15 Tips to create a Foolproof and Attractive Dating Profile

How to create an awesome Dating Profile with just 15 Tips

By Aey
15 Tips to create a Foolproof and Attractive Dating Profile

What is a Dating Profile?

Gone are the times when putting in effort to find your significant other was perceived as ‘desperate’. In today’s world, the dating game is all about ‘putting yourself out there’. Dating profiles is one of the many ways of putting yourself out there to find a perfect match! This article is designed to do exactly that. Dating profile is basically a trailer of who you actually are and if your potential partners like what they see, they can sign up to watch the whole movie. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in and see what a good dating profile actually is and what you need to do to  

15 Tips on How to write and create a good Dating Profile for Men and for Women

1. Be honest

Honesty is usually at the top of a person’s priority list when they’re thinking about desired qualities in their significant other. Usually on dating sites, where people write about their preferred choice of partner, “honest” is actually the most used word. Even though it may be tempting to present exaggerated versions of your good aspects online, the quality that’ll make you most appealing is honesty.

2. Do not leave areas blank

You’ve got to make the best out of the tools you have online to show who you are. Use whatever the online dating platform offers to tell more about yourself. If it lets you verify your photos, create a username, attach emails, then do all of those things. If the max number of photos you can put up is 8, then make sure you fill in those slots – it all adds up. However, no dating websites/ profiles should be asking you intimate questions or those that are extremely personal such as your credit card details unless you're paying for subscription.

3. Have a mixed variety of pics

It’s natural to want to put up only those 5 pictures which make you look the best. However, if they’re all of the same ‘type’, then it’s probably not the best choice. If they’re all selfies, or you’re just sitting on your work desk in all of them, then you can do better than that. The ideal combination of pictures shouldn’t just show you, but also who you really are. Include pictures of you doing what you love, and laughing, smiling – be you!

4. Show your face in the profile photo

The profile photo’s main purpose is to allow people to see you and get a clear sense of who you are and how you look. Some people like to hide their face in the display picture, which could be because of an insecurity, or just because a certain picture’s background looks great. But it can be confusing to the browsers, if there are things that make harder for them to see your face to begin with.

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5. Make it easier for others to converse with you

Online dating already makes it easier for people to communicate, as they can actually think and reflect on a message before hitting send. But you could always make it easier by giving people stuff to ask you about when they want to approach you after they’ve matched with you. Add sufficient info about yourself and your life that gives them enough material to potentially start a conversation.

6. Write descriptions or bios, not a novel

Consider this a follow-up to the last point – add information, but not paragraphs of it. Also, don’t write it like a resume for a job application. In the starting days of online dating, people would just write everything they could write about themselves in a formal tone, like a cover letter. However, with the changing dynamics of today, that wouldn’t quite work. Make it interesting, and give a clear idea about who you are.

7. Add a touch of romance

If you’re the romantic type, then there’s absolutely no shame in that, and a dating profile might actually be one of the best places to express that side of yourself. You may think it’s cheesy to tell the world that you’re looking to walk in the rain with someone, but a ton of people like it – a ton of people like you!

8. Don’t write about dating itself

A lot of people make the mistake of putting in stuff like “I hate dating, but wanna meet someone”, or “Not a fan of chatting for weeks before meeting up”. It’s uninviting, and may seem negative enough for people to scroll past you. Instead, add stuff that portrays you as more open-minded and approachable, such as “I like chatting but I'd love meeting up with the right person!”.

9. Add details

You don’t ‘have’ to do this step, but if you do, it could be great. Details can really breathe life in to your dating profile. To explain this better, suppose you like hiking. Now to add info about your interests, you could just say “I love hiking!”, but instead if you tell people about your favorite hike and what you like the most about it, that’s interactive and makes it easier for people to message you!

10. If you’ve got kids, feel free to talk about them

It’s an old dating taboo, that kids shouldn’t be mentioned in the dating profile, or even in the earlier stages of the relationship, which is now bizarre. Today’s online dating encompasses people of all classes, whether they’re single parents or an 18-year old love bird. Feel free to tell people what’s important to you, there’s no need to be afraid.

11. Be your weird, unique, remarkable self

What’s different, always shines through. This applies to online dating too, and the best way to be different is to be yourself. There’s absolutely no one like you in the world, no matter how cliché that may sound. Tell corny jokes if that’s what you do, let people know you’ve read ‘fifty shades’ thrice if you have. You’re you, that’s what makes you stand out.

12. Make use of your humor

When people browse through different profiles online to choose from, the profile with the biggest edge over the others would be one that makes them laugh. The ability to make someone laugh just when they visit your profile, tells them that you’re a fun person and they won’t be bored around you on the first meeting. That’s more than enough to get things going, most of the time.

13. Don’t brag

While writing your description or bio, it’s easy to come off a bit ‘braggy’ while all you were trying to do was to portray yourself as the best version of yourself, or a perfectionist. It’s okay to have a silly profile, just make sure it’s just like what you are in real life. Have fun with the process of online dating, tell people about your interests, and remember that literally no one on Earth is perfect.

14. Offer more than just laughs

Humor is important, but it’s an ingredient, not the recipe. Having a profile with only jokes in it, or mostly humorous, could also backfire in some situations. An overabundance of it could make users think that you’re someone who doesn’t take anything in life seriously. Balance it up, use humor but also reflect upon what your aims and objectives in life are.

15. Show your different sides

This not only applies to the pictures you put up, but involves expressing the diverse sides of your personality. Having passions, aspirations, and variety in one’s personality is a desirable quality for many online daters. You don’t have to go out of your way to impress anybody though, just make sure you’re putting yourself out there – all of you!

Examples of good Dating Profile

Dating profiles often follow a certain theme, and taking a look at some of the most successful ones on tinder could teach us a bit about what works and what doesn’t. Here’s a list of a few of the ones that usually ‘work’;

  • Witty, intelligent with a tidy looking profile picture.
  • A hopeless romantic guy type profile.
  • Self-demeaning humor (to a certain extent).
  • Down-to-earth romantic dating profile.
  • Ridiculously funny all the way through.
  • Kind, confident, and approachable.

These were just a few examples, but remember, these examples should only be analyzed as a way to extract useful pointers to enhance your own personality. Don’t present something you aren’t, because you’re better off being yourself!


No matter who you are, it’s all about expressing your most genuine version on your online dating profile, and there’s always going to be someone who was looking for someone JUST like you. You never know, what you consider your weakness may be the most precious quality to someone else. Be open to what comes your way, don’t stress it, and remember to love the process. Good luck!

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