Cute and modern children's furniture that are IG-worthy

Own these gorgeous and modern children furniture in your house

By Ashley N. Johnson
Cute and modern children's furniture that are IG-worthy

The age of Instagram

In the age of social media, we all seem to strive for an Instagram worthy (ig-worthy) life to some degree.  Instagram is one of the many places online where perfectly edited and filtered images serve as inspiration, envy, education, and more, with the help of other popular sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Reddit. Photos of our lives right down to our things document our unique experiences and broadcasts them to the world audience.  These images become extensions of ourselves, allowing us to share our ideas, creativity, and worthiness with a single image. Even images of boys and girls perfect bedrooms in perfect homes have a corner of the internet devoted to them solely. 

If you're in the market for children's furniture, you will find that there are numerous places to procure pieces that are ig-worthy.  Once you go down the furniture rabbit-hole you can easily be carried away, so its best to first take your actual furniture needs into consideration. 

What kinds of furniture do kids need?

What you need furniture-wise depends greatly on the age of your children.  Infants, for example, require special furniture that must meet specific safety guidelines, and of course, serve purposes of convenience during a pretty hectic time in life. Cribs, changing tables, bassinets, and easy access diaper storage systems are often purchased only to be replaced later on down the line.

Beyond infancy, children's furniture needs do not differ much from the needs of adults.  Kids need a comfortable and safe place to sleep, areas to store their clothes, toys, and books, and possibly a place to sit and read or put on shoes and socks.  Just a little note on child-safety such as round corners..Easy enough, right?

What works best for your space?

Taking into consideration the ages of your children, you also have to think about what works best in your space.  This task can be a difficult one when you feel like you just HAVE to have a Cinderella carriage bed in your daughter's room that you saw on Instagram, but the square footage of her bedroom would leave room for little else. Know the dimensions of your space and any other furniture you already have or plan to have before making any purchases.  Furniture, unlike toys and clothes, is quite difficult and actually rather burdensome to return.  

What is your style/vision?

Do you just HAVE to have that Cinderella carriage bed?  Will you simply not be able to go on without having a Disney Princess themed room for your own little princess?  Congratulations, you have a vision.  Perhaps you are more interested in a neutral room with muted colors and tones, filled with whimsical decor and colorful accents?  Again, you have a vision.  If you lack vision, fret not, there are tons of ideas on social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram to help get your vision going.

Best modern children's furniture

Modern furniture, with its clean lines and minimalist, no fuss style, is very easy to find, even for kids.

1. IKEA – International homepage

IKEA is the answer to parents looking for modern, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly furniture.  IKEA designs are functional and in many cases customizable to your space.  While the company offers many, ingenious solutions for small spaces, there is furniture for every room size and  budget. 

2. Hayneedle

For more information visit the website

Finding the perfect piece of furniture for your space can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack., as its name implies, makes the search for perfect modern furniture for a child's bedroom must easier.  The site connects you directly to what you are looking for, be it a grey sleigh bed or a reading nook with specific dimensions. The site also contains unique finds that are unlike searching on other sites, all for prices that won't break the bank.

3. Crate and Barrel

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Crate and Barrel has ultra-modern, high-quality furniture options for children's rooms that are sure to last.  These options come with a higher price tag, but hopefully in the end you get modern pieces that do not have to be replaced several times over. 

4. Target

Expect More. Pay Less.

Target actually has a pretty solid selection of home furnishings and some very cute and inexpensive children's bedroom pieces.  The benefit of getting children's furniture at Target is the wide availability of their products.  There are Target stores in nearly every major city in multiple countries.  This also makes Target a great option for easy returns, unlike the online furniture stores.

5. Amazon

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It seems just about everyone has an Amazon Prime membership these days, and one of the many perks of being a Prime member is free 2-day shipping.  Furniture is often one of the things you can order online and find it on your doorstep two days later.  Such a time we live in!  Since Amazon is comprised of a network of third-party sellers, searching for children's furniture here can yield unique results similar to Hayneedle.  One of the trade-off for all of the selection and near immediate availability, however, is the quality can vary drastically from one seller to another, and returns can be difficult or impossible. 

6. Y Living

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Known for its ultra-modern furniture designs available in about every color imaginable, Y Living is different than any other children's furniture brand on the market today.  It is quite expensive compared to even Crate and Barrel.  Like IKEA, the designs are modular, making them customizable to your space.  But the best thing about Y Living HAS to be the bunk beds!  If you have kids that want bunks and you have the funds, look no further!

