10 Arousing Tips on How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

Learn what to say and tips on how to talk dirty to your man

By Fred S.
10 Arousing Tips on How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

If you’re in a relationship and are wondering what to say to your man to keep him interested and up to the beat in your relationship, then we’ll tell you the foolproof technique that works almost all the time: talk dirty. Men enjoy the fact that their women are wild and adventurous in the bedroom, or even outside. One of the many great things about talking dirty to your man is that it can be done anywhere, any time, and for whatever reason, you may seem fit. It also comes in handy when you need to spice up your relationship.  

If you’re writing a letter to your lover, write down things that would make him want you instantly. If he lives in a separate city or country, talking dirty is your way to go. You could write it down in a letter, or text it to him, or if you’re feeling absolutely kinky, you could even give him a few words on call when you talk to him. All of these situations would require you to be an expert at the talk, and how do you do that? That’s right, you keep reading and see what you can do to improve how you keep your man interested. 

How To Talk Dirty To Your Man In A Letter

1. Write down your thoughts

A letter can be one of the most intimate things that you could send to your partner. You don’t only have to write letters when they’re physically far from you, you could write a letter on any given day and slip them the letter whenever you feel a little kinky, or romantic. To make a letter sound more erotic than romantic, what you do amongst other things when you write, to make sure to pin down each and every thought that you have about him and your sexy endeavors together. 

Make it a point to describe your thoughts. For example, you could write “I was thinking about that one time we were swimming in the pool, and even though nothing happened, I would’ve loved if we had…” and then write anything you would’ve wanted to happen at that time.  

2. Talk about what you like in general

A letter can be as hold whatever details you want, but when your main goal is to make your man want you because of your words, look for the things that you want him to know. Things you wouldn’t say to his face or during sex. Tell him how much you like feeling powerless in bed, or tell him how much you like controlling him.  

Tell him about the fabrics that make your skin feel giddy, and tell him about the movie scene that reminded you of how much you wanted to try certain things with him. While it may seem like such a complicated thing, talking dirty takes as minimum effort as possible. If you word them correctly, anything you say can make your man anxious for you.

3. Describe your routine

When we say to describe your routine, we don’t mean tell him step by step how you put the dishes in the dishwasher, instead tell him how much you missed him during the routine things that you do. For example, you could tell him how much you missed him taking you from the back while you work in the kitchen. It might seem silly, but men like knowing that the women they want, wants them back and not just when they’re together but even when they are performing normal day duties.  

How to talk dirty to your man in a text

4. Tell him what you’re wearing

Texting is the easiest way to talk dirty, you can easily avoid the awkwardness of saying something to someone’s face yet have the complete pleasure of making your man want you. When you text him, make sure you describe what you’re wearing. Remember one golden rule that you must use when doing that, always describe less than what you actually are wearing.  

Describe yourself wearing a short skirt, and a deep neck t-shirt, or tell him you’re moving about the house in a huge oversized t-shirt and panties and nothing else. Men love picturing women in clothes that are sexier than usual. Text him about what you’re wearing, and how you’d rather not be wearing it at all.  

5. Send him visuals

As much as men enjoy knowing what you are wearing and what you’re not, they like looking at what you’re asking them to imagine. Imagining things is all good, and exciting but only until it becomes boring. At one point, he’ll start wondering whether you’re actually wearing it or you’re just trying to keep him interested.  

For days like these try to send him a picture, or a snap wearing whatever you just described to him on text, but remember don’t give away too much! Always leave him anticipating for more, but never hand it to him, instead tell him how he can have it all, if he comes home early!  

6. Let him know you want him

The texts and the visuals make it pretty clear, but the truth is men want everything spelled out for them. Even though your kinky mood tells them that you’re turned on and thinking about them but they would still want you to make it well known to them how much you want them.  

Amongst the other things that you could say to him on text, never forget to tell him how much you want him at that moment when he’s not with you. Tell him that you want him with you, watching TV, or reading a book, maybe cooking in the kitchen. Then take it a step further and tell him how hot any of these activities can be if he were with you!  

How to talk dirty to your man in person

7. Describe the things you want him doing

When you’re with him, it’s the most difficult thing to do to tell him something dirty, but we can make it easy for you. If you’re lying around waiting for the kids to sleep, keep whispering to him everything that you want him to do to you once the kids are asleep.

If you’re already in the bedroom with him and things are escalating, reinforce his actions and appreciate what he’s doing or tell him off for something you don’t like. Make sure to describe how each stroke makes you feel, how his hands against your skin make you quiver. Just keep on telling him that his sexual presence is appreciated and how he can enhance it for you!  

8. Describe the things you want to be doing to him

Sure, you got him all riled up by telling him what you would like him to do to you, but have you ever wondered what makes a man absolutely insane in bed? We’ll tell you, it’s when a woman takes it on herself to describe what she would like to do to him. Like before, if you’re not already in bed with him, keep telling him how you would like to feel him, what exactly would you do, where you would touch him... you get the idea! 

Make sure the words you speak, are reflected through your eyes. If a woman’s eyes are riled up because of lust, a man will instantly get turned on. Men often aren’t made to feel wanted so this could be a way that would make him want you more.  

How to talk dirty to your man in a long-distance relationship

9. Make phone calls when you’re turned on

Long distance relationships can be hard when you’re unable to see each other every day and things as menial as kissing each other feels like a distant reality. For couples in long distance relationships, cell phones have made life a lot easier. So, if you’re in a particularly horny mood, we advise you to pick that phone up and dial his number. 

Talk to him, and then slowly and gradually start telling him how much you miss him, tell him what you want and how not having it is only increasing the want. Take all these things a step further, and urge him for phone sex, but don’t forget to keep talking dirty to him!  

10. Make goodnight and good morning texts a thing

Men often wake up turned on, and while that could easily be taken care of if they lived together, for people in long-distance relationships this might be a hard issue to deal with. Women, what you can do is make a schedule and keep reminding yourself when he sleeps or wakes up.  

During those times, if you are unable to make a call what you could do is send him a dirty text telling him everything you would want to do to him before he slept, or after he woke up. Describe how you would kiss him if he were with you, and how you would go down on him as a good morning gesture! You don’t even have to be in bed to type these texts to him, you could be stuck in a board meeting but your man will continue feeling special.  

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There are many ways of turning your girl on. One of the ways to turn your girlfriend on is when you talk dirty to her. If you do it right, she'll love you more.


While talking dirty to men might seem like science you don’t understand or are too shy to adopt, the most you could do is try. It isn’t that difficult to talk dirty to men to their faces, on call, on texts, or in a letter. All you need to do is have a strong grasp on the essentials to dirty talking. Some of these have been listed for you above in this article, all you need to remember is to not hold back and go wild. We can assure you that the man you want to impress would be more than keen on seeing you after you let him in on your thoughts!