Your 101 Guide To Dating In Vancouver For Singles

Guide to romance and dating in Vancouver for the singles

By Patti Flinsch-Rodriguez
Your 101 Guide To Dating In Vancouver For Singles

Dissecting Vancouver’s Challenging Dating Scene

Dating can be challenging for everyone, and it is super hard now that people are using dating apps.  Talk about immediate gratification!  People, who if you had met them in real life you would probably give them a chance if they approached you, are relegated to left swipes due to some perceived imperfection.  Maybe one eye is a different color than the other, or their mustache is a little too bushy...swipe left and keep looking.  The person with the unusual eyes or the thick mustache may be your Mr. or Mrs. right, but you won't give them a chance due to the plethora of people you think are waiting for you on your app.  Keep seeking perfection!

Vancouver, in particular, has factors that make dating other Vancouverites a challenge.  The first is that there are more women than men in Vancouver.  I suppose if you are a man, this isn't terrible, but if you are a woman, you have slim pickings.  According to the Canada Census Bureau, 52% of the population in Vancouver between the ages of 35-39 are women.  If you look at ages 25-34, 51% of the population is comprised of women, causing an imbalance in the male to female ratio.

Because Vancouver is a large city and is spread out, the geography alone rules potential matches out.  It's too far to meet someone for a drink.  In addition to the geography, Vancouver doesn't have the same type of culture as other provinces.  There really isn't a coffee shop to meet at.  This cuts down on the possibilities of meeting someone. 

Best Speed-Dating Events That You Can Register Online Free

Speed-dating is a wonderful way to meet people who are seeking a partner.  Speed-dating is not a hookup spot, and you cannot simply show up at these events.  You must register online first so that the organizers can ensure there is a good ratio of men to women at the event.  The point of speed-dating is to meet with a bunch of people in your age range at one event.  You spend a few minutes with each person at the venue and then you receive your matches. The organizer presents you with a match if they were also on your list of people that you indicated you were interested in as well.  Here are some great speed-dating events in Vancouver that you can register for online.

1. SpeedVancouver Dating

SpeedVancouver Dating

SpeedVancouver Dating tries to set itself apart from other speed-dating organizers by seeking well-behaved guests.  Yes, you read that correctly! Politeness will get you much further with this group than if you are rude.  The organizers are U.K. based, and they believe their service is more polished than the traditional speed-dating you may be more familiar with.  There are no whistles or sirens.  They are more relaxed and low-key than the others, and that attracts a specific type of person to the event.

After registering for your venue,  simply show up at the designated time.  The event doesn't actually begin until all participants arrive, so you will be able to mix and mingle with all participants prior to the event.  Once all have arrived, the women take a seat and then men are the ones who move about meeting each woman.  Depending upon how many people register, you will spend between 6-7 minutes with each person.  All participants are given a match card that they fill out for anyone they found interesting.  The match cards are collected by the organizers at the end of the evening.  Any cards that are marked with the same people expressing interest are the real matches.  The organizers will email within 24 hours all of your matches.  

After the event has concluded, you may still stay and hang around and mingle, but the actual event is over.  There is no guarantee that you will receive a match, but you will most probably have a great time.

2. Spark Dating

Spark Dating

Spark Dating holds events throughout Vancouver.  Events are limited to specific age ranges.  If you do not see your age range, look for another event where your range is available.  The number of men and women that may register is limited as well to allow for an even distribution of males to females at the venue.  If the event you want to go to doesn't allow you to sign up because they already have enough women, look at their schedule to find one that still open for participants and register for that one.

Spark Dating events are held at different venues.  You must arrive at the start time or you will not be admitted.  Spark Dating recommends arriving an hour earlier so you can mingle with the other participants ahead of time.  The dress is semi-formal.  You do not need to don a tuxedo or an evening gown, but you will want to dress to impress so pay attention to your presentation. 

The venue provides appetizers for all participants to share and one alcoholic drink.  You will spend 5-6 minutes with each person at the venue.  Your matches will be sent to you via email. Spark Dating has a zero-tolerance policy for rudeness.  This means if someone is not your cup of tea, you are expected to be polite.  If you are marked as "rude" by anyone at the event, you will not be allowed to register for any future events.

3. Relish Speed Dating


Relish speed-dating events typically include 20 to 40 people, so you will have the opportunity to spend about five minutes with each person.  The women stay seated and the men have rotated around.  It is a casual way to get to know people and is free from the hype that some speed-dating events contain.  There are no flashing lights or loud announcements when it is time to switch partners.  Each man is escorted to the next woman by a Relish organizer to keep everything flowing and classy.  At the end of the event, you will be emailed your matches.  A match occurs when a person you chose has also chosen you.  You will each be given the email address of your match and then it is up to you to follow up with your potential match.

4. Conscious Speed Dating

Conscious Speed Dating

Conscious speed-dating is way different from any other type of speed-dating you have ever experienced.  The event is held monthly at the Center for Peace in Vancouver and is led by Naomi Prema Devi, a Tantra, intimacy and relationship specialist.  She has created a way to explore attraction on more than a superficial level.  She combines exercises from Tantra and Modern practices.

You will rotate from partner to partner while being instructed on different exercises and movements that facilitate communication and energy.  It is recommended that you wear loose and comfortable clothing to allow yourself to move freely.  Bring a cushion to make it more comfortable when sitting on the floor, a water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout the event, and a pen and paper so you can keep track of your matches.

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One thing to keep in mind when using any speed-dating services is that matches are not guaranteed.  You could very well attend an event and find that no one has put your name down as a potential match.  Don't despair!  You may just need to go into the next event more prepared.  Construct provocative questions beforehand that will make you stand out from the crowd, however, do not pretend to be someone that you are not.  You are looking to find a match so you want to be honest as to who you really are, but there are so many ways to communicate something in a less boring way.  Are you a homebody?  Don't say that!  Tell them you are introverted and sometimes you prefer quiet nights at home.  You said the same thing, but you sound more interesting.

Keep in mind that these speed-dating events do not pre-screen anyone.  This means that anyone may be attending the event and they are not necessarily true when giving you their work or love history.  They may be married or possibly misrepresenting who they are.  You should use the same amount of caution as you would if you met this stranger on a train or in the supermarket.  Make no assumptions as to the veracity of their statements.  The events are meant to introduce you to a number of people within a short amount of time.  They are not meant to provide you with your perfect mate within a few minutes of conversation.  Look at these events as a starting point and then proceed with caution.


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