Fall in Love: The True Art of The Dating Game Explained

The meaning of falling in love and the signs of being in love

By Fred S.
Fall in Love: The True Art of The Dating Game Explained

The definition of “falling in love” can be a complex concept to grasp, especially for people who haven’t experienced it themselves yet. With such an immense supply of love-filled movies and shows imposed on us, it can be difficult to distinguish between a passer-by crush and the ‘real thing’. While the media’s image of romantic love isn’t that far off from the truth, it often fails to explain a few important realities attached to a romantic relationship. You honestly can’t fully understand it until you feel it in yourself first, and there are a few signs which will tell you if what you’re feeling is actually love. This article discussed the meaning and signs of falling in love in detail, so keep on reading.  

The meaning of Falling in Love

Falling in love brings you into a new dimension of the world where you’re not in total control of your thoughts and ultimate goals. It’s a concept in which rationality in decisions fades away, as you learn to love another being unconditionally, even if you were to receive nothing from their side. It’s all about genuinely accepting another person’s flaws, forming a bond of pure compassion, understanding, and absolute commitment. You don’t judge a person you love, you accept them, just the way they are. Love happens to you when you least expect it, and the following signs will tell you that you’re reaching there. 

Signs You are Falling in Love

1. You look for ways to express your affection and care

In relationships, little gestures are the ones that translate into bigger memories and key aspects of the bond between two people. If you find yourself actively planning and doing things to care for them, just to make their day a little easier and better, it’s a sign of falling in love. It doesn’t have to be anything too big though. It could just be an effort to pack their lunch as they leave for work, or bringing them their favorite snack on your way home.   

2. You can’t sleep or eat well

As cheesy as that may sound, there’s scientific reasons to back this up. It sure does sound like something that came straight out of a romantic chick-flick, but these are signs that people experience when they’re genuinely falling in love.  

It’s because the feeling brings vulnerability to our emotional bubble, introducing an intrusion (the good kind) towards our guards. This feeling of being vulnerable with another person relates to the release of a stress hormone called ‘cortisol’ in our bodies. Cortisol constricts the stomach, leading to an appetite loss, and ultimately insomnia (in some cases).  

3. The relationship feels incredibly easy

We’re not saying you won’t have arguments or times where your partner drives you crazy, because that’s normal for even the happiest couples. But when you’re actually experiencing mutual love, the time or day spent together generally feels effortless, free, and easy. It just feels right, and the work you do to maintain the relationship will be something you wholeheartedly ‘want’ to do. If this is in line with what you’re feeling, that’s another greenlight pointing towards love.  

4. The ‘together future’ is in your mind

If you’ve thought to yourself, or spoken to your partner, about plans extending beyond 6 months, it’s a vital sign that you’re accepting them lovingly for the long-term. If you’ve thought about the idea of moving in with them in the future, or even getting to marrying them, brace yourself, the flight of love seems to be taking off. Such thoughts strengthen the bond between two partners, because thoughts become your actions, and actions form realities.  

Signs of Someone Falling in Love with You

1. They find excuses to speak to you

If someone begins to love you, they have the urge to be inherently available for you, always having time to talk. They just can’t get enough of deep, long short conversations with you. If they’re going out of their way to communicate with you, there’s always a reason behind it – such as the desire to know you better. Even if what they’re saying isn’t making sense, their efforts are directed to keep the conversation alive, which is a sign that they might love you.  

2. Their eyes shine up with your sight

Their attention comes crashing down all on you as soon as you walk in, doesn’t matter what they were doing. The look on their face says they’ve been waiting you all along, and their excitement is obvious, and pretty adorable. It won’t be just you who notices it, the group around you would figure that out quite soon as well, love is a language of gestures after all. This is especially easy to notice when you meet somewhere by a coincidence, since they weren’t ready for the moment and weren’t expecting it, their reaction will tell you all about the affection they have for you. 

3. They always get you gifts

A gift doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant to show the fact that someone cares more. What matters is that a certain person is actively finding ways and excuses to bring you presents to make sure you’re reminded of them. It could be a book of your favorite author, a simple cup of Starbucks’ coffee, or just a candy bar! If you’re a girl, and he has brought you a really nice piece of jewelry, then that’s almost a given sign that he definitely is in love with you – men don’t just bring you good things unless you mean something special in their eyes.  

4. They try to be helpful

Offering you a ride to your workplace or college, helping you in moving your apartments, giving you a hand in your weekly project, all these acts from someone can be signs of them starting to love you. Whenever they think you may appreciate some help with a certain task or event, they’ll always try to be there to get themselves higher in your list of favorite people. Suddenly, they may even become your go-to person for whenever you need to ask a question or need a hand. Your inconvenience is an inconvenience to them, and if that’s true for your personal case, they’re probably in love with you.   

How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You

The first thing to remember is that you should never change, or try to be something you aren’t to make someone love you. However, putting in effort is always a good thing. Start by making it about ‘them’ and not you. Ask questions about things in their life which they’re excited and happy about (e.g. their dog, their interests), follow that up by showing genuine interest in their answers and what they say in general.  


Pay close attention to them at all times if you’re looking to win them over, you’ve got to notice their hairstyle changes, or when they wear a new shirt. Compliment them, make them feel special and let them know how much you appreciate them. If you top all this off with a natural sense of humor that makes them laugh like crazy, you’ve found the ultimate formula! 

Quotes on Falling in Love

“This thing about you that you think is your flaw, it’s the reason I’m falling in love with you.” - Colleen Hoover 

This incredible quote reaffirms that flaws are perceived as the building blocks of perfection when your vision is clouded by love.  

“... it’s a blessed thing to love and feel loved in return.” - E.A. Bucchianeri

It’s the most beautiful coincidence of nature when a soul chooses another person to love, and it’s reciprocated back to it in the same way. It’s a priceless blessing! 

“Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary.” - Crystal Woods

Real love doesn’t fade away, that’s just the fact of it, as unrealistic as it may sound. Every morning you see your partner, you fall in love all over again, with every bit of them.  


Only a few people get to experience this extremely rare opportunity of finding someone who your heart just randomly chooses to fall in love with, but when it happens, it’s amazing. This article was meant to convey the meaning of true love to you, and to reveal the major signs that occur when love is just around the corner – keep an eye out for them. Good luck!  



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