12 Ways On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Tips on how to win and get back your ex-girlfriend fast

By Adina Mazilu
12 Ways On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

People go through this all the time. They lose their significant other for one reason or another but soon realize that they want them back. If you are a guy, this probably happened to you too and we know how difficult it can be at times. You miss your ex-girlfriend so much that you would do anything to win her heart again. Unfortunately, at times, this seems impossible because she has either moved on with another guy or decided to stay away from you forever. It is a very difficult situation to handle, but you might be surprised to hear that sometimes, even hell is not as bad as you think.

Usually, reconciliation doesn’t happen because you take the wrong steps towards accomplishing this. This is why, in this article, we will be talking about certain tips and trick that you can use in order to regain her trust and slowly but surely win her back. So, relax, clear your mind, muster your courage, and focus on your goal. You will see that by taking these steps, your ex-girlfriend will become your actual girlfriend once more and possibly forever. Here’s what you need to do.

Is Your Ex Girlfriend Worth Getting Back With?

Before stepping right into the do’s of a journey towards reconciliation, you should take some time to think about our ex-girlfriend and why you split in the first place. Most importantly, whether or not she is worth getting back with. Was your relationship always tense and you are now missing that feeling of being with someone but not the actual person? Did she have a behavior that you didn’t like or habits that you didn’t agree with? Could she have been the one for you anyway if it wasn’t for this separation? These are all important questions that you will have to answer before starting your mission. If you finally decide that you want her back for who she is and not because you feel alone, then go for it! Most definitely you will not regret making this effort.

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How to Impress Her Away From Another Guy

1. Become the best version of yourself

This first tip doesn’t have a lot to do with your ex-girlfriend, but it has a lot of do with you. Let’s say that you have split and she has moved on with another guy. This doesn’t mean that you should be crying in a corner and eat 24/7. Instead, go to the gym more frequently, eat healthy foods, have fun with your friends, focus on your career, make more money, and be happy even if you’re single. This will make her think of you and how well you’re doing even when she’s with another guy. Soon, she will want the better man, and that will be you. 

2. Improve your qualities

If you want to win her back from another guy, you’ll have to work on yourself and improve what you’re good at. So, start with educating your talents, improve your style, make a passion that you have a real job, and she will notice that. A man who does what he loves is a man all women admire. When she finally sees what you’ve become, her current boyfriend will look like she’s miles away from you.

3. Don’t give up!

It may seem like an impossible task to win her back once she has found another guy, but it shouldn’t be like this. It’s very important to not give up and continuously work on yourself to become better. Make sure that she also witnesses these changes. Update your Facebook status, post on Instagram, and she will definitely see what you intend to do. However, if she doesn’t give you any signs after a few months, maybe it’s time to move on. Don’t waste your life waiting for someone who might never come back. There are plenty of fishes in the sea.

How to Win Her Back When She Has Moved On

4. Get some new hobbies

Interesting hobbies make a person interesting too. So, after she has moved on, you can start investing more in yourself and find new hobbies to fill up your time with. Play some sports, go hiking, listen to music and go to concerts, attend various art and cultural events, meet new people. When she finally sees what you’ve been up to, she will want to sneak back into your new and interesting life without a doubt.

5. Make more friends

By making some new friends you escape that post-breakup routine that emotionally destroys most people. You can go out more often with those people, have more fun, and forget about her. She will definitely not forget about you, especially when she will see you having so much fun without her. Sooner or later, she will contact you to reconcile.

6. Become more social

This is a similar tip with the one above, but it definitely works after breakups. By becoming more social you also become more intersting and attractive, especially for your ex-girlfriend. All those events, people, and also women around you will make her want you back as soon as possible. When she does, don’t be too available. Make her wait and you have her wrapped around your finger.

How to Get Her Back After She Dumped You

7. Cut all communication

There are times when, sadly, she is the one dumping you, with or without clear reasons for doing so. In this case, if you still want her back and think that the two of you might still have chances, you should begin by cutting all communication with her. No calls, texts or anything else. Soon, she will realize that maybe you were also serious about the split and might panic a little. Usually, women dump you thinking that you will still come back and everything will be ok. When you don’t, they will start thinking about ways to get back together with you. Mission accomplished!

8. Be as absent as possible

This is a similar way of making her think twice about dumping you. Don’t talk to her too often, don’t offer to help her in any way, and when she finally reaches out to you, don’t accept her invitation from the start. Refuse her once or twice, tell her that you have other things to do and that you can meet at a later date. She will soon realize that the man she had dumped has a life of his own and will want you back as soon as possible.

9. Be funny and spontaneous

Always be a funny and spontaneous guy, even after she has dumped you. Who knows, this might be the very thing that will make her come back to you. A guy who knows how to make a woman laugh without making fun of her or other people is a jewel. Become that guy and wait for the results. They will certainly come.

How to Patch Back By Text Message

10. Make her wait

Let’s say that she has decided to contact you after your split. It doesn’t even matter what she wants to tell you, it’s important to not answer right away. Wait for a few hours or even days. Also, if she wants to meet you, act busy and reschedule according to your own preference. She will realize that your life doesn’t revolve around her or her loss and will want you even more.

11. Be honest

Even by text, it’s mandatory to be honest with your ex-girlfriend, even if you’re not together anymore. If you two continue to talk, always tell her what’s on your mind. Never play the good guy card and agree with everything she says. Be yourself and she will definitely appreciate that. In a few weeks, she might even want to return to you because all women want an honest and outspoken man.

12. Be generous and kind

By this, we mean that you can always offer to help her with a problem even if she did not directly ask you. Send her a text explaining that you can be the one to help her solve her issue and do just that. Women will always appreciate that and will then think twice about why you split. One way or another, this might be the first step towards your reconciliation.


To sum it all up, getting back with your ex-girlfriend is no easy task. It can take a lot of time to convince her to return to you, depending on the reason that caused you to split in the first place. Keep in mind that a reconciliation might never happen and in that case, you should focus on living your life and finding someone new. However, we hope that the aforementioned tips will help you in your mission to win her heart one more time, even if she has moved on with another man. There are ways to do this, but you just need to take the right steps. Good luck!

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