The Right And Wrong Reasons On Why Do People Get Married

Why Do People Get Married – Reasons that Work and Doesn’t

By Sarah Potter
The Right And Wrong Reasons On Why Do People Get Married

Getting married is like every person's dream that seems so much like an achievement. Maybe it is, but it shouldn’t just be the goal. Getting married to the right person at the right time and for the right reasons should be. The rate of divorce in recent times would make you wonder if anyone actually thinks it through before saying yes to their partners. This is becoming quite alarming because the divorce rate keeps increasing by the day, leaving many broken hearts, broken homes and relationships.

Marriage is a lifelong agreement with not just the love of your life, but also your best friend and because it is meant to be a long lasting and eternal bond, people are meant to think critically, before getting into this agreement. For you to have a successful and long-lasting marriage, you have to understand the purpose of marriage, the benefits, know that it has loops sides and also take the necessary time to choose carefully. A lot of people hardly ever think about it, they just jump into it and most times for the wrong reasons. A few of these reasons could be

•    Sex,

•    Peer pressure,

•    You want freedom from your parents,

•    Maybe as a result of pregnancy,

•    Could be for money

•    To prove a point (that perhaps you are an adult)

•     Because your friends are,

•    To rid yourself of loneliness/ fear of loneliness and so many more reasons

Meanwhile, there are the right reasons why you should marry and when you can come to terms with these reasons, only then would you truly be able to maintain you’re marriage. The real best and right reasons why you should marry should be because

•    You are genuinely willing to share the rest of your life with your partner

•    You have found it necessary, and you are comfortable with your partner

•    You both love yourselves genuinely

•    You are both confident that it’s the right choice

•    The willingness to build each other and support each other all through.

It is essential that you make this choice without any sort of external pressure and a clear and straight mind. This would enable you to decipher if you are on the right track or not.

The purpose of getting married

What is the purpose of getting married? Is it just to have sex and bear children? Or what? We have all been asking these questions, so many young couples don’t even know the reason they are getting married, and they don’t understand what it entails and the responsibilities it also comes with. The purposes for which marriage became an established act are:


Enjoyment and freedom become detrimental when self-control is excluded from the equation. In this context, I am referring to sex; you would be a bit more restrained having sex outside marriage compared to someone who does so when married. The liberty here merely is, being able to live your lives, have as much sex as you want without the fear of pregnancy. You get the choice and opportunity to explore as much as you can spouse, all within the confines of your home or outside if you decide.

This not only applies to sex, but to every other aspect of your life, you get to leave as you want with your spouse

For companionship and love

Pure and genuine companionship is one of the most essential purposes of marriage. Being married to a friend and spending the rest of your life with him or her is definitely one of the most amazing perks of marriage. Companionship is one of the sole purposes, alongside love as it helps you go through the tough and good times much better. Having someone, you can call your own, love and also support you.

To complete you

Nothing is better than finding someone who completes you and makes you a better portion of yourself. Marriage causes you to become one with your partner; it is officially binding the two of you forever. Here the couples fill in for each other in parts of their lives where they are lacking and help each other grow.

To Reproduce

The joy and blessing of children is one that is incomparable to any other thing. Giving birth and having children is one of the biggest joys and blessings that comes with marriage, and it is one of the most essential purposes of marriage. It ensures continuity and brings so much happiness to families.

The Benefits of Getting Married

Marriage has been an integral part of our culture and society for so many years now and has been of great benefit not just to the individuals but the community and country at large. While being married isn’t all rosy, it also has its perks that might interest you a whole lot. Here are a few you should know about:

Love and Companionship

Loving and being loved in return is no doubt one of the most amazing feelings in life. As much as this is one of the purposes of marriage, it's also one of the most significant and most enviable benefits that come along with marriage. Love and companionship are one of the good old perks of marriage. Having someone who has your back at any time and any day is absolutely fabulous.

Financial Benefits

Getting married helps reduce your tax, thereby leaving with lesser to pay for. The truth is married individuals have more motivation to work harder, get better jobs and earn higher because of their families. They do this so they can cater properly for their family and themselves. They also get more opportunities for promotions at work.

Sexual Satisfaction

Married couples are said to have a better sex life and enjoy their sexual lives even much better than the singles. They get to enjoy the luxury of time with their spouse and explore their sexuality. You get the freedom to do whatever you want with your partner with no worries about pregnancy.


These are the greatest blessings and rewards of marriage. They bring in so much love and happiness to your life. Although training these kids might not be completely easy to bring up or prepare but they are definitely worth it, and they bring a lot of love to your home.

Personal Growth and Development

Married life is definitely a whole new game and life compared to the single life. Marriage takes you into a new world and gives you experiences that leave you with a lot of life lessons which eventually promote personal growth and development.

Important and Healthy Reasons on Why People Get Married

Getting married for the wrong reasons can yield horrible results of marriage. Getting into marriage for the wrong reason would take toil not just in you, but also your children. It is one of the most significant causes of broken hearts, relationships and homes. Not to mention the badly raised children too. Here are some of the right, good and important reasons why people get married.

• When you both have a similar understanding of marriage and agree on your beliefs and views about marriage

• When you both love and adore each other, and decide genuinely to spend your lives together (that is, with no external pressure)

• When you both have similar plans and visions for your life and are willing to support yourselves through it, and also help yourselves grow

• When you are both comfortable with your circle and understand yourselves

• When you both have found yourselves completely compatible by character.

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So many individuals marry for the wrong reasons, could be sex, pressure from family, peers or society. Choosing the right partner and getting married for the right reasons impacts your life in the most amazing ways. Marriage comes with a lot of awesome perks that can only be experienced or obtained if your marriage is based on the right reasons. It is vital that you align your thoughts with your partner, understand your partner, understand your partners' circle, his/her character and also choose the right reasons for which you want to get married. This would make your marriage much more successful.



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