Learn These 10 Tips on How to Turn a Man on in Bed

Secret working tips on how to turn a man on in the bedroom

By Fred S.
Learn These 10 Tips on How to Turn a Man on in Bed

Are you in a situation where you don’t know how turn your man on? Are your old tricks become routine like, and boring? Well, we’ve got some secret tips for you, that would help you spice things up for your man in the bedroom and leave him wanting for more.

We could tell you what to do to get his attention all for yourself. Guys love it when you tell them exactly what you want in bed, a woman being able to describe her sexual wants is an immediate turn on to any guy in the world. While you’re at it, don’t forget to play around with him; if there’s anything that could heighten the sexy feelings between a couples, it is the anticipation of the sex finally taking place. You might think that the buildup is too extra, however you would be amazed at the results the anticipation produces! 

Learn these tips on how to turn on, arouse and make your man happy

Being able to turn your man on in the bedroom is easy, what you really want is to make sure you leave your man always wanting you. There shouldn’t be a single second when he looks at you and doesn’t think about being all over you. Here’s how you do all of this: 

Sometimes, your love making doesn’t have to be too elaborate and long, or too romantic, some days all you need is a quickie before work, or in between spring cleaning to keep reminding your man that you’ve still got the eyes for him! Have you ever felt that your man has a way with flirting with you even now? That’s because he makes your toes blush just by complimenting the little things about you.

Make sure you give your man sexy compliments that reminds him that you still notice him, and that every time you notice him, you want him right there and then. The urgency in your tone will bring him to his knees, and trust us, that’s all you want! 

Turn on your man sexually

1. Tap onto his masculinity:

Men usually are very sensitive about their masculinity and the one space that they use to show it is in the bedroom. You could go two ways about this, you could either strip away his masculine power or enhance them even more. You could take them away by tying him up, restraining him, and taking charge in sex. You could do this with blindfolds, hand ties, ropes, and other things to keep things exciting! On the contrary, you could suggest having standing sex, you’d be surprised how wild your man will feel when he’s got you up against a wall.  

2. Build the anticipation and make him wait!

Anticipation and the buildup to the actual sex frustrates men more than you think, but it’s usually for the good: the more frustrated they are, the louder, and wilder the sex will be. There are multiple ways of building anticipation for him. 

When he’s at work, send him pictures that don’t give away too much but they leave him wanting more and more. Send him texts and describe what you will do to him later when he gets home. It will make him ridiculously uncomfortable at work, but it will guarantee that you will be on his mind till he gets home.  
Another way to go about it would be our favorite: tie him up and slowly undress for him, he won’t be able to touch you, but he’d want to! 

3. Make your shower time frisky:

The bed, the couch, around the house and even the car are places that usually in the list of places to have a little fun. However, the shower, which people don’t take as a luxury could be the sexy time you need with your man (or vice versa!).

If you come home from work late, and he’s in the shower, it could be a good idea to strip down and join him there. For a change, play around in the shower, have sex there, against the cold wall with water dripping down your bodies. If you’re up for the challenge, you could make it a weekly or even a daily thing, this is something that will take your man by surprise and turn him on massively. 

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4. Try whispering to him during sex:

You think a man is turned on when you start kissing him and his hands are all over you? This tip will help you, help him swipe you off your feet too. When you’re getting intimate, start whispering things in his year. Not just random things but sexy things. Describe how his touch is making you feel, tell him what you like more, guide him around your body.

As discussed before, a woman than knows what she wants from her man sexually is a turn on for the man in itself. With the added bonus of you dirty talking him while you’re having sex would just rile him up even more. 

5. Dig in:

Men are usually the more powerful and wild ones in the bedroom. They can pin you down and take you however they want but don’t you think its time you reclaim your own space and become the fierce woman you are in bed? This time, when he gets authoritative, give the same treatment back to him. When he does something overpowering to your body, use your nails and scratch his skin. When you feel too overwhelmed with the heat, bite him in places lightly, let him know you’re ready to play rough too!  

6. Let him be king:

Let him be the super power in the bedroom tonight. Ask him to describe what he wants from you, and follow his orders just as he dictates them. If you dare to, include a little role play to spice things up. Let him tell you what he likes, and what he wants you doing. 

Take orders, and follow them. Men get very turned on by submissive women at times. You become one for the night and see the magic prevail. Give him the right to turn the bed over, and feel like the land he is trying to conquer!  

Turn on your man emotionally

1. Encourage him:

Making a man feel sexually abided to you is not a hard thing, all men function the same, the same things turn them on, and sex is their need. What’s actually difficult is keeping them turned on emotionally as well as physically? 

The one thing that would keep a man interested in you is if you stay encouraging through all his endeavors even if you don’t agree with his decisions. No man worships a woman more than the woman that supports him through all his decisions. When you continuously encourage him, he will feel comfortable enough to lean into you, and give you the love of a lifetime!  

2. Keep your relationship refreshed:

A routine and a pattern in any relationship can get very boring at times, this is one of the reasons why we always suggest that couples need to do new things together. When you keep a change in your lifestyle, you feel alive, the more alive he feels, the more attracted he is to you sexually. Men don’t usually say it but they wish to go without a plan sometimes, be out there, just having a little fun. A carefree woman ready to embrace her skin, and her circumstances is one of the most effective ways to turn a guy on emotionally.

3. Genuinely appreciate him:

Men often compliment women and that is what keeps us head over heels for them in all aspects of a relationship. However, women usually don’t compliment and praise men as much as they should. Like we said earlier, men like feeling masculine. Every time he does something for you, make it a habit to compliment him, praise his skills, and praise him taking his time to help you out.

This might seem like a simple and sweet thing to do, but it’s layered super sexually. When your man feels like he is taking care of you, that confidence will reflect in his work in the bedroom, and trust us, you would be thanking us later! 

4. Be adventurous:

Learn to take risks with him, go perform a sport together. If you don’t know something, ask him to teach you. Like golf, it can be such an intimate game if you play it with your love interest, he could spoon you against his body and teach you how to swing that club.  

Go out on a trek in a nearby local forest. Get him to help you, play around with him in the forest, make him feel wanted, give him the thrill of doing something new with him. Men adore women who are ready to take a chance and trust their significant others to make sure nothing happens to them! 


We understand that sometimes, trying to turn your man on can be very demanding especially if you don’t know what you have to do. This article is a complete guide to how you can keep your man on his toes. With these tips you could have the time of your life in the bedroom.

It won’t only be satisfactory for you but you’d have a man turned on by how fierce and sexually strong his woman is. In order to spice things up, you could use restraining him with ropes, silk ties; implement the no hands rule, where you get to touch him but he doesn’t get to touch you. Drive him insane with these tips, and see how he crumbles in your hands. 

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