All You Need to Know About a Taurus Man in Love

Get to know all about the Taurus Man when he falls in love

By Fred S.
All You Need to Know About a Taurus Man in Love

A Taurus man looks to settle down. While they may be hard guys to impress, once they fall in love, they expect to make that happen. Most Taurus men believe in pursuing the women they love, and not giving up until reaching where they intend to reach.  

You will see him run after you, go to extreme lengths just to convince you that he is the man of your dreams – David Beckham being the perfect example of a Taurus man in love. For a Taurus man, change means going to a new restaurant not a new love life! 

The traits and characteristics of a Taurus Man

1. Strong headed:

While some see Taurus as a zodiac sign that's very stubborn, we would like to call it strong headed or willed. They remain steadfast in the things they believe and want to achieve. It is very rare that they are moved from the things they set their heart on, convincing them anything other than their own opinion, can be extremely difficult at times. While this can be a tricky trait in a relationship their innate stubbornness might help them be a successful businessman.  

2. Letting Go can be tricky:

Taurus men don’t often commit to relationships, but when they do, they fall pretty hard. Hard enough for a heartbreak worth months, or even years to get over. As reluctant Taurus men are of falling in love, the more reluctant they are about parting way with the people that they love. They can take break ups very harshly, going into their reserved shells quickly, and taking months or even years before they go back to the normal.   

3. Beauty is Deeply Appreciated:

He is a sucker for beauty and arts! He’s intrigued at the slightest mention of beauty and the arts, the music, and all things in the middle. A night out at the museum or a jazz concert would be the way to impress them. It is very rare to find men that are interested in the aesthetics of beauty and art – if you’re the sort of person that has these hobbies, a Taurus man might be your perfect match! 

4. The Kind and Gentle Bull:

Taurus with their possessiveness nature, and their innate stubbornness might come off as strong in the beginning, but they're the most loyal, kind hearted and dependable people you will meet. The exterior may be tough like a bull, but they will always be the cushion you could lean on, their compassion will always leave you awestruck. With him, you can have a protective partner, and also someone that will be there to hold you when you’re having a bad day. 

5. They dislike change:

As stubborn as they are, they like their things a certain way. Too much change is never appreciated by a Taurus man. An acceptable change for him may be a change in the way he makes his sandwich, or a change of the coffee he drinks. In relationships though, they're usually the one and done type. They would not want to drift apart after a while, and nor would they go running to another girl at the earliest chance available. 

Taurus Man: In Love or Lust?

Love and lust are two very different things; especially for a Taurus, when a Taurus is in love it is evident, with a Taurus you could never be mistaken about whether it is just lust or love. Here is how you will know. A Taurus man is very specific about their schedule and it must be something very great to make them change their it. This is how you know if it is love: when a Taurus man is in love, they will incorporate you in their schedule, instead of moving you around to suit their routine.  

You will become an evident part of their routine, have your own separate time instead of waiting for them to be free so that you can spend some quality time together. A Taurus is very reserved about their personal affairs, if he’s in it just for lust he will keep you at a distance from his personal life, and only take out time for you when it is convenient for his schedule.  

Signs that a Taurus Man is in love

1. He becomes confident:

When a Taurus man is in love with you, you will see an evident change in his behavior, he will become more confident and surer of his ways and about his personality. Taurus men can be shy and reserved, if your love is a positive aspect to their life you will see that they blossom into an outgoing and confident human being. It might not always be easy to spot the change, but if you pay close attention you will see the magic of love in a Taurus man!

2. You will get a lot of his time:

He is very stagnant about their routine, so when he is in love with you, he will make changes in his routine to make time for you. You will become an essential part of his routine, and not just that, you will also see that he will look for reasons to spend time with you. Any time spent with you will not be enough for him. He would like to spend his time being surrounded by the love that you offer.

3. You will be a part of his circle:

Taurus are very secretive about their personal lives, usually they do not like including strangers into their inner circles so frequently. A Taurus man in love however, will want your indulgence in all parts of his life. He will want your opinions, he will want you to hang out with him in all his plans, and he will introduce you to his friends and own you very proudly. If he is not in love, will keep you at a considerable distance. 

4. Communicates freely:

They can be very shy and reserved so if you see him communicate with you, and actually make efforts to do it first instead of waiting for you to initiate the conversation; he is surely in love with you. He will strike up conversations about the things you like and your interests, he would try to keep the conversation going. If you see a Taurus man making the effort, keep him – he’s worth the efforts. 

5. You will see his jealous side:

Taurus men are very possessive about the things they own, and the people they love. They will create a territory and would want to keep you there. It is possible that they will get jealous of your co-workers, people you spend more time with, even if someone is trying to casually flirt with you. If you ever feel a Taurus man around you is trying to keep you protected and is offended at the mention of someone getting close to you, know that the man is in love with you! 

Best books that describe loving a Taurus Man

1. "How to Get and Keep a Taurus Man: A Guide to Understanding, Attracting, and Keeping Your Man"

How to Get and Keep a Taurus Man: A Guide to Understanding, Attracting and Keeping Your Man

This is a book that is a complete guideline on how to discover tiny details about a Taurus man. This book will help the readers gain a perspective on how to hold a Taurus man’s attention, and gain their love and trust. This can prove to be very helpful for those struggling in a relationship with a Taurus man. This book is available on Amazon. 

2. "Mr. Taurus: How to Seduce and Date The Taurus Man"

Mr. Taurus: How To Seduce And Date The Taurus Man (MEN OF THE ZODIAC Book 2)

This is an e-book available on Amazon: this will help the reader understand that the Taurus Man is usually looking for a relationship that will last longer instead of just casually dating. Unlike other books that discuss what Taurus men like and dislike, the book will talk about the personality of a Taurus man and their characteristics; in addition it will talk about how you can impress a Taurus man sexually. 

3. Taurus Man Secrets: A beginner’s guide to a Taurus Man’s Heart

Taurus Man Secrets: A Beginner's Guide To A Taurus Man's Heart

This book is for people that have never been in contact with a Taurus, and wish to create a stable relationship with one now. It will talk about the basic character traits of a bull, and how to go about with them when you’re trying to impress them and become a prominent part of their life. 

4. Taurus Man Secrets: 7 secrets about love, dating, sex & relationships

Taurus Man Secrets: 7 Secrets About Love, Dating, Sex & Relationship, With an Taurus Man eBook

This is a book available on Kindle, this book will be the answer key to your questions about your Taurus man – what turns him on, what pushes him over the edge; how serious he is about you, and how to impress him all in all. Read this book to find out more about the Taurus man you so desperately want to be with! 


A Taurus man is often perceived as a tough man, but most of the times, they're usually very kind hearted and passionate, always with the right people though. They are simple and desire love and affection (don't we all?), and the key to impressing them can be done through the various bits of Taurus information that you've found in this article. We wish you all the best! 

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