55 Ways To Tell Someone You Like Them That Will Win Their Hearts

Let’s get started on how you can tell someone that you like them without ruining a friendship or coming off as desperate for a date.

By Nicolle L.
55 Ways To Tell Someone You Like Them That Will Win Their Hearts

How to tell a crush you like them

This is not going to be a conversation about how to “hook up” at the bar. This is about making a connection with someone you know, a person who might be a friend of a friend or even one of your friends. Liking someone is more than being physically attracted to them; liking means that you know at least a little bit about the person - what the person enjoys or what motivates him or her. Let’s begin with talking about how to tell a crush that you like them without ruining a friendship or coming off as desperate for a date.

For the guys

You’ve met a new girl. She’s unattached, but you don’t want to come off as a creeper, who’s stalking her or blow your chance at a keeper. Stay tuned. Here’s your prescription for weirdo-free ways to tell a girl you like her.

For the girls

You’ve been friends with him for months. Neither of you is dating anyone, but you don’t know if he feels anything more for you than as a friend. How do you tell your crush you like him if you are shy or old-fashioned and think the guy should do the asking? Or you’re worried that you’ll make a fool of yourself. You’ve come to the right place!

Physical cues to tell someone you like them

Look And Smile: Make eye contact and smile; frequently. But, don’t get too carried away to the point that the person has one of their friends come and threaten you for stalking. If you are already friends, use the opportunity when talking to keep their gaze and smile at what they are saying. This tells the person that you are open to them and what they are saying. Turn Your Body Towards Your Crush: When having a conversation, turn your body towards them and be open. Don’t cross your arms. Lean In: In addition to turning towards the person, lean your body in towards the person as you are talking to each other. Move Close: Be near when you are together whether you are talking to each other or just standing next to each other.


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How to tell someone you like them

Tell: Just spit out the words. It is the most underrated of all the ways to “tell” someone you like them. Yes, it can be intimidating as you aren’t sure how they feel, but it is the quickest way to find out the answer you’ve been stressing over. Compliment the person about something you enjoy about them (not looks). Compliment the personality! Then, let them know how you feel. Note: Send an old-fashioned letter. Tell the person about your feelings. What you respect about the person. Why you think you would make a good couple together. The reward is there that you don’t have to be face-to-face when you tell the person you like them. However, you can’t plead your case if you don’t know what concern the person has, if they have one. Ask Them Out For A Movie: If there is a new release coming out that you’ve both been wanting to see, ask the person to go with you. Don’t wait for them to ask you out. Out To Eat: Ask the person to go out to eat with you. If you’re still afraid of the answer, ask about lunch as a friend first and see if they agree to go before moving up to a more traditional date meal. To A Game: If you both like sports, ask the person to go with you to a game. A game can be a good first date in that you don’t have to talk as much if you are nervous and can cheer, or commiserate, as your team plays. Ask the Person to Dance: If you are at a club or party, ask the individual to dance with you. If you are nervous about their reaction, start with a fast song. Kiss Them: One definite way to get the point across is to kiss the person!

Signs to show someone you like them

Be Yourself: Be authentic. Don’t change who you are to impress a person that you like. It will not work out in the end and will leave you feeling depressed and frustrated with yourself or the other person. Buy A Drink: If you don’t know the person well, you can buy them a drink to tell them you like them without saying the words. It is a nice gesture and gives you an idea if the other person isn’t interested. If they say “no”, it isn’t the end of the world. If you buy a drink and then nothing more happens, you’re only out a few dollars, which is no big deal. If you’re shy, you can have the bartender give the person a drink and stay across the room. If they’re interested, leave it to them to come up to you. Introduce To Your Friends And Family: If your friends and family are at the same place as the person you like, go out of your way to introduce them to each other. This tells both sides that the other is important to you. Say Bye: Another way to let the person know you like them is to make sure that you tell the person goodbye when you leave an event. Don’t be rude to the other people they are hanging out with but make sure the person realizes that you are making a special point to acknowledge them. Borrow Something: A good way to have another conversation with the person is to borrow something or to lend something. The more times you can be together; the more opportunity you will have to tell the person that you like them. Turn Someone Else Down: If someone else asks you out on a date or to dance in front of the person you like, turn the individual down. You might be tempted to make the person jealous, but it will speak volumes that you would rather stay talking to the person you like than doing something else. Be Alone Together: Grab any opportunity that you get to be alone together.

