Do You Really Know Him/ Her? 60 Questions To Help You Find Out

There are numerous things you can discover about your significant other by knowing the answers to some important questions. How much do you know?

By Nicolle L.
Do You Really Know Him/ Her? 60 Questions To Help You Find Out

How well do you think you know your boyfriend?

Do you know what your boyfriend thinks is funny? Do you know what laundry detergent he likes to use? Do you know if his mom cuts the crust off his PB and J before slicing it in a perfect triangle? Do you know if he played with Legos when he was a kid? Do you know if he has mint condition Lego sets hidden in his mother’s basement? Do you know whether he has a collection of snipped-off hair from his ex-girlfriends that he keeps under his pillow? Yikes!

How well do you know your girlfriend?

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Guys, how well do you know your girl? Do you know if she was a girl scout? Do you know if she played with Barbies in her closet or played spin the bottle with the boy next door? Do you know when she goes without makeup? Do you know many times a day she showers, changes her clothes, and applies fresh makeup? Do you know if she believes in voodoo dolls? Run!

Why is important to have some important questions answered?

There are numerous things you can discover about your significant other by knowing the answers to some important questions. The more you know, the more prepared you’ll be for a compatible, long-term relationship. Otherwise, you should develop an exit strategy that will leave all your body parts and possessions intact. It’s a challenge to make a long-term relationship work with a significant other since people have different personalities. Introverted vs. extroverted. Funny vs. serious. Heart-driven vs. head-driven. Adventure seeking vs. home-bound. Conservative vs. liberal. Goal-oriented vs. free-spirit. Being opposites does not mean that you can’t be successful in a serious relationship, but it does mean you might have to work harder to find a good balance. However, if you’re not aware that these differences exist or don’t know which side of the spectrum your significant other is on, you may be questioning why you’ve been experiencing dissatisfaction and frequent arguments.

What subtle and not so subtle differences do the two of you have?

Additionally, finding out the subtle and not so subtle differences between the two of you can help prepare you to handle a potential break-up. If you know that you have drastically different views than your significant other after asking these questions, you might find them insurmountable. Isn’t it better to know now, rather than find out after you're married or have children? That voodoo doll might weird you out a little when you find it in her drawer after arguing about whose turn it is to change the baby's diaper. On a more serious note, discovering the answers to these questions can be fun, provide hours of entertaining conversations, and deepen your connection with each other. There is more to a rewarding relationship than sexual attraction. It’s time to get to know and appreciate each other. Along with finding out a little more about your significant other, I’ve thrown a few questions in about you. If your partner shows no interest in asking you questions to learn about you, doesn’t remember what you told them, or doesn’t care to even ask about your day, you may be more into this relationship than they are. Be wary of where you go from here if there is a lack of interest.

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend's food and drink preferences

1. What food are they allergic to? If your significant other is allergic to shellfish or peanuts that’s kind of an important fact to know. What symptoms develop when they have an allergic reaction? What do you need to do if these symptoms occur? 2. What foods do they hate? Do they hate peas? By themselves or in everything? Do they hate the taste or the texture? Were they forced by family to eat it as a child? It's good to know this so you can avoid making pea soup. 3. What are their favorite foods? If there was a food that they had to eat every day, what would it be? Do they ever get sick of it? How do they like it cooked? What do they like in it? What do they not like in it? 4. What do they like to drink? What is their favorite drink? Do they like lemon in their tea? Sugar? No tea? How do they like their coffee? How about alcohol? How often do they drink alcohol? This can also be a controversial issue if the two of you have different opinions of when and how often a person should drink alcohol, so this is important to know.

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend's pet peeves

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5. What are their pet peeves? Do you know why they find these actions or lack of actions irritating? What do they do when someone exhibits these behaviors? It’s good to know if your significant other has road rage when people run red lights if you tend to speed up on orange lights. 6. What makes them mad? Does a person being late make them mad? How about people who interfere in their business? Does getting blamed at work for something that someone else did piss them off? Does this happen a lot at their job? What do they do about it? It is good to know how often these situations occur. 7. What makes them impatient? Does being in traffic make them impatient? Long lines? People with 30 items or more in the 20 items or less line at the grocery? It is important to know what do they do when these things happen. 8. Do they have a nickname that they hate? Who gave it to them? Why? Do you know why they hate the nickname? Does anyone still call them by it?

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend's memories

9. What are they most proud of doing or accomplishing? What makes them proud of the event? How old were they? Who was there to celebrate with them? 10. What is their worst memory? What happened? Who helped them get through it? What did the person do to help? Knowing how to help in a similar situation would be beneficial. 11. What is their fondest memory? Who was involved? What were they doing? Do you know why is it their best memory? 12. What were their parents when growing up? How often did they get into trouble? What were the consequences when they got into trouble? Knowing this can be important when you have children. 13. When did they lose their virginity? Were they very young? Older? Why was it early or late? How was the experience? Do they still talk to the person? You'd want to know who the person is when you run into them. 14. What was their last break-up over? Did they remain friends? How did they break-up? Who was responsbile for the relationship ending? Do you know if there was cheating involved? 15. Who was their mentor when growing up? Didn’t have one? Why not? Did everyone let them down? What did their mentor help them with? How did their mentor make them feel? 16. What was their first job? How old were they? Why did they get the job? Do you know how they got the job? Did they like it? How long did they last in the job? Knowing this can give you a heads up on their level of responsibility and what motivates them. 17. Is there a rejection that is still hurting them? When was the rejection? Who did the rejecting? What did they do about it? How did they handle it?

