8 Warning Signs to Track That Your Husband Cheated

Is your husband cheating on you - Signs to finally find out

By Michele
8 Warning Signs to Track That Your Husband Cheated

Isn’t it a beautiful feeling falling in love and sharing your goals, problems, uncertainties and joys with your husband? And on the same note isn’t it equally devastating to realize that your husband is cheating on you. You feel shattered to the core when your trust is broken by your husband whom, you trust the most. The feeling that someone is drifting away from you, due to certain reasons, is horrific.

It actually leaves a deep mark on your existence –the ugly feeling of betrayal causes depression, stress and anxiety. There are problems, of different nature, in any long term relationship. But deceit is the most harmful problem, which can damage a person emotionally forever. There are several warning signs, linked with cheating, that you need to take into account.

Good thing is that women have a sharp instinct when it comes to judging the behavior of men. Judging in a sense – to know when and how your husband has changed over time. This sixth sense needs to be utilized as soon as you experience any change: his mood, level of care, attention span, love depicted and the time spent together with your husband. But before you jump to any conclusion, I would like you to spare some time and read this article. It will help you track all the warning signs and save your relationship.  

Emotional Cheating Vs. Physical Cheating

According to various couple counselors, women are eager to know the signs that tell that their man is cheating.  Of course no man is going to say – ‘oh yeah I am cheating on you’. That won’t happen.  Men will always deny any allegation and try to steer clear of it. Men often accuse women of showing lack of trust and make the situation further complicated for women.

That’s where women need to control their anger and save themselves from any devastation. Don’t feel like a fool, I know it’s difficult. But you need to stay calm to get a clear picture of whatever wrong is happening. To bring relief to your worries and stress, I will explain here the difference between emotional cheating and physical cheating. Before revealing the 8 warning signs that your husband is cheating on you.

Pattern of Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating tells a lot about the anger, guilt, frustration and anxiety hidden behind the behavior of a cheating man. 

He start hiding things from you

This includes a lot of things like not discussing how he feels with you or staying at home. He will refrain spending time with you, which might lead to any sort of trouble for him. As he might slip his tongue in the course of hiding all those lies. Always remember that; the truth is naked and lies are covered.

He get frustrated over little things

When men cheat on their wives they lose interest and get emotionally attached to the other girl. In the meantime, they start finding faults, forcefully and unexpectedly, in their wives and get angry when something goes wrong. Reason being, they cannot discuss their emotional attachment with the other woman and those feelings spill out in different unpleasant forms.

He will share everything with that woman instead of you

While you can't do much on this, it's scary to know that if your husband is having an emotional affair, he will share everything with that woman instead of you. It is actually one of the most dangerous things that could happen. Just imagine that a certain woman knows more about your husband and his daily activities than you. This is actually a nightmare.

Pattern of Physical Cheating

Physical cheating exposes a few apparent signs that your husband is developing interest somewhere else. 

He hides his cellphone

Those who are cheating develop the habit of using their cellphone quite often. But this habit is peculiar. Cheaters will read and initiate a conversation in private and will always make sure that no one else checks their phone. When you have to hide someone, you become extra careful and delete their messages and call history. Some men also use a different cellphone and number.

He has a makeover

If your man has gone through a total makeover, without any reason linked with you two, it means that his interest has developed somewhere else now. In a long term relationship, men usually don’t put a lot of effort in staying crisp. Until and unless they have to impress someone. You need to know why your man keeps on changing clothes quite often and loves spending time out from home.

He may leave a trail

A cheater will always leave some room for a detective to gather solid evidence. Women are extremely good detectives. You need to see why your husband is working late. Don’t reach him on his cellphone, dial the office landline number. Is there some cash missing in the account or wallet? Discuss your expenses. Do not let any other opportunist waste your husband’s money on shopping and dining.

So now you know the pattern of emotional cheating and physical cheating and I hope, you can differentiate between them too. Now let’s move forward.

Signs That Your Husband Cheated On You in a Relationship

I will keep it to the point and try to help you identify a husband who is cheating, with the help of these 8 tracking signs.

1. He Likes New Music

Music has a deep connection with your mood. Being a wife, you must be aware of the type of music your husband listens to. Has the interest changed? A new woman can greatly affect a man’s choice of songs.

2. He Travels More

A Husband who is cheating will love to spend time with the new woman and during that time, will go for eating and shopping. He might even pick and drop her. Notice the mileage of your car if you see any difference in his timings of going out.

3. He Is Being Overprotective

No, not of you! A husband who is cheating will hide his devices and make sure that you do not have access to his email or social media. It’s actually a physical form of cheating and one of the most important indicators. Be careful when he goes out, especially to answer a call!

4. He Avoids Sex

A new woman will destroy the charm of your sexual relationship. When in another affair, your husband will avoid having sex with you as he used to do earlier. And the reason is that he is doing it elsewhere. 

5. His Personality Changes

It’s one of the main symptoms of infidelity. Is your husband less affectionate, more argumentative or shady?

6. He Smells Different

Whenever your husband goes out at weird times or comes late, always greet him. Hug him and detect any sort of unfamiliar scents or fragrances. A guilty husband will always try to remain at a good distance.

7. He Manages Laundry Himself

If your husband is cheating he may not let you do the laundry. What if you find something, which doesn’t belong to either of you? What if you notice a lipstick mark that you didn’t leave?

8. He Will Make It Obvious

Provided you aren’t paranoid, suspicious or jealous, you will know if your husband is cheating or not. As he is your husband you know him quite well. His happiness, strength and flaws are all well calculated. Notice all the emotional and physical changes that come out of guilt.

What to Do When Your Husband Cheated On You

Here is what you need to do without losing yourself.

  • Whatever you feel is genuine and justified. Just accept your feelings. 
  • Do not ever try seeking revenge. That’s not the way you react.
  • Do not play the victim. It will actually help in diminishing the chances of starting a never-ending and draining blame game.
  • Try to mend things. Have a meaningful conversation with your husband.
  • Once out of the trauma, start taking care of yourself.
  • Get practical about your life. Think about your house, career and kids and stay focused.
  • Take help if required. Therapy sessions will actually help in recovering and regaining mental strength.

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A woman will struggle hard to keep her marriage alive. It is not an easy thing to do, to be at the compromising end. Well, you can compromise for the sake of good. But if there is none, just move on. The warning signs that I have shared over here can actually help in saving time and a major heartbreak.

It also depends on your ability, as a woman, to recognize these signs and deal with them in a feasible manner. If you will lose your senses, consider your marriage to get ruined. When it comes to their character, men let ego do the job. And that is where women suffer the most. But a good relationship is always worth saving, in spite of the bad episodes.