8 Alluring Ways On How To Kiss A Guy And Make Him Want You

Use these tips and techniques to work on how to kiss a guy

By Sylvia Epie
8 Alluring Ways On How To Kiss A Guy And Make Him Want You

Tips on how to kiss a guy on the first date

A kiss is one of the first moments we look forward to in a relationship. It can also be the last moment of a relationship if executed poorly. A terrible kiss can kill attraction fast! Whereas a great kiss can make you feel butterflies in your stomach, light headed and light a spark that leaves you breathless.  So, let's get back to the basics, we’ll teach you how to kiss a guy with skill and passion in an alluring way that will turn him on and make him want you even more.

But before we get to that, you first of all have to make sure you’ve done the prep work. That is making sure you’re most kissable! Being kissable means you should have fresh breath, no one wants to kiss a mouth that smells like the tail of a raccoon, just to put it mildly. Use breath freshener or chew gum if you have to but make sure your mouth is inviting. Also, use a good lip balm or gloss so your lips are soft and sweet. Now let’s dive into the core of the matter at hand:

1. A quick first kiss

At this stage you’re still getting to know each other, you may be into one another but it will be a huge mistake to go all into a full-blown kiss sucking his face off. The way to go is to give him just a little bit of tongue, a little bit of lips, and then back away. This allows you to gauge his response and leave him wanting more if he enjoyed it. Giving him a full-blown tongue-down-the-throat kiss on the first date could kill your relationship before it even starts.

2.  Start softly and slowly then switch things up

Don’t rush, start slowly by gently pressing your lips to his and massaging his lips between yours. Tilt your head to the side and then tackle one lip at a time, bottom lip first then top lip. Increase the pressure slightly just enough to show him you’re passionate, pay attention to his kissing style and mimic his movement and body language to create a deep physical connection that will blow his mind. An aggressive passionate kiss can be great, but not for the first date with someone new. According to an Albany survey, 59% of men and 66% of women said they’d ended a relationship because the first kiss wasn’t great. The first kiss is usually an indicator of things to come. 

Tips on how to kiss a guy with braces

Braces can be a huge hassle when kissing, there's always the risk of getting stuck, sustaining a lip or tongue injury or making it uncomfortable for the person wearing braces. But there are ways to go around this hurdle, you do not have to let anything get in the way of sharing a passionate french kiss with the guy of your dreams. Here's how to go about it.

Funny how we even have tutorials on youtube to teach about kissing with braces, but hery - it's essential to study! You'll never know :)

3. Focus on the lips

Kissing someone with braces means you’re always at risk of getting stuck, that's why your main focus should be the lips and not the tongue. You can french kiss a person with braces too but this requires you to find the right angle that allows you to work around their braces. But before you learn how to successfully navigate your crush’s braces, limit yourself to giving him lip to lip kisses. Do not use your teeth, it will be awkward if you lock teeth with him. Aside from nibbles, teeth are not part of kissing worst of all when one partner has braces.

4. Angle kiss to avoid clashing with the braces

With practice, you’ll definitely find the right angle for kissing someone with braces.  Kissing is supposed to be fun and comfortable, so whatever angle you choose make sure your partner with the braces feels comfortable. It may take a while for both of you to find the best angle but keep at it and you’ll be fine. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Remember to start slowly and lovingly, being aggressive does not only give your partner a feeling of discomfort but also put you at risk of injury. Your lips or tongue can easily get stuck in the braces and you end up in the hospital. Bear in mind that when kissing a person with braces, pull back if you feel the slighted discomfort or friction.

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Tips on How to kiss a guy with glasses

Is your crush a Clark Kent? Well, rest assured we've got you covered, these are a few tips you can use when kissing him without letting his glasses get in the way.

5. Tilt Your Head 

Glasses can really spoil your vibe when you want to share a hot kiss with your crush, they run the risk of sliding and form a barrier between you two. The best way to proceed in such a scenario is to tilt your head back, this will make your lips the center of attention and prevent the glasses from rolling straight to your face. Depending on how tight fitting or lose the glasses are, you’ll have no problem if you tilt your head during a long and passionate kiss. Another option is to push the glasses to his head like a headband and kiss him deeply in a way he’ll remember for a long time.

6. Switch Positions 

When making out with a guy wearing glasses in bed or lying down make sure you're on top or both of you are on your sides. If he’s on top the glasses will slide and get in the way or he may be afraid they’ll break and so he may hold back. Some people are completely blind without their glasses so much so that taking it off even in bed is not an option. This may be your guy's case, and for it not to be a huge problem lying sideways and switching positions so that you’re on top is your best option if you want a full blown hot kiss that will make him want you even more. 

Tips on how to kiss a guy taller than you

If you're on the shorter side or Bae is on the taller side and you are wondering how you can initiate a kiss that will blow his mind and leave him wanting more, this is for you:

7. Surprise Kiss

Who doesn’t like a surprise kiss? Well, unless he’s not into you. Tall guys are sometimes hard to kiss at will, especially when there’s a huge height difference between you two. The trick here is to take him by surprise, move your finger like you want to tell him something and kiss him on the cheek or the lips when he leans over. He will come for more, If not it'll at least make him blush and smile.
You could also use nearby objects to stand on to get more height on your side as long as you don’t fall off. For example when walking on stairs use the opportunity to stand on higher steps and kiss him. Sit on a table or counter top and kiss him, there are so many props you could use to your advantage and an added bonus is that every time he passes by one of them he’ll think of you.

8. Jump in his arms

Just like in the movies, this is a very romantic and unforgettable move, hopefully, your man is strong enough to lift you, if not please do not try this. Jump into his arms and let him lift you up and you kiss like never before. He can even spin you around in a romantic pirouette before you share a passionate kiss. Sounds like a scene from Hollywood? Well, who says you can’t love like in the movies? Go for it and make a lasting impression on your guy. This gives him room to display his strength and show’s that you trust him to lift you and have you all to himself in his arms, he will most definitely love it.



Sharing a kiss with someone is most importantly about enjoying the moment, and overthinking it may ruin the magic and spoil the fun especially if it’s a first kiss with a new person or on the first date. In a successful kiss, most of the work is done by the connection and chemistry between you and your partner. Use these tips as an added skill or an ace up your sleeve when you pull out the big guns to make an impression. 
Being a good kisser is a great trait to have. If you're good at it, then keeping him attracted to you gets even easier because a passionate and sensual kiss is the precursor to having a great sex life.

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