15 Best Baby teething toys to soothe those itchy gums

Help your baby alleviate itchy gums with these baby teething toys

15 Best Baby teething toys to soothe those itchy gums

Teething toys are items that many parents find it worthy to purchase. Teething can be explained as when the teeth begin to grow; baby teething can be a disturbing and stressful time for any parent. The discomfort and pain result in irritability and even lack of sleep. Therefore, it calls for an instant remedy to give relief. The teething stage is a period that every child has to go through and as a parent, you can look at equipping yourself with some of the teething toys that are trusted can help in easing the burden. 

When to give baby teething toys?

Some of the obvious signs that your baby is teething are that they begin to chew their fingers or anything they get to hold around them. If your baby is six months of age, you can give them healthy things for example fruits for instance apples and vegetables such as carrots. Most babies start to develop teething at 4 to 6 months and this is always the best time to introduce teethers.

Teething toys are helpful since they bring relief to the pains that the baby is undergoing and it aids in the provision of a chewing surface. Moreover, teething toys aids in keeping the baby’s mouth busy chewing. It is always advisable that you stay close to your baby whenever they are chewing them in order to avoid choking cases. Babies are different and it is important to try new ways until you find something that is best for your baby.

15 Best Baby teething toys

Popular Baby teething toys

The following are the most commonly known and used baby teething by most parents across the world.

1. Comotomo silicone baby teether

Comotomo silicone baby teether

This teether has small prongs which are four in number and they have the shape of a finger for the baby to chew. This will help the baby to concentrate on it instead of gnawing his hands. it is soft and not toxic hence making it suitable for your kid.

2. Green sprout baby play cool soothing ring teether

Green sprout baby play cool soothing ring teether

This teething toy is composed of sterilizing water. You can toss in a refrigerator for a cooling effect. Each bead has a unique super soft texture to help in the massaging of the baby’s gums.

3. Finn and Emma wood Hedgehog Teething Rattle

Finn and Emma Wood Carter the Hedgehog Teething Rattle

This teething toy has a nontoxic vegetable seed wax coating. It is a wooden teething toy and is purely safe for the baby’s mouth. It is filled with cooking beads.

4. Haba Kringelring

Kringelring Clutching Toy

The set of beads are made up of an elastic band and it forms a wooden teething ring. Most babies love the bright colors of the rainbow in the toy and parents prefer giving it to their babies because of the natural wood it is made of.

5. Sweetie House Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for Babies

Sweetie House Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklace for Babies

Baltic amber jewelry is one of the oldest natural teething toys and is popularly acknowledged by many researchers across the world. It is worn as a bracelet or a necklace, most users of it say that it contains an acid called succinic and when it is warmed on the body of the baby it is released into the skin and it helps in pain relief. 

Natural Baby teething toys

The following are the best natural baby teething toys you can look at for options:

6. Manhattan Toy Skwish

Manhattan Toy Skwish

Manhattan Toy Skwish is made from wooden rods and beads that glide back and forward. It is easy for the baby to grab and direct it into the mouth for chewing. The toy is best for parents who are wary of the toxic substances that come with some teething toys. It is indeed a great teething toy that is enjoyed by infants in their development stages.

7. Havea Panda Teether

Havea Panda Teether

This teether is made up of natural rubber and designed in a way that it doesn’t have holes that may hub bacteria. It is free from phthalates, PVC and silicone, making is loved by eco-conscious parents. The toy is a precious and healthy choice for your lovely baby.

8. Nuby Nananubs Banana massaging toothbrush

Nuby Nananubs Banana Massaging Toothbrush ( ) | eBay

Nuby Nananubs Banana massaging toothbrush contains silicone bristles and is useful in the cleansing of the newly emerging baby teeth. The sizing of this toy is effective enough for the baby to easily hold and cleaning of it is also is not difficult. It has raised surfaces that help in the growth of the teeth by massaging the baby’s gums.

