12 Couple Photoshoot Tips that capture the Essence of Love

Equip yourself with These Couple Photoshoot Tips before you Go

By Sarah Potter
12 Couple Photoshoot Tips that capture the Essence of Love

Pictures are definitely one of the best ways to capture all kinds of moments and preserve memories. A quick glance at an old picture can easily remind you of beautiful memories. Imagine having to look back at your engagement and wedding pictures years after marriage. When your home is now flooded with children of all ages, the beautiful feelings it would bring back are fantastic!

Planning a shoot with your lover? We bet you definitely want the photographer to capture every bit of the moment and have that picture radiating the love you share.

12 Important Couple Photoshoot Tips

You have probably seen the outcome of a lot of couple photoshoots that look utterly captivating, so much so that the love and romance between them are almost palpable. This might get you wondering how you and your partner can pull this off, especially if you feel you aren’t a picture person or think you’re not so photogenic. Well, none of these really matter.

As long as you work with our tips and your photographer, you would definitely get those pictures that would sweep you off your feet

Couple Photoshoot Tips on Themes

Whatever theme you would like to adopt or work with would have to be something you and your partner both want and agree on. A perfect idea is capable of adding a lot more spice and color to your photo and giving you something to always look back to as the years roll by. It is imperative to have an excellent shoot that well worth the time taken and the cost spent.

1. Music is Definitely Life

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Music not only speaks life, but it is also a way to express love, show love and act love. Striking a musical pose could be an adorable photoshoot theme for a couple. With him playing the piano and the lady playing the guitar both providing a harmonious atmosphere can be pretty awesome.

2. Silhouette Can Be Amazing

There are a lot of stories about love and connection that can be told with our shadows. Couples striking a silhouette pose, with a photographer who is able to maximize sunlight for beautiful photography might be what you need. Capturing the right silhouette can make your couple photoshoot seem heavenly.

3. Send Down the Rain

Trying out a rain themed shoot is a way to combine nature and love. With a rainy background provided, you can be able to strike different rain poses as couples. You could decide to let yourself get soaked in the rain; you could try out a couple walk in the rain, or both of you can make use of umbrellas. Using umbrellas, you can decide to cuddle in them or striking some really laughing poses.

Couple Photoshoot Tips on Poses

There are definitely a bunch of poses you can work with to get really awesome pictures. Knowing what pose to take and having an experienced photographer is an excellent way to make beautiful pictures together as couples. Although, a lot of these poses are quite popular, what you and your partner do about it can make it unique and beautiful. If you or your partner is shy or formal, you would have to drop that aside to get your perfect photoshoot.

4. Try Out A Dancing Pose

This might sound goofy or playful, but it is an ideal way to capture romance and happiness in one picture. Remember photoshoot is not just about who lovers are, but also about what lovers do. This pose would turn out even better if you and your partner are quite playful. It would also depend on the type of dress you wear, a beautiful flay gown and a suit or coat for your man would do just good in bringing out the effect you want. Try to be as free as possible, a twirl or dancing in each other’s arms can be a good one.

5. A Kissing Pose Would Show Intimacy

In every romantic relationship, kissing is one of the major part and activities done. You could either go for a “Just before the kiss” or “The kiss” pose. This type of pose captures intimacy, love and romance all at once. To get the perfect “Just before the kiss,” it would be necessary to take it slow and pause just a bit before engaging in a kiss. For a kissing pose, you could either stand, or both lie, or have the lady sit on the man’s lap for a beautiful effect.

6. The Walking Couple Pose Would Do

This is an excellent idea for both of you, especially if you both are shy or if you want to take a break off the whole session of posing. It is the most relaxed and most natural pose that would be comfortable for you and your partner. To do this, you both either walk towards the camera, while conversing, with your arms locked or holding your hands or walking away from the camera with you both smiling at each other.

Couple Photoshoot Tips on Portrait Images

Portrait photos are all about capturing personality, attitude and identity. To get a portrait picture as a couple, the photographer would have to capture not just the relationship, but you both. The photographer will have to capture not only the relationship but also the atmosphere the connection communicates. The work here is not just the photographer’s, but you and your partner. Here are tips on how you can get what you want.

7. Lean Closely On The Shoulders

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This is a photoshoot idea for couples that let either the female or the male lean on the shoulder of the other as a strike a pose. With love already existing, couples are able to take different positions like having you lean fully or partially on his shoulders.

8. Share A Drink Together

Either in a wine shop or right in your home, you can share a drink with yourself. It is left to you to either have the photographer take a portrait view of you holding your drink cup, toasting to a good life or trying to share the drink to yourself. The share the drink portrait pose will need some form of romance than a mere picture to pose for couples.

9. Get Your Hands Over His Face

As a lady, you can wrap your hands around his face from behind while he expresses surprise as to who it is that there is. With both of you wearing a smile on your face and a nice background provided for, this could be an excellent portrait photoshoot pose for couples.

Creative Photoshoot Ideas

The best wedding photoshoot is those who have been able to showcase some level or creativity in the shot. There is basically no new photoshoot idea, what you will find are just couples and photographers trying to reinvent old ideas more creatively. Let’s look at some creative couple photoshoot ideas.

10. Becoming Chefs

Cooking can be a very creative photoshoot idea. With cooking common among people, the difference is how creative you can make it seem. An image of the man doing a bulk of the cooking as they both express themselves with a smile can be a pleasant sight any photographer can make into a blissful moment.

11. The Fun Of Reading And Sharing

Books always add some sort of flair or the other to pictures. With both couples striking a pose that shows the reading a book and sharing knowledge gained from it, an excellent pre-wedding shot can be made. A good photographer never exhausts creative photo ideas from a reading couple.

12. Underwater View

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The underwater view is an original photoshoot idea for couples that let them take different poses. While some of them can choose to swim together, kiss in the water or try cuddling. It not only feels right for the couple, but the photographer can also make a precious memory from such a scene.

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Capturing the essence is one primary reason why couples take a wedding photoshoot. Beyond winning the essence of love, is making a lifetime memory for you. This is why you need to strike the best poses with the best themes by trying out many creative ideas.



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