Ways to show someone you like them

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Events: Show up at the same events as the person you like. If you know the individual is interested in sports and goes to the local community baseball game on Friday nights, show up there as well. Bump into the person and strike up a conversation. Look Good: If you are going to be in the same place as the person that you like, look good. You want to put your best foot forward, as they say. Don’t show up in the same clothes you wore the night before when you drank one of your friends under the table. Shower, put on some deodorant or perfume, and wear clean clothes. Dress to impress. Offer To Help: When the person you like needs help with something, be the one to offer the help. Whether it is moving something or putting something together, it is a great opportunity to spend some time together. Work On An Assignment Together: If you work or go to school together, offer to help the person complete an assignment in a bid to spend more time together. Hang Out: Spend time together whenever you can. If the person you like is a friend or someone that you know well, offer to go places together and hang out. Have A Drink Together: Having a couple of drinks together can loosen you up a bit. But don’t drink too much! Spend Time With Their Friends: Tell the person you like them by hanging out with their friends. Spending time with their friends can be a good way to get to know more about the person and to share that you value the people they care about. Ask Their Friends About Them: Find out more about the person you like by asking their friends about them. What they are like as a friend. What they like to do on dates or what they like in the significant other. What their pet peeves are. What annoying things that they do. Be Nice To Their Family: If you can spend time or meet their family, be nice to their parents and siblings. Tell Their Friends Or Family You Are Interested: Run it by their friends or family to see if they have any insight on whether they might be interested in you as someone to date. Pet Sit: If the person has a pet and needs to go somewhere, offer to pet sit instead of sending the animal to a vet or boarding service. This tells the individual that you care about their pets as well as them. Charity Work: Offer to work together at their favorite charity event.

Conversations tips to show someone you like them

Memories: If the two of you have been friends for a while, use that to your advantage. Talk about things that you have done in the past. Places you’ve traveled to. Parties you’ve went to. These common memories will tell the other person that you remember being together at the event and that being with the person was part of the reason the memory stands out to you. Compliment: Give the person compliments. Yes, you can complement their looks. However, the compliment will have more impact if it is regarding something that you had to pay attention to. “I like the way you interact with little kids.” “The way you listen to your friends is so supportive.” Nicknames: Developing a nickname for the person you like is another way to tell the person that you like them. Make sure it isn’t derogatory or hurtful to the person. That would have the opposite effect. Dare Them: One way to get the person’s attention is to dare them to do something. Dare them to do something funny or go somewhere scary. Think haunted houses or roller coaster rides. Ask If They Are Seeing Anyone: Find out if the person is seeing someone else. Find Out What They Like in a Significant Other: Ask questions about what they like and dislike in a significant other. What negative experiences they had in previous relationships. Tell Them About Ex Significant Other Debacles: Let the person know what experiences you’ve had in the past with significant others.

Flirt to tell the person you like them

Touch The Arm: When talking, touch the person’s upper arm or forearm if the person is open to the physical contact. Lick Your Lips: Lick your lips, place the tip of your tongue on the edge of your top teeth, or bite on your lower lip. Probably works better if a girl does it, but a guy can probably pull it off. Bat Your Eyes: This one is going to work better for the girls. Sit Close: If you are sitting beside each other, move your seat closer to their seat. The closer you are in proximity; the easier it is to accidently touch and to give off signs that you are interested and attracted to the person. Brush Their Hand: Brush the hand of the person when talking or telling a story. Accidently Brush Legs: If you are sitting or standing close to each other, “accidently” brush into or rub against their leg. Don’t get too creepy here! Look Away: Once you have eye contact, look away. Then, look back again.

Written ways to show someone you like them

Text: If you are ready to take the next step, you can send someone a text to tell the person you like them. Texting allows you the opportunity to put on a brave face even if you’re nervous. You don’t have to look the person in the eyes and see any form of rejection. If it goes wrong, you can even blame a younger sibling or friend for stealing your phone and claim that you weren’t the one that sent the message. You can also use text to keep in touch in a “friendly” way to share that you care and are thinking about the person. You can flirt, joke, be supportive, or whatever type of conversation you want to have with the person via text. Facebook: You can use Facebook to show another person that you like them by liking their posts or commenting on their posts. Be the first one to type something in or like their post. That shows you are paying attention to what they are doing and care about how the person is feeling. If the person is down, use a comment to tell the person something funny, supportive, or motivational. Call: Call or text when the person you like is not feeling well, has a surgery, or has had a bad day at work. Let the person know you like them by showing concern about their overall wellbeing and happiness.

How to use humor to tell someone you like them

Wager: A wager can either be a humorous way to connect or a competitive way to be involved with another person. It depends on your personality as well as the personality of the other individual. In a humorous way, you can make wagers on about anything – what the couple across from you are arguing about, who’s going to laugh first, sports teams, etc. If you are both competitive, you can wager on playing sports together. Who can run the fastest? Who’s better at jump rope. Who can make more baskets? The great thing about physical competition with another person is the increased likelihood of bumping into the person. There can be lots of touching and it won’t come off as perverted! Inside Jokes: If you are friends with the other person, take the opportunity to develop your own inside jokes to share between the two of you about other people, situations, or locations. Keep the joke to yourselves to create a bond between the two of you about something that no one else knows. People will wonder what you are laughing about, which can bring you closer together. Tease: Use lighthearted jokes when having a conversation with someone you like to tell someone you like them. Don’t belittle the person or insult the person. Be careful with joking. It can be taken the wrong way. Laugh at Their Jokes: If the person you like enjoys telling jokes or stories, listen and laugh at the appropriate times to tell the person you like them. Tell Funny Stories About Yourself: Tell the person that you like funny things that have happened to you in the past or silly things that you’ve done.

Gifts to give someone to tell them you like them

Buy or Make Something: If the person you like has mentioned something they enjoy doing or somewhere they like to go, get them a little trinket to let them know you were paying attention to what they like.

In conclusion, how to tell your crush you like them

With this information, you should be able to tell your crush how you feel without running out of ideas. There are tons of different ways that you can show or tell the person how you feel.