6 Best Child Proof Door Knob to Keep Your Child Safe

Childproof door knobs to get from Home Depot and Target

By Chelsea Lane
6 Best Child Proof Door Knob to Keep Your Child Safe

Why have Child Proof Door Knob for the Door Handle?

Children are naturally curious about everything. Curious children will usually find themselves getting into different sorts of mischief, and when they do, there’s no assurance that their parents will always be there to rescue them.

One common trouble that small children usually get themselves into is by accidentally locking themselves in their room. It could also be that they might be entering and leaving rooms undetected by adults. Such really poses a risk as they might get into serious trouble when not supervised by their guardians.


So, as a parent, you should make it your top priority that your child’s safety is not compromised. And, if you’re one of those parents who want to take the precautionary step of preventing your small children from being at risk in your own house, particularly in their own rooms, you should definitely get some of these best child proof door covers to keep your child safe.


Childproof door covers are a really helpful and safe addition to any home that has a curious child running from one room to the next. That’s why parents should not think twice about getting one. If you’re planning to buy one soon, check out these best child proof door knob handles that every parent should get:

6 Large Child Proof Door Knob Covers to Get

1. Jool Baby Knob Covers

Door Knob Covers - 4 Pack - Child Safety Cover

If you have a child age 4 and below, expect that they can get physically active and can be very explorative. So, if it worries you that they might just easily open doors when your attention is not focused on them, then you should definitely get this baby knob cover.


This type of baby knob cover features holes at the side for you to have an easier grip on it and to easily maneuver the knob. Its simple design also makes it very easy to attach on the door knobs. So, you can use it right away at the convenience of your own home.

2. Eudemon 4 Pack Baby Safety Door Knob Locks

EUDEMON 4 Pack Baby Safety Door Knob Covers Door Knob Locks

Looking for a child safety door knob that has a cool and special design, yet at the same time super functional? How about something that’s safe and eco-friendly? If you are, then Eudemon baby safety doorknob is your best pick.


It features a double button design that increases the door knob’s friction. You just have to press the double buttons at the side to turn the doorknob to open the door for you. No extra force needed.


This model does its job perfectly in keeping your kids away from dangerous situations like going in and out of the house by themselves, playing with the door, and possibly getting their fingers banged by the door. Moreover, this door knob lock is not only safe for your children but for the environment as well since it’s made of eco-friendly materials that passed the mechanical and physical properties test.

3. Roklur Premium Extra Strength Child Proof Door Knob Safety Covers

Roklur Premium Extra Strength Child Proof Door Knob Safety Covers

Have you been worrying that your child might still pull off your doorknob handle despite securing it tight? Fear no more because this model is specially designed to be extra strong so that the forceful curiosity of your young child could not get through.


The doorknob cover is extra thick and tough, purposely designed to make it difficult for your child to take off the cover given that their hands are still very soft and little. With its simple design also, it can easily fit any type of door knob especially those with circular designs. So, you don’t have to worry if it's compatible with your doorknob handle because it surely is well-matched. It will easily slip when you attach it to the door but hard to remove when your child tinkers with it.

4. New Enjoy Cover – Door Knob Cover Grips

Door Knob Cover Grips Non Slip Arthritis & Senior Living Aids

Some door knob covers are not that friendly to the young ones as well as to the elderly but not this New Enjoy Cover. Its rib-like design covering its entirety makes it very easy for anyone to grab and hold, especially the elderly who have arthritis, the kids who have little fingers, and even the adults who have their hands full with other stuff.


With the new enjoy cover, you can now say goodbye to the slippery doorknob handle. It’s easy to attach, simple in design, and effective to use.

5. Wittle Door Knob Safety Cover

Wittle Door Knob Safety Cover

The neutrality of its color and the versatility of its design makes Wittle door knob safety cover a convenient pick of many parents. You can easily assemble it even by yourself alone since all you need to do is to join together the two halves around the doorknob.


In addition, if you’re thinking of re-using it around the other doorknobs inside your home or even taking it with you on your vacation, you can conveniently do so since you can just easily remove it from where it is currently being put on. So, it’s a great money-saver since you don’t need to buy another one. As to its style and color, it can as well perfectly blend to any home decor and style.


When you buy this kind of door knob cover, you’ll also surely love the baby door stopper that comes with it, which will surely prevent your child’s finger from getting slammed by your door or him being trapped inside the room.

6. Mommy’s Helper Door Knob Safety Cover

Mommy's Helper Door Knob Safety Cover, 4 Pack

Its grip design is made extra-large so that it will only spin loosely when your child attempts to turn the doorknob. That way, you can ensure that your child won’t be able to turn the actual doorknob. It will also prevent your child’s finger from being stuck up in the doorknob cover. At the same time, its extra-large grip design allows the parents to easily squeeze and grip the door handle.

From Home Depot

Home Depot takes pride for being hailed as the no.1 home improvement retailer in the whole world. It’s a one-stop shop that has everything you need to improve your home, thereby saving your time from going into multiple stores just to complete your to-buy list.


Whether you’re looking for all sorts of appliances, furniture, and home decorations, Home Depot surely got it all for you. This store is also remarkable for its quality products, that’s why their customers would always find themselves shopping at Home Depot.


And so, if you’re looking for the best childproof doorknob, you can also buy one at Home Depot. They have a wide range of designs that you choose from, and the quality of each design will surely impress you since they are all equally made to be functional, convenient, and flexible.

From Target

Recognized as the leading innovator in the retail industry, Target has not only been consistent in providing excellent quality products to all its valued guests. It has even surpassed its guests’ needs and expectations. 


Target has remained faithful to its commitment to providing a hassle-free experience to all its valued shoppers by putting up a one-stop store that offers a various selection of merchandise with premium value. With its guests in mind, Target continually upgrades its stores so that its guests will surely have the best shopping experience ever.


With their mobile app Target.com, you can now also shop anything from their store without the limits of time, space, and distance. Your shopping experience will surely be a blast for you are in control of what you do. So, if it’s a child proof door knob that you need, you’ll surely get the best and quality deals at Target as well.

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When it comes to your child’s protection, no other person is more capable of providing it than you as a parent. As a parent, of course, it’s good that you allow your children to give in to their curiosity especially if it sparks up learning. But, since you cannot exactly predict what will come into your child’s way when he chases his curious little mind, you need to do what you must, that is, be preemptive. And so, installing a childproof doorknob is the best preemptive measure that a responsible parent like you must do.