8 Realistic and Successful Ways on How to Find Love Again

If you're feeing lost, here are some ways on how to find love

By Michele
8 Realistic and Successful Ways on How to Find Love Again

Love is like a beautiful gift, given graciously to those lucky few. Having said this, the chance of love is available for all. Some people do not want to be in a relationship, reluctant to give up their independence. Inevitably those who do fall in love may find themselves heartbroken sometimes. It is a risk that those lucky few have to take to secure a future with their lover.

Being prepared for a relationship is important and working on your self-confidence is crucial. Many people think that they need to be experts in love to start a relationship, but this is not true. The real reality is that to be ready for a relationship requires the individual to love themselves inside and out. Loving oneself helps heal many wounds that have been caused by past relationships and prepare the way for future partnerships. When someone has been hurt by past relationships there are ways of finding love again.

#1. Know your Worth

Learn to love yourself and realize that you are worthy of being treated right and with respect.

#2. Self Grooming

Work on building yourself up and do not focus on finding a relationship. When you stop looking that is when someone usually comes along.

#3. Be Positive

Concentrate on positive thoughts, focus on finding a relationship at the right time and with the right person.

#4. Trust Yourself

Believe in yourself. Know that you are deserving of love and that you have a right to be respected. Believing in yourself will attract the right kind of person.

#5. Accept Love

Learn to receive the love you are given. When you receive love off someone you are allowing them to show you how they feel about you and there is a humility in that.

#6. Dont Seek Perfection

Don't strive for perfection in your partner. You may have a list of what you want or don't want in a partner, but having too many checklist must haves will drive someone away. Imagine having the perfect partner in front of you, but because of your wants you lose the chance of love.

#7. Accept Others

Accept people on face value and don't read too much into things that are not there. Don't go looking for too many red flags or over analyzing everything they said. If you have found love then accept love.

#8. Be Honest

Learn to communicate well and be honest. Speak honestly and with integrity to your partner and learn to discuss matters rather than arguing. At the heart of every successful relationship is the art of communication. When people stop talking that is when problems arise.

How to Find Love Again After 40

When you are 40 there are many different paths your life may have taken. Don't write love off though, it may not have worked up till now, but maybe you weren't ready for love. Yes, sure many people have found their love by the age of 40, but there are still those who haven't.

Dating at 40

Is there a reason why you are dating at 40? Have you been married and it hasn't worked out? No matter what your situation, whatever you have been through affects your perspective on life, love and marriage. If you find yourself alone at the age of 40 or over and without a family or children, there could be a priority for you to find someone who will allow you to have children. Those who have children will approach dating differently than those who never had any. Above all focus on the relationship rather than your needs for wanting a relationship.

Forget about Your Past

If you've had relationships that didn't work out then you can learn from the past and concentrate on the future. Finding someone you are going to spend the rest of your life with requires you to do things differently. Learn from past mistakes and do not bring them into the future. Finally, you can turn those past mistakes into lessons that will allow you to love again.

Trust Again!

As you reach 40 or over you really learn to understand yourself and trust others better. You may have had a taste of love and know what it is. Therefore, when you fall in love again and trust someone again you will know if it is the real thing. Trust between partner's is essential and it is something you'll want to work towards in your future relationships. Really treasure that trust between the two of you and work together so you will not lose this.

You are Still Young!

Some people think it is strange to be over 40 and still single, that it is somehow unnatural. Understandably, plenty of people are settled down at this age, but bad things happen to good people. Sometimes relationships don't work out for one reason or another. It may not even be your fault, but might be the person you fell in love with cheated or did something else to lose your trust. Not everyone finds love when they are young and care free.

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How to Find Love Again After 50

Some people give up on finding love again after the age of 50. It may be a marriage breakdown or the loss of a loved one, being alone again can feel absolutely awful. All is not lost though as love is still possible no matter what the situation.

Find your Soulmate

Sure, it may be harder finding love as you grow older and it might feel like you are taking more of a risk, but isn't that risk worth it? There are people out there that are still single at 50 and over you just need to start looking in the right places. Think about the different hobbies you enjoy, maybe you like walking and could join a walking group. There are many things you can do to improve your chances of meeting someone.

Forget the Past and Expectations

Start by letting go of the past, before entering a new relationship, it's important not to have any baggage. Begin by letting go of any past wounds so that you can completely heal and move on. A part of this is letting go of any expectations you may have. As honest as your expectations may be, they will not help when trying to find someone to love. You need to be able to accept that person for all they are and not want to change them.

