12 most popular bachelorette party favors to give

What are the trending bachelorette party favors ideas from bride

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12 most popular bachelorette party favors to give

What other people give for bachelorette party favors

Bachelorette party is a party thrown for the bride by her girlfriends or sisters. It is an all-girls party thrown by the girls and only girls are invited to a bachelorette party. At the end of the party, each guest is given a small favor as a thank you token for being a part of the event and making it special for the bride. Some of the popular bachelorette party favors include customized lip balms, nail paints, scented candles, hair ties and team bride headbands. However you can decide and choose anything you would want to give as a favor. It can also be something edible like chocolates or cupcakes. Keep on reading to find the ones you would prefer to give out on the bachelorette party you’re planning.

12 best bachelorette ideas to use for 2019

Ideas from Amazon

1. Bachelorette hangover kit bags

Source: http://www.amazon.com

Bachelorette hangover kit bags

These beautiful and useful velvet kit bags are not only considered to be cute but also pretty useful. You can get customized velvet kit bags made and add small gifts such as chocolates or lip balms in them as a bachelorette party favor. These bags are not only environmental friendly but also reusable. It comes in 3 different colors and has 2 styles. The cute bags come in 3 amazing colors which gives you choice to match it with the theme of your party.  

2. Happily ever after carriage scented candles

Source: http://www.amazon.com

Happily ever after carriage scented candles

This is a prefect bachelorette party favor as these candles do not only look pretty but also smells great. The beautiful happily ever after carriage scented candles are Cinderella inspired candles having a fairy tale touch. These candles come in two colors; while and silver but have a wide range of fragrances to choose from. The fragrances include lavender, rose, vanilla and more. It also has a beautiful packaging with a glittery silver ribbon and gives the candle a lot more elegance. You can also add customized details to the thank you tag attached along with the candle.

3. Customized lip balm for bachelorette party

Source: http://www.amazon.com

Customized lip balm for bachelorette party

Lip balm is one of the safest and easiest options to purchase while deciding to give bachelorette party favors. Every girl loves having a huge collection of lip balms and what is better than a cute, customized lip balm. You can choose the flavor of the lip balm you want to give as a favor and can also add personalized messages on it. You can never go wrong with this as it is easily available and is something that every girls carries in her bag.

4. Vastigo personalized flasks

Source: http://www.amazon.com

Vastigo personalized flasks

This stainless steel flask can be an incredible bachelorette party favor as these are personalized and can be individually packed in gift boxes. It has a capacity of up to 8 ounces so you can carry your favorite drink in these flasks. Other customized details might include the name of the bride and any other cute customized message you wish to include. It has laser engraved design that stands it out from ordinary flasks. Each flask costs around $60.

Ideas from Etsy

5. Bride and Groom's face tattoo

Source: http://etsy.com

Bride and Groom's face tattoo

This is a super cool and fun gift to give out as a bachelorette party favor. The groom's or the bride's picture tattoo is a pretty cool idea. You can choose the photo of your choice and get tattoos made of that picture with funny captions or you can even include the wedding hashtag or the name of the couple for personalization. This tattoo from etsy comes in 23 different styles. You can even choose colors of your choice for customization. This is not only a cool idea but is also pretty economical. Each tattoo costs around $2.

6. Personalized champion tumbler

Source: http://etsy.com

Personalized champion tumbler

This is a perfect gift for a wine lover. The beautiful personalized champion tumbler is a unique idea for a bachelorette party favor. The tumbler is made up of stainless steel and will keep the beverage cold or hot for long time as it has double walls with insulating properties. Each cup costs around $9.3. It comes in a number of different colors. You can choose the message and even the font in which you wish the message to be written.

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7. Hen party favor wristbands

Source: http://etsy.com

Hen party favor wristbands

These cute wristbands are a popular choice to give out as bachelorette party favors. The bands are flexible and are made up of stretchy elastic hence you can also use it as hair ties. These bands come in a number of different colors. You can choose to have all bands of the same color or you can also choose multi-color bands to give out as favors. Moreover, the bands have different tags written on them such as team bride or bridesmaids. These bands are also pretty economical and each band costs around $0.5 only.

8. Bride tribe makeup bags

Source: http://etsy.com

Bride tribe makeup bags

Every girl loves makeup and needs a handy makeup bag to carry her daily makeup products with her. What is better than a customized makeup bag to give out as a bachelorette party favor? This bride tribe makeup bag comes in 8 different colors. It is made up of cotton and is extremely handy. You can choose to write a message of your choice over each bag to give out as a favor. The personalized message could include the name of the bride or a small thank you note along with a thoughtful note from the bride or the bridesmaids. Each bag cost $8.5.

DIY Ideas

9. Late night donut snack

It is not necessary that you give out a favor that can be used for a long time or that can be kept for memories. A late night homemade snack is a pretty cool idea to give out as a bachelorette party favor. You can give a cupcake or a donut alone as a favor or you can even put it in a goodie bag alongside other cute stuff such as nail paints etc. You can also write a cute little message on each cupcake.

10. Personalized initial bracelet

Another fairly creative yet easy bachelorette party favor you can do-it-yourself is an initial bracelet. Take any old chains or even wrist bands which are not of much use now and add beads and initials on the chains to make a perfect initial bracelet. You can also paste the alphabetical beads on the wristband and make it into a cute bracelet. If you customize the bracelets individually for each guest, it will surely send across the message of how genuinely grateful you are to them for making your wedding journey memorable.

11. Fancy glitter towels

If you love painting or are interested in creativity, these fancy towels would be a great idea to do it yourself and give out as party favors. Take small pieces of colorful towels and paint on them using glitter. You can also use any other details such as hand impressions of the bride to be more creative and more personalized. You can use colorful strings to tie the towels and give out as favors. If you have the time, you can personally sew and embroider each bridesmaid name on it!

12. Personalized printable push pop lotion bar

Girls love having a huge collection of lotions and body mists even if they do not use it too much. If you are short on budget but want to make your friend's bachelorette party a success without giving out fancy party favors, this is your chance to do it economically. To make the push pop lotion bar all you need is small spatula; push pop tubes, sticker paper and a glass jar. Take a bottle of lotion and pour a small amount of lotion in each push pop tube and cover it with a lid. At the end print thank you tags and paste on top of each tube.


Bachelorette party is a fun filled all girls’ party thrown for the bride before she eventually gets hitched. The brides sisters, cousins and friends all come together to celebrate this event with her and make it as memorable for her as possible. You can play games at the bachelorette party or just drink and dance it out. At the end of the party each guest is given a small token as a favor to thank them for coming. We discussed the different types of favors you can give above. You can also make your own favors if you want to thank the guest in a creative and unique way. I hope this article was helpful!

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