7. Rooms to Go

Baby & Kids Furniture: Bedroom Furniture Store

Rooms to Go offers a variety of furniture, bedding, and accessories for kids and teens.  They have a line dedicated to Disney,  so your Cinderella carriage bed dreams become a reality! Though not necessarily modern by design, in modern times it is trendy and ig-worthy to have children's rooms decked out in themes akin to being inside of Disney World.

Luxury children's furniture


While luxury and modern are at time synonymous, in the world of furniture, that is not always the case.  Modern furniture is often mass produced, which means that quality can suffer at various levels.  Luxury furniture is costly, yet high quality furniture that is meant to last and potentially hold resale value. 

8. Pottery Barn


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One of the most recognizable high-end furniture brands is Pottery Barn.  The furniture is expensive but made with quality standards that another mass-produced furniture brand is not.  Pottery Barn makes furniture that is meant to last a lifetime, and as a result, it has resale options. 


9. Restoration Hardware

For more information visit the website

Similar to Pottery Barn furniture, Restoration Hardware (RH) is another high-end furniture store.  Looking at the collections of nursery furniture on their website, I was immediately reminded of a magazine spread featuring JoLo and Marc Anthony's twins and the life of luxury they were welcomed into in their home nursery.  RH designs are in neutral and soft color palates.  As far as I can tell, this is one of the most expensive places to purchase furniture. 

10. Rosenberry Rooms and New Arrival Inc.

Link to New Arrivals Inc.

What started as a small company is now a baby and children's furniture enterprise that offers clean and simple designs in bright and cheery colors.  Rosenberry Rooms provides wall art only, while New Arrivals Inc. specializes in furniture, bedding, and just about everything else.  There is also a blog and website for ideas and inspiration, tips, tricks, and more. 

Link to Rosenberry Rooms

11. AFK

For more information visit the website

I don't know where the Royal Family purchases furniture for their children's rooms, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if it were from AFK.  Whimsical designs with a royal appearance, AFK offers luxurious fixings for your little prince or princess' room down to fabric selections and drawer knobs.  

12. Anthropologie

For more information visit the website

Like the boho chic clothing in this store, the baby and children's furniture from Anthropologie, though expensive, delivers on unique designs.  The furniture and accessories here have very earthy, handmade looks.  Although mass produced by a major brand, pieces at Anthropologie look as if they are one of a kind. 

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Outdoor children furniture

Searching for outdoor children's furniture opens the door to an entirely new world.  There are many, many, MANY types and just as many different materials and price points.  Think about your outdoor space, and the purpose you want the furniture to serve.  Then, it's on to choosing a material. 

1. Wood


Wood is a popular material for outdoor furniture.  It is durable to the elements, so long as the wood has been treated, or you choose a cedar wood.  Wood is also easily refinished, requiring only a pressure wash or light sanding to restain or paint. 

2. Plastic


Plastic outdoor furniture is almost completely weather proof, very durable, and often times it is lightweight.  Plastic outdoor picnic tables and play structures are widely available, and popular for the aforementioned reasons. 

3. Collapsible


Collapsible children's outdoor furniture is a great option if you planning to travel, camp, or simply want to remove the furniture from sight when not in use.  Often times collapsible furniture, such as chairs, tables, and tents, are made of light weight materials and have handles and straps for easy carrying.

Popular Children's Outdoor Furniture Brands

Many of the brands already mentioned offer outdoor children's furniture.  There are also brands that specialize in only outdoor furniture and toys. 

Step 2

Step 2 : Target

Step 2 carries many infant and childhood toys and gear, outdoor furniture included.  Plastic construction makes these pieces durable and easy to clean.  This brand is widely available at most retailers.

Little Tikes

Little Tikes | Shop Kids Toys

A major competitor with Step 2 is the Little Tykes brand.  Similarly, LT makes durable plastic children's furniture that is meant to hold up to the elements, but can also be moved indoors.



KidKraft offers quality wood outdoor furniture for kids.  Tables and chairs, cabanas, and sandboxes with built-in seating are among the things this manufacturer offers. The products are available through online websites, such as Amazon, and occasionally they have items for sale in hardware stores. 

DIY Children's Furniture

DIY is the perfect way to get ig-worthy outdoor furniture for your children that is customizable.  Refinishing furniture, repurposing other items into furniture, or woodworking are ways you can create unique, one-of-a-kind furniture that can save on cost and environmental impact.



If you enjoy the unique look of DIY or homemade furniture, but do not want to do the work yourself, look for handcrafted items on Etsy's website.  This online marketplace is comprised of individual shops where people can sell arts and crafts of all kinds, furniture included. 


There are many ways to accomplish the acquisition of ig-worthy kids furniture.  Keeping your storage, space, and budget needs in mind should be your first priority.  Use the space you have and your creativity along with the right photo filter on the finished product, and everything else will fall right into place. 

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