Value Yourself First

Don't seek validation from others as this might make you seem desperate for love. Although you are getting older, may have a few wrinkles and receding hairline, you must love yourself first. People who are successful at dating usually have good self-confidence and self-worth. Wanting to be with someone is a need that most people have, but learning to value your own company is just as important.

Find your Old Friends

Get in touch with old friends, just because they are older doesn't necessarily mean they are married or in a relationship. Facebook is a great place to start looking for friends and makes it a lot easier. Arrange to meet and maybe go out as a group again. Getting back in touch with someone you used to know when you were younger will improve your chances of meeting someone romantically again.

Discuss with Friends and Family

Talk to friends, neighbors and family to inform them that you are looking for romance. Ask them if they could organize a few dates for you. Go to a few singles nights, you might think they are for those who are desperate, but then again you might meet your perfect match there. These are the kinds of places where you will find those who are looking for love.

Travel to Meet New People

If you have some spare money and have retired, take the opportunity to travel. By traveling around you increase your chances of finding love. Take part in volunteering or take part in community work. Here you will meet likeminded individuals. Make the most of online dating which is quick and easy. Do be cautious when using online dating sites as not everyone is genuine.

How to Find Love Again After Heartaches and Heartbreaks

If you have been heartbroken take time to repair and heal those wounds. Any break down of relationship can be difficult. If you have spent years invested in a relationship, the breakdown of that partnership can be horrendous.

Think Again

It is incredibly sad when a relationship does not work, especially when you are still in love with them. Finding love again after heartaches takes time to concentrate on who you are again without your partner. In a relationship you can lose a part of who you are if you have been with someone for years. You become a couple and are referred to as a couple. People look at you as though you are together and it can take a lot of your independence away. It is never a good idea to spend too much time together. It is important to do things apart and enjoy each other's company when you are together.

Trust Again

Trust is important in any relationship, but when it does not work, trust is often one of the first things to go. Growing as a couple is beautiful, but growing apart is extremely painful. Perhaps you no longer have the same interests or just don't know where your relationship is heading anymore. At times, it can seem like one partner has changed and you can no longer be together because you don't have the same interests that you once shared.

Find Love Again

You have loved and lost, that is part of life unfortunately. However, maybe it is time to move on and put the past behind you? Maybe it is time to join a gym and get fit? Getting fitter will make you feel better about yourself and you might meet a partner at the gym. You could start running or jogging and as you get out and about, you will meet others.

Tips on How to Find Love Online

It is even easier to find love on the Internet now with Facebook and plenty of dating websites. Whether you join a paid dating site or use a free one is your decision. As you write your dating profile take into consideration your most appealing traits. Really sell yourself and think about what would attract you to another person. Using sense of humor really works too as most people look for this in a partner. Make sure you list your hobbies so you find someone like-minded.

3 Good Books on How to Find Love Again

There are some good books out there about finding love again and ones that are really helpful. Self-help books are a great way to start and give useful tips and advice.

1. Finding Love Again 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship

Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship: Terri Orbuch

Dr. Orbuch provides a great book called, "Finding Love Again 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship" is a great place to start. There are simple techniques with step by step instructions that will help you back into the dating world. 

2. How to Fall in Love Again: Kitty's Story

How To Fall In Love Again (One Love, Two Stories): Amanda Prowse: 9781788542166: Amazon.com: Books

How to Fall in Love Again: Kitty's Story Paperback is a book covering Kitty's story from young child to adult. It is a book that will capture your emotions and make you cry at times. It is interesting and gripping, definitely worth a read.

3. You Can Love Again: The Guide to Finding Love That Lasts in Later Life

You Can Love Again: The Guide To Finding Love That Lasts In Later Life: Jan Haldane: 9781500239374: Amazon.com: Books

You Can Love Again: The Guide to Finding Love That Lasts in Later Life by Jan Haldane This book is for those who want to find true love. The book informs people to pay attention to warning signs and red flags when you first meet someone. It is both enlightening and insightful teaching people the true value of love.


Hopefully you will see that there is no time or age limit on love, it is something that happens naturally. Even when we get older, there is still a chance of finding love again. Never think you are too old for love, but have an open heart and an open mind. The work starts within and making yourself a better person and healing those past wounds will really help. However, nothing quite compares you for a relationship than diving in at the deep end and starting to date. Even if you don't find the right person straight away you will have experience of dating.

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