15 Best Wood anniversary gifts for him and for her

Get these special wood anniversary gifts for each other

By Caren M
15 Best Wood anniversary gifts for him and for her

Best Wood Anniversary Gifts for him

Celebrating your anniversary is something special and a lot of thought usually goes into the gifting process. Certain traditions surround the anniversary gifting process and the 5 year anniversary is one of the special ones.

You’ve made it half a decade and still going strong, by the look of things. Wood is the standard gift for couples that have been married five years and it is easy to see why. Wood represents a strong foundation that builds into itself with each year making it long lasting.

Here are some ideas for gifting your spouse during your 5-year mark into your marriage.

1. Personalized wall clock

Personalized wall clock: amazon.com/lifesongs milestones

LifeSong Milestones Wedding wall Clock or Custom Personalized wedding anniversary gift

Nothing tells the strength of a relationship like the test of time. Count down the times you’ve together and symbolize the many more hours, days, years you will spend together by gifting him this personalized engraved wall clock complete with a sweet message.

2. Rustic brown wood burning fire pit

Rustic wood fire burning pit: Amazon.com

Rustic Brown Wood Burning Fire Pit

Now if you want to really surprise him and give him something that will have him appreciating you all over again, the get him this burning fire pit, if you've got the space. The look is classic and who doesn’t love cozying up by the fire. Create romantic evening by the fire and connect, drink wine and eat chocolate covered berries while the embers crackle your hearts alive. This is the gift that keeps on giving and probably the most romantic gift you can give for your anniversary, apart from the bedroom obvious, that is.

3. Wood stump side table

Wood stump table: West Elm

Natural Tree Stump Side Table

This is a very manly modern-design gift that is quite useful and your man will love it! The side table can be used in your ensuite bathroom and beside a bathtub to hold that glass of wine, his phone and so much more. This table is manly sophisticated and sleek and we’re sure he’ll really appreciate it.

4. Luckies of London you complete me wooden jigsaw puzzle set

heart jigsaw puzzle: amazon.com

Jigsaw Puzzle Heart shaped, Grey

If your husband is the kind that thoroughly enjoys putting things together and playing jigsaw puzzles, then may we suggest this sleek gift set that will earn you some serious hubby brownie points. The best part is that you can enjoy this together during your downtime cozied up and fitting the pieces together while you celebrate your love.

5. Personalized wooden plaque

Personalized wood plaque: Amazon.com/ Forevermegifts

Forever Me Gifts Anniversary Wood Plaque with Poem

Grand gestures go a long way in making your partner feel special. Show him just how much you love and treasure him by gifting him this engraved wooden plaque that contains a special poem just for him. The plaque comes complete with your lover’s name and an established just to make it more regal and leave him feeling all kinds of special.

6. Personalized cutting board

Engraved chopping board: Amazon.com/ Classic Swirl

Personalized Engraved Cutting Board- Wedding Gift

If he is a culinary master then there is no better gift than an engraved cutting board to show him just how much you appreciate him slaving in the kitchen just to make you happy. And if you want to make it more special you can add a serving tray into the mix so that when guests come over and enquire, he can boast not just about his great barbecuing, but also what a great gift his partner got him for their 5-year anniversary.

7. Wood and titanium jewelry

Titanium and wood ring,male/ Etsy.com

titanium and wood ring

No matter what anyone says, men like shiny and bold jewelry and nothing says shiny and bold like this smooth cut, modern and rustic design titanium and wood ring. It is a classic look that will stand out and look pretty damn awesome on your hubby’s finger and every time he looks down at his fingers you can be sure he’ll have one more thing to make him think of you.

8. Vonshef Deluxe 2-person wicker picnic basket

VonShef picnic basket: amazon.com/VonShef

Amazon.com : VonShef 4 Person Wicker Picnic Basket Set

Technically this can be a gift for either him or her so we put it in the transition section. Reclaim those wonderful memories of picnics by the park or the beach or just somewhere for just the two of you. This gift hamper comes complete with a 2-person dining set so you don’t really need to worry about that. Just bring yourselves and the food and wine you plan on sharing while you enjoy the company of stars and each other.

