific birth centers, and sometimes private homes. 

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What are Online Birthing Classes?

These classes aimed at preparing pregnant women and their partners for the imminent birth. They can help you become more aware of what you’re experiencing and more confident in your own body’s ability to give birth. Your partner will better understand the child birthing process and will be better prepared to support you through the different stages. You will be able to discuss with the class facilitator different pain relief options, such as breathing techniques, massage, relaxation, and medication, and consequently make a more educated choice.

These Birthing Education Classes will also prepare you for the day after, by providing you with information on how to deal with your newborn baby. They will address breastfeeding, diaper changes, bathing, sleeping arrangements, etc., and educate you on several possible neonatal complications while advising you on the best course of action.

Birthing Course from Home

Pros and Cons of Online Birthing Courses

Pros: 24/7 Access to fit to your Schedule

Online Birth Education Classes, with their 24/7 access possibility, are a great help, as they allow you to manage your schedule as you see fit. You can do them at your own pace, reviewing and repeating as many times as you want, selecting specific topics, and even jumping ahead to what’s really bothering you. Moreover, they usually have links for topics you might like to analyze in detail, e.g., breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding, or sex during and after the pregnancy. And, best of all, you don’t have to commute. You can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.  

Pro: Location-Free

Online Birth Classes are a true godsend if you cannot find an offer for a physical course near you, or if you’re, unfortunately, bedridden due to pregnancy complications. You will be able to take the course, ask all your questions and get feed-back from qualified professionals, while you are lying in your coach with your feet up.

Con: Lack of Face to Face Interaction

On the other hand, online classes do not allow for the possibility of a face to face interaction with the trainers or with other expecting couples. Most of them give you access to a private forum, where you can ask and answer other couples’ questions, some moderated by doulas or midwives, other expecting parents only. Despite it all, you still miss out on the non-verbal cues available during a group session: the hesitant shrugs, the encouraging smiles, the looks of abject horror or disgust, etc., and all the laughs and joy this sense of companionship brings.

Con: Not as much Social Interaction

The fact that you do not have classmates might seem irrelevant, but consider you’ll be missing out on the whole group experience, that which allows for the exchange of ideas and confidences with other couples going through the same process as you. Also, the fact that you are doing all the breathing exercises and relaxation techniques in a room with a whole lot of other people rather than the quiet of your living room, forces you to learn how to concentrate more on what you are feeling and on your own rhythm. And this might come in handy when the big day comes, as you won’t be alone then.

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Online Birthing Classes on Natural Birth for Couples

Women have been giving birth naturally since the beginning of times. Giving birth is a perfectly natural biological process. If you, as countless others before you, have decided on Natural Birth, rest assured you will also find suitable birthing classes online.

These online classes will guide you through the process of giving birth naturally. They will equip you with the coping skills you require in dealing with the labor pain, will educate you on the physiology of birth, and lead you through the emotional turmoil of bringing a new life into existence. They will also prepare the couple for the big event, creating a birthing team, where mum and dad have specific roles and work together to have the best possible birth. 

Natural Birth education for Couples

Most importantly, the course will educate you so that you can have sufficient information to decide if you want to have your water birth in the comfort of your living room, or if you would rather have a more natural hospital delivery, i.e. without medication or labor inducement. Lastly, the classes will cover the safety and the need to seek a physician if there are possible complications, nonetheless, and to have a midwife or doula with you when the time comes. 

Free Online Birthing Classes

And then there’s the question of price. Despite being cheaper than physical classes, most of these online Birthing Education Courses will set you back $200-300 USD, and you need to consider that this cost may not be included in your health insurance plan. So, you may want to consider free online Birthing Classes.

The interaction with the course facilitator may be limited to non-existent in these free classes, but you have a good overview of the topics and reference material you can use to learn a bit more about the specific subjects of your choice.


Lamaze International has a wealth of knowledge to read. You can try out an introductory class to see if enjoy the teaching style before considering getting a full course. 

Lamaze online learning classes


A great course for new mummies, covering knowledge on labor, delivery and stories from other moms. Not to mention, it's free!

childbirth class


This was also mentioned above. Similarly to Lamaze, it offer a class free to try out and if you enjoy the class, you can consider signing up for the full course.

4. Youtubes Classes

You can also find informational videos either from YouTube Some YouTube classes offers a well-structured and comprehensive program with a wide variety of videos covering most of the issues pertaining to labor, child birthing and primary neonatal care.   

This is one popular and well-received series in Youtube:


Make the best choices for your baby

As you can see the choice is endless. As it is important to prepare adequately for the big day, whether you go for a course offered by your hospital or birth center, or you choose to go for online Birthing Classes, there are some questions you should ask before choosing a class:

  1. Is the course facilitator certified to teach Birthing Education Classes?
  2. What is the facilitator philosophy about labor and childbirth? 
  3. Will the facilitator teach us about different methods and birthing Philosophies? 
  4. Does the method followed in the course match our birthing method decision? 
  5. Which are the subjects covered?
  6. Will my partner learn how to play an active role during labor and birth?
  7. Would we rather be learning in a group or at home?
  8. How much does it cost?

Irrespective of the method you choose as a couple, rest assured it is the best one for you and your child, and we truly wish you the best possible birth.

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