Is There Even Such Thing As A Sexual Afterglow?

Find out if it Is a feeling or an actual glow after an orgasm?

By Sylvia Epie
Is There Even Such Thing As A Sexual Afterglow?

Orgasm and Sexual Afterglow

We all know sex is healthy, fun and makes us very happy but it runs deeper than that, good sex has the power to alter our state of mind long after we’re done having it. This is what sexual “afterglow’’ is all about. The Urban Dictionary says sexual afterglow is that warm, fuzzy feeling that engulfs you after an orgasm. You’re filled with a sense of general well-being and fulfillment that affects your mind and body like a drug and can last for days.

An orgasm doubles as medicine, it increases your immunoglobulin levels, relieves stress, strengthens your immune system, protects against certain cancers, and contributes to a general state of well-being. A study published in the scientific journal Psychological Science revealed that sexual “afterglow” is a real emotional state of happiness caused by the presence of high levels of oxytocin (the love hormone) in the brain. This delicious chemical is responsible for you feeling amazing inside out after a solid romp.

After looking at the lives of a bunch of newlyweds in 2017, A study in Psychological Science concluded that the much talked about ‘’afterglow’’ is very real and it can last up to 48 hours after sex. They reported that “sexual afterglow’’ promoted bonding between partners, married couples who had orgasms and an afterglow had a stronger bond and were more satisfied with their marriage.

How Does a Sexual Afterglow Look Like?

Experts have likened sexual afterglow to mind-altering drugs, chemicals that give a sense of absolute fulfillment and contentment to your mind and body. This natural state of euphoria is believed to last about 48 hours, no need to have sex every day to keep up this high, experts say if you can manage an orgasm four times a week then you’ll be in a state of continuous afterglow.

To confirm this, a research was done that surveyed the lives of 100 newlywed couples who filled out sex diaries for two weeks recording when they had sex and how the felt the days following that. It was discovered that couples had higher feelings of intimacy and happiness that lingered for days after they rolled in the sheets. In other words increased sexual satisfaction equals happier relationships and happier mental health.

Researchers also found out that during the 48-hour afterglow period, there was a considerable decrease in the man’s sperm count. He was capable of releasing quality sperm that can fertilize an egg only after this period of euphoria and bliss had passed, which is on the third day.

8 Tips to Climax and Get That Afterglow!

1. Build Excitement

Wondering how to get that afterglow? Start by putting yourself in the right frame of mind before the act. One sure way to get closer to your goal is to build excitement and anticipation long before you have sex, cultivate a heightened state of arousal before Bae shows up. You could fantasize about what you’ll do when you get together, visualize every detail, this way your body will quickly respond to a stimulus when the time comes. You can achieve a lot by mentally taking yourself halfway before hitting the sheets.

2. Use positions that maximize clitoral stimulation.

For women, the clitoris is the hub of pleasure, in fact, a clitoral orgasm is the most common kind of orgasm women experience. That little love button is the key to numerous nerve endings — approximately 8,000. Compared to the penis' 4,000, it is super sensitive. So, to increase your chances of an orgasm try positions that maximize clitoral stimulation like being on top. This way you control the speed, depth, and angle of penetration. You can also touch yourself easily with this position. Another position to consider is the ‘’Doggie-style’’, this one is the ultimate pose for deep penetration. Flex your pelvic muscles to create a much more intense level of friction on your clitoris and vagina.

3. Stimulate more than one spot

Multi-tasking is a lifelong skill that can be very useful even during sex, to multitask in bed means to stimulate more than one spot at the same time. This creates an overall heightened sensation that is bound to push you over the edge. For example, he can stimulate the back wall of your vagina with his penis and touch your clitoris at the same time. Or rub your breasts and inner thighs while spinning you around into reverse cowgirl. Another orgasm-inducing combo is going down on you while inserting two fingers in you.

4. Use Lube

Lube is like a magic ingredient when it comes to having a fulfilling sex life, adding lube to whichever position you like makes everything work and feel a lot better, it greatly reduces friction pain and makes everything flow. Unless you are into S&M no one wants to feel pain during sex. So, to increase your chances of hitting seventh heaven, lube up!

5. Toys can be helpful

Consider them reinforcements, toys are a good way to spice up things with Bae, a vibrator offers more strokes per minute than his finger can ever do. Make sure you reassure him to preserve his ego, let him know it’s not a replacement or a competition but rather an aid to get the deed done. You can opt for toys that he can slip around his finger or other parts of his body. It’s up to both of you to find out what gets you the desired results.

6. Get to know yourself

To better guide, your partner on how to give you an orgasm, spend time giving yourself one first. Masturbation is the best way to get to know your body, what it wants and what works for you. Pay attention to your body and state of mind right before orgasm, note where you're touching, how much pressure you're applying, and which muscles tense up. Then re-create those same moves during sex for a guaranteed orgasm. Also try to figure out what gets you going in terms of your environment such as candlelight, soft music, porn, a glass of wine or chocolate. This way you can set the tone before getting sexual.

7. Talk Dirty

The brain is the biggest sex organ, when stimulated it can do wonders for your body. Fantasies and visualization are a good way to bring your mind to an orgasm. Mental orgasms are one of the most effective ways to stimulate your body.

And talking dirty to your partner helps you visualize what you want, what he is doing to you bringing you closer to your climax. Tell them how you feel, what you want to do or to be done to you, be explicit and straight forward. If you’ve ever woken up from a sex dream in which you had an orgasm then you know what I’m talking about. With practice, your thoughts can take you there without any touching.

8. Actively participate

There’s no greater turn on or stimulant than a confident partner who is not afraid to show you what the want. Actively participating to help your partner take you there is a great way to easily having an orgasm. It demonstrates confidence and self-awareness, it also motivates the other person to do their best. 

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As if we needed any encouragement to roll in the hay more often with Bae! Anyway, these findings tell us that afterglow is truly a thing, and it plays a considerable role in sustaining relationships. The rationale here is that a solid relationship depends on the quality of sex as much as the quantity. When sex is frequent and satisfactory at the same time, the result is complete bliss, there’s even no room for cheating since both partners are constantly in a state of sexual afterglow. So, what are you waiting for? Grab Bae and get down to it ASAP!