Best Wood Anniversary Gifts for her

9. Wooden heel shoes

Cute wood wedges: Nastygirl.com/lift-off-cork-heels

Lift Off Cork Wedges

Women are a little shoe crazy and while normally a pair of Louis Vuitton’s will get you a night of very sexy bedroom play, this cute wooden pair of heels is sure to melt her heart. The shoe made of a chunky wooden heel that is cute and comfortable and fashion forward so she looks great in a summer dress or when you’re attending garden parties.

10. Wooden tree swing set

Appalachian treeswing/Etsy

Wood Tree Swing Appalachian 4 Hole

Bring back childhood memories for your sweetheart by building her a tree swing set that will make her fall in love with you a little more. This works especially if you have a huge tree sitting in your garden. Swing sets are a great chill spot and the idea of building one for your love so she can unwind and reconnect with her childhood memories is really romantic.

11. Garden wood arbor

Wooden Garden arbor: Amazon.com/Greenstone

Greenstone American Bungalow Arbor

By this time you’re probably homeowners overlooking a carefully tended garden by your darling wife. A great way to show her that you see her toiling hard toiling to turn your backyard into a beautiful masterpiece by getting her a wood arbor for her garden. This addition adds a bit of class and beauty to the garden and a great way to make new memories. It’s something she’ll definitely cherish and remember you by every time she sees it.

12. Wooden jewelry

Wooden jewellery: Amazon.com

SIVITE Round Wooden Necklace

 Wooden jewelry is quite fitting and beautiful so why not? A great idea to personalize it for your love is adding sapphire to the jewelry can be a nice surprise because it’s also considered a 5-year anniversary gift. Also, check out these laser cut wood cuff bracelet with brushed silver aluminum that is sure to earn you some brownie points and catch the eye of people when you’re out.

13. Wood frame gallery

Wood frame gallery:amazon.com

Gallery Perfect Decorative Art Prints & Hanging Template 7 Piece Greywash Photo Frame Wall Gallery Kit Grey

If you really want to get on her good books, then this is a great anniversary gift. Especially if it’s been on her to-do list to have a frame gallery made, she’ll love you forever. Surprise her with hardwood frames and to make it even more special, pre-print her favourite photos and frame them up for her.

14. Wood essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser: amazon.com

Amazon.com: Essential Oil Diffuser

You know one of those air freshener diffusers that just make everyone’s job easier? You can have a beautifully designed wooden version for dispensing essential oils into your home. Help your wife create a calming spa treatment in the comfort of your home. Essential oils add a different kind of aroma and freshen up your home without overpowering the senses as most aerosols do so you know she’s going to love it.

15. Wood Carved salad/ serving bowl

Aidea acacia serving bowl: amazon.com

Aidea Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl

This is a beautiful piece of kitchenware that’s more like kitchen art. If you’re thinking mass-produced items are tacky then you haven’t met this item. It’s made from hand-carved acacia wood and the beauty of it will have her so mesmerized she’ll not question how many more people own an exact copy.

DIY Wedding Anniversary gifts

a) Personalized plaque with quote

If you're a DIY kinda person and would like to make this gifting process even more personal by making your gift yourself from scratch, then we have a few ideas that you can use to blow away your partner's mind with your skill, love, and dedication to them.

b) Wood gifting ideas for couples anniversary

Check out these ideas from a UK-based wood gift production company. They have some pretty cool ideas that you can choose to gift your #love on your 5th wedding anniversary.

c) Monogrammed wooden letter

Want to make something special for your partner on your anniversary while sticking to the more traditional gifting, here's an idea by DIYn things that we think is totally cute.


It can be hard finding something that wows your partner after all these years together but the world is full of little things that are completely charming and the gifts we mentioned above will in one way or another help strengthen that bond between you too.

Happy 5-year anniversary and we wish you many more happy years filled with wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

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