10 Ways To Tell If You Desire Love Or Lust With Your Partner

Tell the difference if your attraction to him is love or lust?

By Sameet
10 Ways To Tell If You Desire Love Or Lust With Your Partner

Difference Between Love and Lust

Love is a beautiful feeling and it can change a person to the core. It sure can make you feel a lot of things and make you into something you weren’t before. It’s all good as long as everything is pure. But there’s another thing called Lust that may accompany love OR it might be just acting out mere the feeling of love. Confusing? Let’s define the two terms. Read on to find out more!

Lust is the strongest sexual desire for someone that is usually the result of overwhelming hormones. One’s lust can be satisfied by being physical with your partner and being really intimate with them. You just can't stop putting your hands all over your partner even if they don't like it often resulting in sex.

Love, on the other hand, is a deep connection with your partner that goes beyond just physical affection. It creates an unbreakable bond between two people which is based on the pure emotions and mutual feelings of care an admiration.

People who are in love can develop a lust for each other too which is the best combination, but lust can also evolve into love sometimes but it can take a while. These two go hand in hand push the relationship in a positive way, but there is still the need to know the differences, here is your guide through it:

Never ending conversations

When you’re deeply in love with someone, you don’t have to worry about not having anything to talk about, ever. The conversations just keep going without any effort and you wind up talking for hours at night, over the phone or text tirelessly. But when two people are in lust, they’re comfortable with the physical love and will be happy to carry on late at night, but it won’t be the talking that keeps them up it's more on the touching.

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Sex can be a very important factor to rule out the difference. Lust can only take you to pleasurable sex but love can give you much more than that, it can leave you more satisfied and you will be longing for your partner’s company afterward. Even if it’s just cuddling or making them breakfast in the morning. 

Prioritizing your partner in life

There are different signs to check out if it’s love or just lust. Love automatically puts your partner on the top of your priority list and according to research, people in love can sacrifice nearly anything for their love even if it’s inconvenient for them. Lust lacks all these concerns.

It’s always ‘we’

Love makes the two people connected at much depth and it’s like an affiliation like no other. You always plan things together, desire a future together and always think as a unit. Even if there was something you liked doing alone, you can’t imagine doing it now without your partner in mind. You’re a team.

You're okay with imperfections

Lust is all about the physical attractions and idealizing the bodies, little imperfections can be a downer so one doesn't really care about knowing someone for who they actually are. But loving someone is like accepting the person as a whole, including the positive and negative points.

10 Physical Signs of Lust in a Man

Sometimes the feeling of lust consumes a person entirely, while the other partner is all about love. Both these feelings are pretty powerful but a man who is only searching for lust? Not so good. Before this creates problems for your relationship, you need to figure it out and fix it. Look out for these 10 signs in your man to know whether he's just in for lust with you.

1. Dating means being intimate

Do you ever want to just hang out with your loved one? A movie date, or simply dinner seems nice sometimes. But a man who lusts for you will only want to spend time with you in bed or always trying to be touchy-feely.

2. Constant sex making you tired

Our lives in this modern world revolve around sex. But wanting it 24/7 and not caring about your partner's opinion? That's the surest sign of a lustful person. You might want to think otherwise if there is nothing else on your man's mind other than sex.

3. His hands are out of control

A man who loves you feels attracted to you all the time obviously. But he'll be okay with sitting or lying together or just holding hands. But a man in lust won't leave your body alone. He won't let any chance of touching you all over even if you don't like it, eventually ending it with sex.          

4. He sits with legs usually spread

This is a clear sign that your man wants sex the minute he can get it. This is a sign of dominance too. You can notice it when he's sitting with you or around too many girls. It might be because he's getting uneasy thinking about all the things he wants to do with you in bed. It's up to you whether you get lured in or not.

5. His voice is a bit deeper around you

This is a natural instinct of a guy to appear and sound more manly. If he's acting like this, take a hint that he's trying to impress you and later, turn you on. Deep voices do have a major impact on the female mood and guys are all aware.

6. He makes intense eye contact

They say that eyes speak a LOT more than you can imagine. This is one of the most intimate ways to communicate with your partner. If he's locking his eyes hard, he must really want you. Even during sex, intimate eye contact can set it all on fire.

7. His constant grinning

There's nothing wrong with an innocent smile, it's a sign that someone likes you and simply enjoys your company. But what about the 'imagining you with your clothes off' kind of smile? You can make out the difference between the two. That's a sign of lust.

8. He touches his chin quite often

Many people are a bit fidgety and get awkward in situations and tend to adjust their glasses or maybe touch their hair. But if a guy touches his chin every now and then, it probably means that he's attracted to you sexually. A guy is very sensitive about his facial hair if he has any, so it's like a bit of unconscious grooming.

9. Licking his lips is a habit

This might sound weird but a guy who wants you in bed sees you as a snack. You'll catch him licking his lips frequently when you're with him. You can only imagine what he's planning, just a passionate kiss or something more?

10. He can get nervous too

If a guy is all about sex, it doesn't mean he can't get nervous. You might notice him playing around with his glass at dinner or the tassel on your purse, it looks like he's bored but the opposite is true actually. Also, he'll take a deep breath when he sees you. He's physically so drawn to you and can't wait to please you in bed.

Tests and quizzes you can take

You have to keep an eye out for the signs and the direction in which your relationship is going. But to make it more interesting, you can try out these fun quizzes and tests to get to know about your own feelings and your partner's too.

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It’s always better to keep in touch with your emotions no matter what direction they’re headed at. It will guide you towards better relationships with people as you’re confident about what you want and that makes you determined. This is a plus point for dating and also for easing out your emotional stressors. So if you're all figured out about it, think what can you do next.