9 Tongue in Cheek Couple 90s Costumes for the Win

Cheeky couple '90s costumes for that perfect quirky dress-up.

By Adina Mazilu
9 Tongue in Cheek Couple 90s Costumes for the Win

Ah, the ‘90s! That time that most of us feel nostalgic after and wish to go back to, even if it's just for a few minutes (ok, maybe minus the weird clothes and hideous makeup that everyone seemed to adore back then). However, most of those who grew up during these years do not remember these details and for them, the ‘90s are simply some of their happiest years. Amazing movies came out during that time, hit songs, bomb bands, and video games. It was a time of peace and fun nights with your friends or parents, depending on the case. Things were much more simple back then and maybe, we should try and learn a thing or two from the ‘90s.

So, taking this into account, we have decided to offer you some ‘90s costume ideas for couples that are both cheeky and fun. So, while most people will be looking for modern costumes that represent parts of the modern pop culture, the two of you will definitely stand out with these amazing outfits. It doesn’t even matter if it’s Halloween or not. Just play some dress up with your partner and enjoy people’s reaction when they see you too!

Couple '90s outfits for Halloween

1. Gameboy and video game character

Source: @hmns/Instagram

When you think of the ‘90s, you immediately think of the famous Gameboy console and the many games that some of you probably played on it. So, why not take your partner and reenact some of those moments together? Have one of you be the actual Gameboy and the other dress up as a famous video game character. You can choose whatever character you want, like Princess Peach or maybe Mario or his brother Luigi. There is only one rule here: have lots of fun! You don't necessarily dress according to your own gender. Switch places if you want. Don’t forget that you too need to be the main stars of this Halloween party so dress accordingly.

2. Witch and Zombie

This is definitely a more classic approach for a Halloween couple costume, but one that will never get old. Considering that the ‘90s were the absolute best when it came to zombie movies and witch-centered shows, as people were starting to delve into this obsession, we think it fits very well. Also, it’s not mandatory for the girl to be the witch. You can always switch places for an even more special appearance and impact. Remember to always be a sexy witch or a charming zombie. This will surely draw everyone’s attention and you two will be the stars of any Halloween party that you decide to attend.

3. Mortal Kombat

Source: @fierce_face_byluz/Instagram

This Mortal Kombat couple costume will certainly trigger some nostalgia feelings in those who loved playing the game in the ‘90s. Here you have a very nice example of a Kitana and Sub Zero couple costume that you can easily replicate for your own Halloween party with your own partner. This will most likely be a unique costume that will turn some heads when you’ll enter the room. It may even spark some jealousy, but isn’t that what you want after all? We’re just saying. However, you might have to explain to some people who you too actually are and from which game you drew your inspiration. Not everyone was a gamer back in the '90s. 

Couple 90s costumes ideas from movies

4. Jack and Rose from “Titanic”

Source: @waremalcombsandiego/Instagram

Ok, let’s get one thing straight. You may want to have an actual partner for this ‘90s costume, but if you don’t, a cardboard Leonardo DiCaprio will do just fine. Apart from that, you only need a reddish wig (to resemble Rose’s hair) and a big cardboard boat to reenact that iconic scene from the movie. Any 1912 costumes are optional but your look will have a lot more impact if you have them on too. Who knew that the movie Titanic, such a tragic and sad one, would make such an interesting couple costume after all? We certainly did not.

5. Son in Law

Source: @lifeisbananas15/Instagram

The classic 1993 movie “Son in Law’ would definitely make for a very interesting and original couple costume at any party. So, if you want to shock some people, bring in your party-animal-best friend-turned-future-husband (just like in the movie) and create a wave of shock and amazement through all of your friends. Really, this is the epitome of classic ‘90s couple costume, suitable not only for Halloween but for any occasion that can involve some dressing up.

6. Zorro and his damsel in distress

Source: @lele_martins/Instagram

Zorro, ah that charmer with an accent! This could definitely work out well in the context of a couple ‘90s costume to die for. Have your partner dress up like this masked vigilante (even if he’s not really Antonio Banderas) and you dress up like his damsel in distress. You can reinvent the movie character or have another iconic ‘90s persona instead, like Britney Spears. An absolutely crazy combination, right? However, it’s one that can definitely work and will be the talk of the town without a doubt.

Couple 90s hip hop costumes

7. Bugs and Lola

Source: @ka_t3a/Instagram

Everyone probably remembers the iconic, half cartoon, half live action 1996 movie “Space Jam”. Two of the most popular Looney Tunes characters from that movie were Bugs Bunny and his partner Lola. As a very hip-hop, urban, and basketball-oriented movie, this is the perfect costume choice for a couple who loves ‘90s hip hop. You don’t need complex costumes, but you might wanna have some bunny ears nearby for that extra genuine feeling, right? After all, who in the world doesn't know who Bugs Bunny is?

8. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Source: @wordup90s/Instagram

“The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” is definitely one of those shows that you can base your ‘90s couple costume on. Will Smith himself might seriously be a little bit jealous if you get it right. It’s such an iconic costume that you won’t even need an occasion to put it on with your partner. Without a doubt, a very tongue in cheek way of playing some dress up, especially if you also happen to love ‘90s hip hop music. This show always had that vibe going on and you can do that too.

9. Aaliyah and Tupac

Source: @naikaoko/Instagram

If you truly want a very ‘90s hip-hop-inspired couple costume, then this is the one for you. You can dress up like the beautiful and talented Aaliyah and pair yourself up with a Tupac look-a-like. You can even try to make your partner adopt that signature Tupac look, with the bling-bling and all. Another idea would be to make him dress like one of the members of famous hip-hop band Run DMC, or even like Notorious B.I.G. There is no way that won't make an impression. You will certainly be two very sexy appearances at any costume party or you can take this one step further and keep it for yourselves. A very fun and ’90-inspired costume look that won’t pass by unnoticed. We promise you this.

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All in all, it appears that deciding on a ‘90s couple costume for you and your partner is no easy task because there are too many options to choose from. If you grew up during that period then you’ll definitely feel very nostalgic and will want to dress up as some of the most iconic characters and personalities of that time. So, making a choice can definitely be hard and even frustrating if you cannot agree with your significant other. However, with some calm and patience, we assure you that all that effort will be worth it. Just imagine appearing at a party dressed up as two of the most popular people from the ‘90s and looking bomb together. You won’t need anything else and your tongue in cheek costumes will be the talk of the town.



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