9. Grimms Natural Wood European Teether

Grimms Natural Wood European Teether

This is a sleek natural teething toy made from hardwood and polished to have a smooth texture so as to boost the baby’s comfort. The finishing is composed of oil that is non-toxic made from plants 100% natural. It is one of the most long-lasting baby teething toys, and it is environment pleasant. This toy can be one of your baby’s best teething toy that soothes the itchy gums.

10. Sophie the giraffe

Sophie the giraffe

It is one of the common French-made teething toys in the world and made from the natural rubber.it has skinny legs which makes it easy for the baby to hold and bite. Parents who have purchased the teething toy and used it on their babies recommend that it is the best natural teething toy for your kid.

11. Bright starts grab and spin rattle

Amazon.com : Bright Starts Grab and Spin Rattle : Baby Rattles : Baby

It is a colorful teething toy composed of three texture slide link. The shape is oval with a handle that has teeth texture. It is recommended that cleaning has to be done to it before being used. The tenderness that this teething toy has brings relief to the baby while they chew it.

12. Nuby Bug-A-Loop

Amazon.com : Nuby Bug-A-Loop Teether, Colors May Vary : Baby Teether Toys : Baby

This Teether is unique with and available in a variety of bright colors. The bright colors have for the visual simulation, and it is of great help for the growth of the teeth and good for massaging the gums of the infants. It is supposed only to be wiped clean and dried and not suitable for the dishwashing for long lasting.

Baby teething toys made in USA

Baby teething toys made from the United States have passed numerous tests and regulations that make sure that they are safe for the use by the baby. It is critical to any parent to ensure that whatever goes to the mouth of the child is safe and of great quality.

13. Wowiestar and strap bundle

WowieStar and strap bundle

The toy's silicone is of medical quality by a leading hospital material manufacturer in the United States. The starfish design and can be used in any position and it can cover both the front teeth and the molars. This toy is the safest since it tasteless and not toxic hence the most preferable teethin toy for your kid.

14. Green Toys My First Keys, Set of 2

Green Toys My First Keys, Set of 2

This teething toy is a good teething toy which is made of lightweight keys made for the little babies learning to grasp things around them. The teething toy is eco-friendly and it has no external coating in it.

15. Maple Landmark Teether pair

Maple Landmark Teether pair

Made in Vermont, USA, Maple Landmark Teether pair is crafted from harvested rock maple. Its design is sleek and modern, also long-lasting and anti-microbial. The smoothening is done by sanding until it is perfectly smooth in order to keep your baby as safe as possible and comfortable when chewing it.

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How to DIY Baby Teething Toys

Furthermore, the following are the DIY options one can use at home to help the teething for your baby.

One is banana; freeze a banana and give the baby to use it as a teething tool. It will help in icing the gums and gives them something to chew until they are free from the pain and fully satisfied.

The second one is Ginger; one can make it by taking a slice of the ginger root and peeling it then rub on the gums of the baby for almost 4 minutes. It will help in reducing the swelling and will help in relieving teething pains. It can be done many times as possible within a single day until the baby is comfortable.

How to sterilize Baby Teething Toys?

Moreover, many people would want to know how teething toys are clean efficiently so that babies do not get infections from germs. Teething toys have to always be stored in safe places away from any contaminations.

When sterilizing the teething toys, thoroughly wash the teething toy with clean water and antibacterial soap. Use boiled water to wash it or steam it for about 4 to 6 minutes to make sure that the germs are killed properly.

Ensure that it is dry and cool before giving it to the baby. It is also of great concern that you throw away a used teething toy that looks old and overused.

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In conclusion, teething toys are items that are needed for the baby’s growth. They are of great benefit to the babies not only for pain relief but also for the cognitive development of the baby. Teething toys aids in the motor skills development of the baby. A baby has to see the toy and get hold of it and makes directions to the mouth for chewing.

It is therefore important to make a review of the teething toys before making the option of purchasing a particular one this is due to the different baby needs and preference. In addition to these, teething toys have to come with clear instructions on how to use and clean for proper use by the parents and ensures safety to the babies.



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