What Are the Different Parenting Styles for Raising Kids

The different Parenting Styles and which is best for your kid

By Michele
What Are the Different Parenting Styles for Raising Kids

Are you aware of your parenting style? It is actually quintessential for parents to know how to raise their kids in the right manner. A mode, through which you will bring your kids up, will determine their future life and its numerous aspects.  It is said that the parenting style that you adopt is actually derived from the way your parents have raised you. Have you ever found yourself acting just like your parents? You might not have noticed it but actually it’s a fact.

What I intend to say here is that, you need to scrutinize your style of parenting. There is no need of sticking to traditional methods of parenting that are limited and stern. On the same hand, you need to make sure that the elements of trust, respect and understanding are never ever compromised on.  Parenting is not an easy thing at all; you will need to cooperate on a lot on different situations. There will be many challenges and it is a full time duty that allows no errs.

Kids are truly gifted, as they learn a lot while growing up. It is the duty of parents to act maturely and take the matter of raising their kids in their own hands. To be honest social media takes up the most of our time, which we can actually put to some good use. Parents, please do not get totally engulfed in your smartphones, showing no care of what their child is up to. This level of negligence can lead to several problems.

If you are not going to act in a sensible manner, how can you expect your kids to contribute towards the society in a civilized manner?  It is a very important question that ever parent needs to explain – in some manner. And that is about choosing a parenting style that will shape your kid in the best possible manner. Just don’t impose a certain style or rule on your kid, as it might devastate their potential and confidence for forever. It is all about having a strong, friendly, polite and a dynamic relationship with your kid.

 Now let’s have a look at some of the parenting styles and their effects on your kids. 

1. Authoritarian Parenting Style and its effects

In this type of parenting style, kids need to follow the rules that their parents have put forward for them. Parents place a lot of high expectations when it comes to their kid and the behavior at school or at home is totally predetermined. The rules set forward can only be changed by the parents at any time – according to their will. A kid is totally bound and has no voice.

This type of parenting style limits the potential of a kid. The whole scenario is based on ambiguity. Kids are not sure of their life, their skills and their ultimate choices. Fear overshadows every positive aspect of that kid. As a result the kid loses confidence and the will to do something meaningful in life.

Such types of kids get very stubborn, as they get used to abuse. With the passage of time, if they are beaten or scolded on regular basis they lose interest in studies and other co-curricular activities. To escape the physical and mental trauma, kids even run away or start taking drugs at a very young age. And when these kids become adults they totally disassociate themselves from their parents.

Can you pose a demanding attitude without thinking that you need to listen to your kid too?

2. Authoritative Parenting Style and its effects

In this type of parenting style, kids get an opportunity to say what they want to but after listening to what their parents have to say. So it can be termed as a demanding and responsive type of parenting style. According to parenting experts, it is the best style for both – the parents and the kids.

It is actually fair enough to let your child express certain thoughts and ideas. You being a parent have the full right to listen and understand what your kid wants. Though later, you can make a decision based on the idea that what’s best for the growth of your kid.  In this type of parenting, parents do set certain limits but under those limits a good level of independence can be enjoyed by kids.

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To make it simple and short, I will call it a give and take type of relationship. Kids are told to behave and respect their elders. While they receive a lot of love and their just demands are fulfilled. In this type of parenting, kids are taught in a careful manner on how to manage their bad behavior without any severe punishments.  Consistent guidelines, in a friendly manner help a kid develop confidence and perform better at different phases of life.

It is all about maintaining that balance of respect and friendship with your kid.

3. Permissive Parenting Style and its effects

In this type of parenting, kids receive a sheer amount of love from their parents. Okay there is nothing wrong in loving your child and making sure that the comfort and happiness are never compromised on. But you also need to realize that there are certain boundaries that you need to chalk out for your kid. According to several parenting experts, permissive parenting style actually spoils a child.

When you won’t stop your child from doing something wrong, things will get very difficult for you in the long run. If being a kid your child will not listen to you how you can expect to control your child during teenage period. Without proper guidance and control your kid will become nothing-but a spoiled little brat. Sorry to say that, but it’s a matter of serious concern.

It has been observed that parents, who do not control their kids will often find then screaming, throwing tantrums, making unnecessary demands, behaving in a disrespectful manner and even having a threatening attitude. Isn’t it a nightmare? Imagine not grooming your kid and then later falling in some sort of law and order situation. What if your kid develops into a spoiled teenager and uses drugs, alcohol and weapons?

Give independence to your kid but also make sure that you are also being heard and followed! Simple!

4. Uninvolved Parenting Style and its effects

In this of parenting, kids are totally neglected. Kids have certain demands and their most serious demand is to spend time with them. When parents become unresponsive, a kid ultimately develops personality disorders. Earlier – a few years back – there were only three different styles of parenting, which have been discussed above. But now this fourth one has also come up due to those parents, who are extremely busy and inattentive and have no idea what their kid is all about.

Children feel neglected and fail to take proper care of them. As Kids need support so they shift their dependency from parents to someone else who is more caring and considerate. Most kids who are a victim of uninvolved parenting style are emotionally unstable.

They also face stress, anxiety and stress-like issues at a very young age. 

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Will your different parenting styles between friends affect your friendship?

Well it might affect the friendship yes. As each parenting style has different limitations and effects on a kid, it might lead to certain disagreements. Here you need to respect each other’s ideas of parenting and draw a fine and meaningful line between what’s wrong and what’s right. There is no need to confront others in a disrespectful manner. If you have something good to say, better show it instead of just saying it. Others will eventually follow what’s good – by following your healthy example. Spread positivity!


It is quite evident from the effects of different styles of parenting, discussed above, that authoritative parenting style is the most suitable one. You need to raise your kid in a healthy environment. Not only the physical health of your kid matter but also mental health plays a vital role in developing a sound personality. Kids need your love and support to grow. Everything is possible if you give kids proper guidance on how to bring discipline and happiness in their lives. Kids deserve your devotion!