8 Signs To Tell If You’re In A Karmic Relationship

Is A Karmic Relationship Good Or Bad, Read On To Find Out

By Diana N.
8 Signs To Tell If You’re In A Karmic Relationship

What Is The Meaning Of A Karmic Relationship

There are very many types of relationships but this article will focus mainly on karmic relationships. Before we take a look at the meaning of karmic relationship it is wise to first ask ourselves; what is karma? In religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism which teach their followers to believe in reincarnation, karma represents the belief that your actions in this life will determine how your future lives will be.

In the two religions mentioned earlier, karma is simply the principle of punitive justice that determines our state of reincarnations and life as the effects of our past acts. Ordinary folks definition of karma is, however, easier to understand as it means getting exactly what you give. This means that if you do good, good karma will follow you and if you do bad things, then you will get bad karma.

A karmic relationship can, therefore, be described as a strong and irresistible romantic bond that is formed between people and is designed to heal past life pains and lessons. This means that if you meet someone whom you have a karmic connection with, you automatically feel a nostalgic closeness or a sense of being at home which makes the relationship of such persons to be very close.

In order for you to be able to bring to light karmic relationship patterns, you must be able to pinpoint various karmic themes, for example, how you have always felt. You must also be able to single out your relationship patterns, and then learn to switch your viewpoint.

The Stages Of A Karmic Relationship

Every relationship has stages that it follows and a karmic relationship is no different. The following are some of the stages experienced in a karmic relationship.

1. Attraction and romance

Just like all the other types of relationships, the first stage in a karmic relationship is usually attraction and romance. This is where the couple gets to know each other after having a feeling of deep connection between them.

2. Familiar old patterns

This is the stage where you start to feel comfortable in situations that are in reality very limiting. In this juncture, you are easily drawn into a flurry of monotonous past practices and patterns that basically have nothing to do with your reflective actions or even wishes. You are, therefore, compelled to repeat your past patterns since you already know them. For example, if you are struggling with low self-esteem, you might find yourself being comfortable in a relationship where your partner makes you feel bad about yourself since it’s something familiar.

3. Acceptance and Realization

In this stage, you get the chance to do some soul searching and to accept that you are in a karmic relationship. This means being able to differentiate the intense feelings that you have been experiencing all along that have turned you into a puppet from love. Accepting the nature of your relationship helps you to be able to start taking the next step which will set you free and forge a new path for you.

4. Breaking the pattern

This is the stage where you break free from the spell of your karmic relationship partner and become the master of your own fate.  

8 Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

There are some signs that help to distinguish between karmic relationships and other types of relationships such as soulmate and twin flame relationships. Some of them are such as:

1. You are addicted to your partner

If you are in a relationship where you are experiencing a lot of negative emotions from your partner and yet you feel so addicted to him or her that you cannot be able to leave. This is a clear sign that your relationship is purely karmic. You feel helpless without your partner even though you are suffering emotionally as a result of being in that relationship.

2. Your relationship repeats certain patterns

For those always going through the same issues time and time again, it might be a sign of a karmic relationship. As a result of these patterns, a karmic relationship does not grow and a good example is one that’s always on and off. It remains stagnant throughout!

3. There is a connection at first sight

If you meet someone and you naturally click, this can be a sign of karmic relationship. You meet a person and you automatically feel as if you have been around that person for the rest of your life. Karmic relationships are defined by instant attraction.

4. The relationship reveals your dark side

This is where you find yourself picking up on a dark side you never thought existed in you. If you are in a relationship that constantly broadcast your arduous and dreaded aspects, then, that relationship can be a karmic relationship.

5. The relationship is only short-term

This is a classic sign of karmic relationship as they do not last no matter how much you wish for your partner to be your soulmate. The primary reason why this is always the case is that karmic relationships are never healthy. They always end how they begin; in conflict!

6. Your partner is controlling

It can be a red flag that your relationship is a karmic one if your partner doesn’t like you spending time with your friends and family or if he/she doesn’t trust you which leads to him/her always questioning about your whereabouts. One of the reasons why your partner can become controlling when in a relationship is that he/she wants your world to revolve around them as he or she is afraid of losing you.  

7. You are dependent

Karmic relationships create a situation where you always feel helpless and powerless to a point where you depend on your partner in everything you do. So if you are in a relationship where you not only depend on your partner physically but also mentally and emotionally, then your relationship can be a karmic one.

8. Your relationship has no boundaries

Every healthy relationship has boundaries and couples respect those boundaries. In a karmic relationship, this is never the case as one partner does not respect the boundaries of the other. If you are in such a relationship, you will find your partner selfish as he/she always put self-interests and needs in front even if they know you will get hurt in the process.

Resolving Karmic Relationship And How To End It

So what do you do after you have realized that you are in a karmic relationship? In order for you to move on from a karmic relationship, you must learn to forgive. Forgiveness is the only thing that will help you to heal fully as without it we will only end up hurting ourselves.

The next step is for you to break the pattern of karmic relationship by learning the lessons that you have been taught by relationship. This will also help you to be able to reduce the pain the karmic relationship has caused you. So how do you end a karmic relationship?

When it comes to a karmic relationship, you cannot just walk away as it has very strong bonds. This type of relationship ends only after the parties involved clear the root causes of the karmic relationship. This allows you to regain control of your life while leaving the important learning experiences that the relationship has taught you intact.


Even though karmic relationships cause us anger, pain and hurt, they play a very important part in our quest of finding true love later on. All that negative but valuable experience we gather from karmic relationships help to prepare us for the next experience of our love life as we are now able to recognize more clearly what we want. It’s, therefore, safe to say that as long as you have learned your lessons, karmic relationships are healthy and very necessary. Failure to do so will result to you moving from one karmic relationship to another.


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