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend's dreams and future plans

18. What is their dream vacation? Have they gone there or somewhere similar? Do they mention taking you? If they don’t, question how committed they are to the relationship. Does your dream vacation mesh with theirs? Does one of you prefer flying and the other refuses to fly? Is one of you a lake person and the other an ocean person? How will you handle the differences? 19. Do they want to move somewhere else? Where do they want to move to? Are they content to stay where they were born? Or do they want to move to another state or country? Do they have plans to move there in the future? Are you a part of this future move? 20. What is their dream job? Do they already have it? Are they working towards getting it? What appeals to them about the job? How do they feel about their current job? 21. Where do they see themselves in 7 years? Do they see themselves settled down with a steady job and family? Or is 7 years still too soon to envision that? A question you must ask yourself is, are you willing to wait if 7 years still gives them anxiety? 22. Are they ready to settle down? Are you prepared for the answer they'll give?

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend's family and friends

23. How well do they get along with their parents? The rest of their family? Is there friction with their family? Do they have lasting phobias or complexes because of the issues their parents had with each other? How does your significant other view their parents' relationship? What do they wish their parents would have done differently? Do they have a close relationship with their parents and other family members? Too close? Do they only make decisions after asking their parents? Are you okay with that? 24. Who is their closest relative? Do you know why they are close to this person? What do they do together? Is the person still a big part of their life? 25. How often do they spend time with their friends? Do you know what they do with their friends? Do you like their friends? What do they value about their friends?

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend's favorite things

26. What is their favorite TV show of all time? Do you know what they liked about it? Do they still watch it? 27. What is their favorite movie? Do you know why do they like it so much? Do you know if they prefer funny movies, horror, action, or romance? 28. Where is their favorite place to go on a date? Do you know why they like it? Have they taken you to this place? Do they plan to take you? Did you hear about it before they told you about it? If not, these are things to be concerned about. If they’ve never once mentioned the place to you and have taken previous significant others, you might need to question if you are more into the relationship than they are at this point. 29. What is their favorite season and holiday? What is it about the season that they like the most? Do you know if they prefer cold weather over hot? Why do they like it? Do they like rain or snow? What rituals do they participate in to celebrate the holidays? 30. What type of jokes do they think are funny? Do you also think the same type of humor is funny? Do they tell jokes? Are they funny? It is important to have a similar sense of humor as over the years, there will be many hardships to endure together and sometimes laughter will be your only relief. 31. What is their favorite brand of vehicle? Do you know why do they like it? Do they own one? Have they ever owned one? Do they plan on purchasing one in the future? 32. What is their favorite household chore? Why do they like to do it? How often do they do this chore? Do they have any strange rituals around this chore? OCD? Is it a different one from what you like to do? You can tag team together and get more done quicker if you both like a different chore! 33. What is their favorite body part? Do you know why they like that body part? Do they have issues with their body? 34. What is their least favorite body part? Do you know what they don’t like about it? Did someone make fun of them about it when they were a child? Does that hurt still play a part in their life today? 35. What is their favorite thing to splurge on? What do they like to spend money on? Do they buy it a lot? Does it cost a lot? Do you know why they like it? This can also be a controversial topic as the question of spending habits can be a sore subject for some couples. 36. How do they spend their free time? What is their favorite thing to do for fun? Who do they do it with? Do you find the same activity fun? 37. What do they do to relax? Do you know why? Do they get the opportunity to do this activity a lot? Do they invite you? Do you like it? Could you learn to like it? 38. What’s their favorite thing about you? Do you know why they like it? Is it superficial? Is the only thing that they can compliment you on based on your physical appearance? Hopefully, it is something more substantial than based only on your looks. Why do they like this aspect of you? 39. What is their favorite time of day? Do they prefer morning or evening? Do your schedules mesh together? How will that answer benefit or hurt your relationship in the long run? 40. Do they prefer cats or dogs? Or do they have some strange desire to have a snake? Could you live in the same place as a snake? That is a no-brainer question for me. Hell to the no!

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend in bed

41. What is their favorite sexual position? Do you enjoy the same position? If their favorite is something that you aren’t comfortable doing, how will the two of you handle that situation? 42. Do they like foreplay or no foreplay? How do you feel about their answer? 43. What is their favorite romantic gesture? Is this something that you have done in the past? Are you willing to do this gesture in the future now that you know how much they like it? 44. How do they like to sleep? Do they like to snuggle or sleep alone?

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend's opinion on controversial subjects

45. Do they vote? What is their opinion on voting? What is their political affiliation? 46. Are they religious? Do they go to church? How often? Do you have the same religious principles? 47. Do they watch porn? How do you feel about their answer? 48. Do you know their social media habits? How much time do they spend on social media or on their phone? Are they addicted to their phone? 49. How do they feel about having children? Do they like children or are they opposed to having children in the future? Can you live with that decision? 50. What is their opinion regarding divorce? 51. Are they frugal or a spender? Knowing how your significant other spends or saves money is necessary to having a long-term relationship. The first step is to know. The second step is to determine how the two of you will work together on this. 52. What do you do that they don’t like? Are they comfortable telling you something negative? Are you able to accept this constructive criticism and remain in a relationship?

Questions to know about your boyfriend/girlfriend regarding you

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53. What's your favorite memory? 54. Who do you trust the most? 55. When did you realize you were in love with them? 56. What makes you happy when you are sad? 57. What's your least favorite chore? 58. Whenn do you shower? 59. What are your pet peeves? 60. What helps you relieve stress when you're anxious?

Did you know more than you thought?

If you can make it through this list of questions and feel comfortable with the answers you’ve received, you can use this to enhance your relationship. Remember the answers your significant other provided to the questions. Be conscious of the decisions you make as they relate to the answers you've both given.