15 Myths about Sex - debunked in the 21st Century

Learn what are the myths and what are indeed facts of sex

By Sylvia Epie
15 Myths about Sex - debunked in the 21st Century

A list of Facts and Myths about sex and pregnancy

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When it comes to sex, there are so many wild theories out there that it can be hard to sort out facts from fiction. We all have believed a few of these rumors at some point in our lives and maybe we still do. For example, rumor has it that if you masturbate frequently, hairs will grow in the palm of your hands or that if you have sex very often, your sperm will dry out. Some of these beliefs have been passed down from one generation to the other so much that they have become popular beliefs. Today we’re about to debunk and set some of them straight:

1. Myth: Condoms take away the feeling and pleasure of sex.

Fact: This is totally false, condoms are available in all colors, shapes, and sizes. One may be an uncomfortable fit but if you try different types you’re bound to find the perfect fit. This rumor is perpetrated by people who don’t like to use protection. But bear in mind that condoms are up till date the best way to prevent STDs and pregnancy. 

2. Myth: You can’t get pregnant if you’re on your period

Fact: Absolutely not true. For those with shorter cycles and irregular periods, it’s possible to ovulate during your period. And sperm has a lifespan of 5 days, so if you ovulate within 7 days of having unprotected sex, chances are you could get pregnant. Being on your period is not a method of contraception nor an excuse to have unprotected sex.

3. Myth: Sperm dies once it hits the air

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Fact: This is completely FALSE. Sperm can live for 3-5 days if it's in a warm, moist environment. It only dies once it's dry. So as long as it hasn’t dried up there’s still a good chance of it fertilizing an egg.

4. Myth: Vaginas are tight or loose depending on the amount of sex a person has had.

Fact: This is a very common belief and you’ll be surprised how many smart people think it’s true. But sorry to inform you that the “tight vs. loose” idea is purely false. The vagina is a muscle and it naturally expands and contracts. When a person is aroused, the walls of the vagina soften and lengthen, making insertion easier. If they are nervous, the walls of the vagina will naturally contract, making insertion difficult. A person could appear to be loose today and tight tomorrow.

5. Myth: You can’t get pregnant if the guy "pulls out" before he finishes.

Fact:  Another false tale many people believe in till this day before the actual sperm is released there’s a phase called pre-ejaculation which releases a fluid that carries about 300,000 sperm and all it takes to fertilize an egg and cause pregnancy is 1 sperm. Pulling out is not a form of birth control since there no actual barrier.

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6. Myth: Masturbation is harmful.

Fact: Masturbation is a very controversial subject, especially in today’s religious world.  But experts agree that masturbation is healthy and safe, as long as the person doing it feels good about it. Masturbation is very common and normal, especially with teenagers. It’s up to a person to masturbate or not, it’s a  matter of personal preference. As long as it’s done appropriately, that is in private behind closed doors. Some sex doctors even believe it’s a good and risk-free way to learn about your body and to get comfortable with your sexuality.

7. Myth: You Shouldn’t Have Sex During Pregnancy.

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Fact:  It is believed that sex during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or may even induce labor but it’s not true, sex does not induce labor. Unless you have a high-risk pregnancy, with complications like cervical insufficiency and ruptured membranes, it’s completely safe to have sex when pregnant. Rest assured the baby is within an amniotic sac that protects it from any invasion so there’s no direct contact. The cervix also guards your baby against infections so for a normal pregnancy, there’s no reason not to have sex if you want to.

8. Myth: A bigger penis is better.

Fact: The idea that bigger is better is simply false.  Penises come different shapes and sizes and what makes sex great is a combination of factors that have nothing to do with structure. For a great sexual experience what matters most is compatibility with your partner, open communication about what you like and what doesn’t feel good. As well as how comfortable you are with your body and sexuality.

9. Myth: Men reach their sexual peak at 18, and women reach theirs at 28

Fact: In men testosterone peaks at age 18; with women's estrogen hits its high point in their mid-20s. But these are just hormones, peak hormones don't mean peak sexual performance. High supply of sexual hormones alone are not enough to measure the quality of a performance, other factors like experience and psychological disposition that may be acquired later in life make for a richer experience. Most people tend to enjoy sex better as they mature past their so-called ‘’sexual prime’’.

10. Myth: Sex has to be like in the movies and on TV.

Fact:  Hell NO!...Movies and TV are fiction aimed at entertaining, they are designed to provide an escapist fantasy. In reality, sex is never like it is on the big screen, or even in books and magazines, with all the romantic setting, perfect lighting, no talking and no emotions. Real life sex involves awkward and embarrassing moments interwoven with the good ones. In reality circumstances are different and complicated even when they’re good, unlike the perfectly scripted scenes in movies or the unemotional approach in porn videos.

The myths and truth about sex and STDs

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Even though the internet is packed with information, there’s still misinformation when it comes to sex and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). With all the myths, old wives tales, half-truths, and lies it’s difficult to filter what’s really accurate and reliable information.  STDs like HIV, herpes, chlamydia, etc are still of concern today 
as in the past; so if you’re having sex or planning to in the future, it’s vital to stay informed.

11. Myth: You can get an STD from a dirty toilet seat

Fact:  STDs are not transmitted from toilet seats, they are transmitted through body fluids such as vaginal fluids, anal fluids, pre-ejaculation fluids, semen, and blood, or sometimes through skin-to-skin contact with an infected person.  They are spread through direct sexual contact, or by coming into contact with infected body fluids during vaginal, anal or oral sex. The best way to prevent infection is to use a condom and to get tested regularly. 

12. Myth: The only way you can contract an STD is by having unsafe sex with one or more person.

Fact: It’s true, all it takes is one time, with one person to get infected, sometimes you don’t even need to have intercourse to be exposed to STDs. Oral sex and skin to skin contact with an infected person is enough exposure. One chance is all you need.

13. Myth: Only "trashy" people get STDs.

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Fact: STDs don't discriminate, be it rich, poor, big, small, young, old, respectable and responsible people get STDs. Even a person having sex for the first time can get an STD. It doesn’t matter if you’re a respectable CEO or a trashy teen, you can get it. The fact is that the more partners you have the more your chances of infection increase. The only way out besides abstinence is to use a condom every time you have sex.

14. Myth: You can avoid STDs by having oral or anal sex.

Fact: STDs can be contracted with any type of sex, be it oral, anal, or vaginal as long as there’s an exchange of bodily fluid or blood there’s a chance of STD. Herpes, for example, can spread through skin-to-skin contact with an infected area. Syphilis can also be transmitted through oral sex. To prevent such risk you can use flavored condoms made specifically for oral sex.

15. Myth: Once you've had an STD, there's no chance of getting it again.

Fact: Not entirely true, you can get some STDs like herpes and HIV more than once.Others, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, can be treated, but you may get infected again.  So if you're sexually active, get tested regularly, protect yourself with condoms and your partner should be treated too.


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Did we debunk some of your myths on sex, pregnancy, and STDs? Well, now you know not everything you were told about sex when growing up is actually true. Some of them were made up to discourage people from having sex while others tried to go against contraceptive methods like condoms and the pill. However, now you know better! wink

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