Find Out How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love

How long it takes for you to fall in love and out of singlehood

By Angelieh D. R.
Find Out How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love At First Sight?

Is it love at first sight?

Human beings like you and me are creatures made for love. It is one of the few things in the world that we need and desire. You might have found this page because you have recently been questioning yourself? You might be asking, "Am I in love?" or " Can people really fall in love this quickly?"

You might have found yourself out one day with your friends and you meet eyes with someone that attracts your attention. The person approaches you and you chat for a while. In just that few short moments, you realize that you are falling in love. Is love at first sight really possible?

Love At First Sight is possible for some

Love at first sight can happen to some.

According to psychology research, some people can very much experience love at first sight. You must have heard stories from your friends or have read posts online that narrate how they have experienced this intriguing phenomenon. They have all met the person for the first time, but the spark, the chemistry or the depth of the feeling is undeniable. 

It just takes only a second for you to experience physical attraction. And as you get to know a person better, as the short minutes pass by, you find that the connection between the two of you is undeniable and you cannot deny that this person might be "the one." This person might be who you have been waiting for.

How does love at first sight happen?

You associate that special someone with what is worthy of being loved.

Experts may argue that falling in love at first sight does not really happen in a split second, rather it would seem more like a 'love at first meeting.' After encountering that remarkable person that you cannot help falling for, you might experience an undeniable attraction, either because of their inner or outer beauty, a strong sense of happiness, or a comfortable sense of acceptance in how this special someone might be feeling the same way.

The explanation is simple, the phenomenon of 'love at first meeting' happens because your subconscious mind associates that person to what is good and meaningful to you. Your special someone might just happen to look like a past love or your vision of an ideal partner. He or She might also have characteristics that you find valuable and loveable, such as kindness and generosity.

How Long Does It Take To To Fall In Love On Average?

What does it take to fall in love on a regular basis?

If you have not experienced love at first sight, like what was discussed above, you might still be thinking about that someone who you have suddenly realized you have strong feelings for. He or she might be a very close friend or a member of your group of friends who you found to be a very loveable person. Your special someone might also be that friendly person at work who you started going to know and you realize that they are an amazing person. 

Either way, whatever the circumstance may be, your situation has you wondering if it's really love and how long it actually takes for people to fall in love on a normal basis. Have you been feeling this way for a few weeks or a few months? Are worrying whether what you are feeling is normal?

It varies from person to person

The experience of love differs for everyone.

Worry no more for whatever length of time you may have been feeling love for your special someone, it does not matter because it really varies from person to person. Other people may fall faster or longer than you. You also have to consider the circumstances as it also differ each time for each person. You are made differently than other people - you will have a different definition and expectations of what is beautiful or what is worthy of love. 

You might also have experienced different timelines from the stories and experiences of your friends, or maybe even from your own look at your love life. Some people have just been with their partners for 1 to 2 months but they already claim that they are in love, while others will say that it is just attraction. There is no good judging from other people's point-of-view. It is you alone who can tell for sure.

Who falls in love faster?

Optimistic people fall in love faster.

According to studies, men have been found to fall in love faster. I know you may be thinking that this is really contradictory to what is shown to us n Hollywood movies or what you have been experiencing in real life. They say that this is because men take less time to evaluate their feelings and happen to say "I love you" faster than women. 

Research have also proven that optimistic people also tend to fall in love faster. Generally, their outlook in life already sets them to see what is good about other people. They easily the beauty and attractiveness of every individual. Since they are optimists, they are also more positive and caring in their approaches when it comes to romantic relationships. 

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How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love After A Breakup?

Breaking up is a difficult experience.

You might have found yourself in this page not because you are questioning whether you are in love or not, but because you might be contemplating if you will ever fall in love again. Undergoing a breakup is really a difficult experience. You have just lost the one you love and a relationship of openness and trust that has lasted for a long time has suddenly ended. You simply do not know if you can ever love again. 

After your breakup, you might be experiencing one of two things. You might be feeling so hopeless and depressed that you are afraid that you cannot move on anymore and will not be able to find the kind of love that you have just lost. Or on the other hand, you might be recovering from a bitter breakup that ended because of the toxic nature of your relationship and cannot wait to find the true person that is meant for you. 

Are you ready to fall in love again?

Are you ready to face a new relationship?

Before you can even think about the length of time that it takes, you have to consider a very important question first. Are you ready to fall in love again? Are you ready to put yourself out there and meet new people? Are you ready to dedicate yourself to someone once again?

Before we can touch the topic of falling in love, you have to move on from your previous relationship - if not completely, at the very least, you should in the process of doing so. If you have not, it would not be fair for you or the person that you will be with in the future if you have not taken care of and let go of your past first. You would just hurt yourself and others if you force a new love without being ready.  

Take your sweet time

Have some time to focus on your self-healing.

People say that you need to spend half as much time of the duration of your relationship before trying to fall in love with another person. Others will tell you that you need just three months before you can start dating again. Some will recommend that you move somewhere else and take however long it takes for you to heal. None of them are wrong, the time for each person differs and you can take as long as you need to. 

Focus on your healing process. The number one thing that you can do for yourself is to take your time and find yourself again. There is no need to rush as you can be sure that your true love will come at the right place and at the right time.

How Long Does It Take To Fall In Love With Someone Again?

Are you falling in love with someone you have dated before?

All of your  friends have been lecturing you that you are falling for that person's trap again. They are practically screaming that you are making another stupid mistake. That person has hurt you before. What makes you think being with him or her will be different this second time around?

You argue that life is full of possibilities. What if the second time's the charm? How long could you possibly take to know for sure if you are falling in love with that special someone again?

Are you both willing?

Are you both willing to go the distance?

The thing is time will and should not be an issue if both of you feel the need to try rebuilding your relationship and to fall in love again. Do you have any issues that you need to straighten out? Are you both free to be with one another? Are you both willing to face the risks and the doubts to start again?

You can't make a count down or set an amount of time for a person and his or her's feelings. If you and that special someone feel that the love in your hearts is calling you to begether, then why shouldn't you be?

Build a stronger foundation

Have an adventure together.

For love to bloom a second time around, you and your partner must take time to reflect on your past. What did you do wrong the first time? What made you loose the love that you have had? What can you do to make your relationship stronger?

All the do's and don't's of your new relationship should come from a partnership that sees the need to move forward. That the second time is a new beginning that you need to build on a stronger foundation. Let love's flames fan bigger and hotter by spending more time together, having talks about the plans you have for the future, and being open and honest in your communications. 


You should not put love on a schedule.

One theme that you might have seen repeating is the idea that love should not have a set time or schedule. Love is a subjective experience - it really depends on you, your definition and expectations of love, and the circumstances that you have. Do not compare yourself with others, they are living their own lives and chasing after their own love stories.

What you can say for sure is that if you really know within yourself, when your heart and mind both agree that you are in love with that special someone, do not hesitate and tell him or her how you feel. As the saying goes, 'It is better to have love and lost than not to have loved at all.'

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