Top 10 Things on What Women Want in Bed with You

A revelation of what women truly want and desires in bed

By Fred S.
Top 10 Things on What Women Want in Bed with You

Do you ever get tired of going over the same routine over and over again and how frustrating can it get? Your same routine and approaching strategies can make women feel the same way. There are always things that a woman wants in bed but is too shy to tell you. Let us help you see those things so you can keep your woman happy!  

Even though it may seem that women enjoy the soft and sweet love more, but the less known fact is that women love getting a little aggressive in bed. They love the adrenaline rush and the spontaneity. They love the foreplay, they love the aftermath. Don’t let your bedroom time become a dull routine-like thing for her!  

Things women want in bed

1. Take your sweet time:

We understand that your love is passionate and you react to the heat of the moment, but the truth is, we want you to take your time. Take things slow, we get turned on by the overall feeling of you undressing us, caressing every single part of our skin one by one. Hurried sex may be passionate and wild, but it leaves us wanting something more that we missed. 

2. Be verbal:

 Men enjoy dirty talking, but what rule book says women can’t enjoy being talked dirty to? Women love being talked dirty to just as much as men enjoy it. Be verbal about everything you will be doing to us, and all the things you wish you could do. Tell her how your fingers will move across her body, tell her how you would like to take her, let your words make her wet.  

3. Undress her slowly:

 We told you she likes moving slowly, it doesn’t mean she wants slowed down sex – not at all. Instead what she wants is you appreciating everything you two do together in bed. Take off the layers one by one, kissing her skin along the way. Making things crawl under her skin just by the way you touch her and undress her.  

4. Get creative:

 All women want you to think outside the box. If you’ve been having sex in the bed all this time, drag her to the bath, and take a quick shower together. But keep in mind, cleansing isn’t all you’re gonna do in there! If you’ve been going fast with her, slow it down, and vice versa. Let her experience new things with you so that she keeps thinking about you, even when you’re not doing it.  

5. Look into her eyes:

 Sometimes all women want is just love-driven passion in bed. Give her this, by moving around slowly, enhancing every gesture, every touch, make sure your eyes stay connected to her so that she can see how strongly you feel for her through your eyes. You wouldn’t believe it, but it is quite often that your eyes and what they say make women weak in their knees!  

Aggressive things she secretly wants to try

1. Bond:

 Everyone knows women are tender creatures that love being handled with love and care, but let us tell you a secret. All your darkest fantasies about being in bed, women have them too! They would appreciate it if you use ties, and tie them up! Restrain them while you take over their body, remind them who is boss, here.  

2. Conquer all the spaces:

 Do not stay limited to the bed, use the other spaces all over the house. If there is one thing that kills the fun out of sex, it is being monotonous and routine-like. Instead, have sex in the tv lounge, in the kitchen, in the bath, in the car, anywhere at all. Some women even appreciate sex in public areas, just make sure no one sees you!  

3. Rough love:

 Loving us, and appreciating us and taking care of us during sex makes all the sense in the world to us, but some nights, we want your lust to wake up in a way that you turn her over and take her from behind. Make it look like you’re forcing her, hold her throat while you take her, pull her hair, do the things that would make her want to moan out loud.  

4. Dominate:

 She is all for you taking over the bedroom and making the world spin, but what turns her on more is if she could dominate you. She would like you to be the subject for once, she would love to tie you up, and command you around the bed. Let her take the steering wheel some days, and let her surprise you!  

5. Using a Vibrator on her:

 We know she loves when you use your hands around her body, and you grope stuff. Did you ever think about taking it to another level and helping her masturbate? Take a vibrator, and help her pleasure herself. Except this would be done with the added pleasure of kissing you while she’s at it!  

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What a married woman wants in bed

1. Kiss her like you mean It:

 Married women have a way around the bed and they have felt all the pleasure they could. However, what they miss the most when they’re in bed with you is the little things. Having sex becomes routine, so they want the hand holding, the cuddling, and the kissing. Most married women ended up saying that they wish they would kiss more to make it a happening thing!  

2. Try new things:

 As discussed before, women love new things. A new position, a new scent, anything new basically. Married women usually get tired of monotonous routine in the bedroom, the same simple sex going the same way. She wants to spice things up, start new things, make her feel young and happening again! You could do this by trying new positions, trying new places, and by using excessive foreplay.  

3. Go down on her:

 We know that you enjoy her going down on you and giving you the time of your life, what makes you think she doesn’t want you to return the favor? She wants you to undress her slowly while kissing her neck, and going all the way down and giving her the pleasure she gives you. Make her moan, open up those legs and give her a night of a lifetime!   

4. Foreplay is important:

 Whatever happens in the bedroom is special, but what happens outside before that holds a lot of importance for women! Women love foreplay, they like the anticipation that leads them to the bedroom. They want to hear about what goes on in your head, they admire the kissing beforehand, which turns them on in the first place, and they enjoy everything that leads to the final deed!   

5. Make it all about her…sometimes:

 Sometimes put aside what you want from her, and your sexy times together, instead remind her that her needs matter more. Repeatedly ask how she wants to be touched, repeatedly ask her what she wants now, keep telling her everything you appreciate about her body, and keep making her feel like she’s the only person that matters in the universe! 

What do a 40-year-old woman want in bed

1. Less stress:

 Once they’re 40, they do not want to worry about whether they will get knocked up or not, so when you get frisky with a woman in her 40s, remember the protection. Because chances are all she wants to do is explore her sexual needs in the bedroom, try new things, and just have fun! Give her the ease to fall back, and enjoy the real sex, and enjoy every little thing you have to offer her!  

2. Experimentation:

She wants you to experiment on her, or let her experiment on you. She does not want the boring sex where you take your clothes off and get the deed done! She wants to experiment with new positions; she wants to hear you say new things to her while you have sex (make sure they’re as dirty as they can be); she wants to try the technology, and you never know she might be open to watching a sexy movie with you too!  

3. Compliments:

With age, we become insecure despite how good we really are. This is about looks, but when we talk about the bedroom, we often feel insecure if what we’re doing feels good to the other person or not. You could help her deal with this by reminding her that  

What 50-year-old women want in bed

1. Take your time:

 At this age, women don’t want you to climax, all they want is to take time and appreciate everything that is happening in that moment. They do not expect you to be the same strong and over enthusiastic teenager in bed, but they want you to be considerate. Kiss them slowly, undress them, appreciate everything about them, and let them feel the moment.  

2. Learn to Pre-heat things:

How special would sex be if you did not make your partner feel anticipated about it? Text her how much you want her during the day, tell her how you miss her skin under your finger, remind her of a time you both specifically enjoyed. Send her solicited pictures, and tell her what’s waiting for her. Sometimes old people want to feel young again!  

3. Focus on Real Sex:

At that point in her life, sex is nothing but a means to connect to the man she loves. She no longer needs the passion, but she needs the lingering feeling of your touch on her skin to feel alive and loved again. Instead of getting all frustrated about showing her a good time in bed, try giving her a romantic night in the bedroom, remind her how special she is to you!  


Different types of women demand different types of things from the men in their life, but this article will tell you everything you need to know about her for the bedroom. While men usually have the concept that women enjoy tender and loving times more in the bedroom, the women however sometimes want men to turn up the volume and show them a good time, with a little aggression, a little domination.  

New positions, and new ways of talking to her could spiral your fun out of proportion. Women of different age demand different things from men, and they are turned on by different things too. In the aforementioned article, we have tried to draw a map of what to give your women, depending on their preference and age.  

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