8 Signs that He's Catching Feelings for You After You Confessed

Should you continue developing the relationship or give up?

By Sameet
8 Signs that He's Catching Feelings for You After You Confessed

Feeling Something Changed After Your Confession?

There is a whole different level of struggle when you’re confessing your feelings to someone. There’s confusion, there’s anxiety, and there’s even a little bit of fear and sadness. Imagine a scenario where you see your crush every day. He’s getting hotter by the day, looks cute doing regular things even, and you can feel your heart race when he comes close to you or simply just looks at you. These feelings are beyond any explanation. You think to yourself, is he into me? Am I going to desperately love him from a distance, forever? What will he think about me when I confess to him? Well, sister, you can only find out the answers after you man up and straight-up tell him how you feel. After this BIG step, a lot of things change but very subtly.

What could be different, you ask?

After a confession, you can’t be upset if you don’t get a positive answer right that instant. Imagine someone confessing to you. You would also be taken off-guard and would need some time to think. Meanwhile, many thoughts will cross your mind, your attitude towards that person would change, and you would start looking deeply into things like you’ve never done before. The same happens when you confess your love to a guy. Even if there’s no direct answer yet, here are some things that seem different after the confession:

Change of Energy

The first thing to change is the vibe between you two. The moment you two are together, the energy of the place changes. There is some awkwardness, some clumsiness, and you both feel generally weird when standing together.

You feel light, but anxious

Getting this big secret finally out of your heart gives you a certain feeling of relief. But at the same time, you’re in constant worry about how things will turn out in the future. Did you ruin your friendship? Did you push him further away? Every time you talk to him, the confession will replay in your head. But don’t worry, this too shall pass, and most probably for the best.

His attitude changes towards you

These details are very minor when you look for them, but they are definitely there. You’re no longer a regular person to him, you’re the person who confessed. Whether he’s your best friend, neighbor, or just a classmate, he will think of you differently and act accordingly too.

8 Signs that He's Catching Feelings for You

With all those thoughts processing in his brain, one of them is definitely pushing him closer to you. Everybody gets flattered when they’re liked by someone, and this shows pretty evidently. Here are some signs that he might be falling for you, after that brave confession of yours:

1. He’ll feel protective of you and helps you a lot

Men always have these feelings of possessiveness and protectiveness for people they like and adore. If he likes you, he will help you carry your stuff, he will always accompany you if you’re walking home, alone, he will keep creeps at bay, and he will generally take care of you. He will keep check for your health, your moods, and things that bother you.

2. The body language gives it all away

You can tell anybody’s mind if you pay close attention to the body language. When a guy starts to catch feelings or you, he will express it through his eyes. You will feel more eye contact rather than staring here and there around the space. He will try to slightly touch you whenever he gets the chance. Whether it’s handing you something, clearing off something from your jacket, or any ‘accidental’ excuse he can find to be physically near you. You will often find him leaning towards you, his toes pointing in your direction, and facing your way himself.

3. You catch him staring at you

This is the most authentic sign you can witness. If he likes it, he will stare. Guys also get those butterflies when they look at someone they are falling for. If it’s you, he won’t keep his eyes off of you. So, the next time when you guys are having quality time together, keep a lookout for this sign. He’ll be discreet about it, so you have to be clever enough to spot where his eyes are.

4. He opens up when you two are alone

Often guys find it hard to find someone they can be themselves with. When in a group, at a club, and around friends, you will see a more social person and no depth to his personality. But the moment you guys are alone, you will see an entirely different version of him. He will talk about his opinions, his family, and things that bother him. This means that he might be shy or intimidated around a social group, but with you, he’s himself and open. This definitely means he is into you.

5. He keeps asking you personal questions, and likes talking

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After the confession phase, the get-to-knowing-you phase begins. If a guy is seriously catching feelings for you, he will absolutely love talking to you. He would be genuinely interested in getting to know your personality, your interests, and your opinion of him.

6. Sometimes, he might be distant too

Guys can have mixed feelings too, they can get scared of being rejected and may overthink these emotions as well. You might seem he is being distant and a bit ignorant, but understand that this is also a part of his newly developed feelings and you need to comfort him. When guys can’t figure out what to do next, they get quiet. It’s already hard for him, so don’t be judgmental if he ignores you.

7. You two often have fun discussing possible future scenarios

You will notice that he thinks about you a lot. This reflects in his conversations where he talks about the future, teases you about your life ahead, cracking jokes about getting married, and even discussing how life would be for you two together. This indicates that he likes to think of his future with you in it.

8. He likes to stand out around you

Men are born competitive, especially when it comes to the girls of their dreams. Whenever he suspects a possible candidate that could like you, he would try his level best to impress you and clear off any sort of competition. These qualities make the guy realize his own feelings towards you. Notice his behavior around your guy friends and you will definitely know if he has feelings for you, and how intense are these feelings.

How to Make Him Do the Confession

Guys are usually not that good at communication skills, so be patient with him. Also, he might be totally unaware of is feelings. But you can help create that environment around him where he feels comfortable knowing and expressing his feelings.

Give him hints

It’s not possible for any person to just guess someone’s feelings. Especially when it comes to guys expressing their love, they need a major sign or push from the girl to make them realize it will be okay and they won’t be rejected. And no, this does NOT include mixed signals. The hints should be evident, look him in the eyes, play with him, compliment him, and be genuine with your feelings.

Keep a nice welcoming opinion of yourself for him

Guys are usually scared of commitments and due to this fear they give up something as pure as love. They need to be corrected that not every relationship fails and that they are truly loved and cherished by you. Shower him with love, genuine care, and a welcoming attitude so that he doesn’t run away from this kind of commitment but want it even more.

Be straightforward

If you’re tired of waiting, and the whole thing between you two is getting hurting for you, then just be direct. Muster up the courage to ask him openly but politely, does he like you back? Maybe he was waiting for this question or maybe he never figured it out how to say it. There is nothing that can go wrong here. If he likes you, he’ll tell you. If he doesn’t, you’ll finally know and start working to move on. The mid-way situation is bad.

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It might not be possible to crack all those tangled puzzles inside a guy’s brain but we can surely figure out some obvious signs that they give away when they themselves don’t know what’s going on. So, once you’ve confessed your feelings, be patient, and look for these signs from his side. Meanwhile, keep your expectations neutral so you don’t get hurt yourself.


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