12 unspoken rules of girl code used with your girlfriends

Know about the girl code rules for best friend and for guys

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12 unspoken rules of girl code used with your girlfriends

What are girl code rules

One of the most meaningful relationships in a woman's life is of her and her best friend. To keep this relationship healthy and solid, there are some standard rules; some do’s and don’ts that you need to abide by. Girl codes are the unspoken, implicit and unwritten arrangement of principles, basic morals, and simple ethics that girls need to live by in order to keep their friendships faithful. These are the girl codes from which your loyalty can never be questioned.

12 Unspoken girl code to abide to be loved by your girlfriends

1. Never Let Her Secrets Out!

Since girls can generally time to time, get caught up in the drama and very lame arguments, never at any point that implies you have even a scarcest of an opportunity to rat your best friend out. Ever. That’s the number #1 rule to building the most solid relationship with your closest friend. From inside jokes to drunk talks; they all stay among the two of you, always. Your friendship will definitely be demoted to ‘someone that you used to know’ if you break this girl code.

2. If your best friend hates them, YOU hate them.

That’s one uncalled-for rule you ought to never break in a best-friendship. If your best friend has a little bit of beef or any cold war going on even with someone, you know you need to stay away from them. Regardless of whether you don't despise them, presently you loathe them to support her. Would it be okay if your best friends would talk to someone you despise in front of you or worse; behind your back? No? Truly, that’s what I mean. In this precious relationship, you need to respect her opinion and decisions as well as her feelings and choices. Regardless of whether she doesn't have a reason at all to despise somebody, that is okay. You can, in any case, still support your girl!

3. Never leave them alone when they’re drunk.

That’s another girlfriend code that you sign up for as soon as you call a girl your friend. If you get a feeling she can’t handle the booze any longer, make it your most significant job to keep her safe until she reestablishes her senses. This is the genuine moment where she needs her best friend the most, when she’s unconscious you need to be there to help her out from various embarrassing and humiliating situations she can unwillingly put herself into. This silent help would be the one she’d be grateful for the most.

4. Become a robot when it comes to being there for them

Females are in reality little chunks of extraordinary altering hormones that can flip up their mood once in a while. Let it be terrible breakups, family issues, or mental health; you need to be there for your best friend through rough and tough. If she has any problems, dance them out with her. No matter how busy you are, make it a point to show up and become accessible in a split of a second when they call out for you. You need to show her that you’re there no matter what. Even when she’s throwing up as gross as it sounds, you still need to be there to hold her hair up while she does it, because that’s what best friends are for.

5. You CAN’T drive away before they get inside

That’s just common sense I mean, nobody does that awful thing. It’s just simple manners and morals. It’s sort of not ethical to leave your best friend out in the open and head out. If you love them it’s your duty to take care of them. Even if you’re not going home together, make sure to keep in touch through texts until she reaches home safely, even if you get her an Uber, you still gotta stay in touch throughout the journey. This is how she gets to know you’re always looking out for her.

6. Give honest advice and compliments or don’t.

That says it all. If you tell them something, be honest and straightforward. Always tell her if she has her makeup all smudged up, or food stuck in her teeth or any other kind of mishap. Always save them from social embarrassment, even if you don’t know the girl, it’s just really simple girl-code.

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Girl rules for guys

7. Be honest about her guy

You need to be supportive of her dating life! That doesn’t mean that you ignore a red flag when you see one. Be supportive and help her see the good in her guy when she’s all negative and insecure, help her stay sane if the guy is good for her. If the guy is not, love can be blinding which is why she may not be seeing what you can so help her see it!

8. Never go after your Best friend’s crush or ex

There are always boundaries when it comes to the exes of your girl so keep them up! If you ever fall for someone like that, make it a point to discuss it with her and to send across the message that her opinion matters. You should always know that even after breakups strong feelings dwell, let it be love or detest. It would be very difficult for her to choose between her best friend and an ex-lover. Though if she’s okay with it, you go girl!

9. Always check in on your friend while they’re on a first date

First dates can be unpredictable which is why you never know what sort of an individual her date could be or how she could feel after it ends. Consider the possibility that it’s a dismissal and she’s crying her heart out and you aren’t there? So to be on the safe side, always let your bestie know that you are there for her. I don’t particularly mean to spy or stalk her, I am implying to be the safety net in case it turns out creepy. You can just keep a check by texting her, that’d be fine.

10. Always tell her if her boyfriend is cheating on her

If you find out that her boyfriend’s cheating on her and if you don’t disclose it to your best friend, you’re in for trouble as your breaking one of the most obvious girl codes there is. I get how hard it can be to see your best friend break down in front of you but know that it is worse to let her stay in a toxic relationship with a liar and a cheat. So, always go by the girl code and next time you catch a cheater, you know what to do!

11. Don’t deny the ‘texting her crush/bf” help

If your girl is sending you screenshots and wants your opinion on something, you better be there to give it to her. This happens on those times where her feelings are taking the best of her and she is not in her right mind to type a text message that is appropriate as per the situation. Now you don’t want her pouring her feelings out on the first text conversation she has with her crush do you? Denying the text message help is one of the major girl code violations so, don’t do it.

12. Be the Wing-Woman you always wanted for yourself

This is remarkable, yet the most important part of a relationship with your best friend. She would always need a Wing-Woman to boost her confidence from time to time in relationships. If you’re out third wheeling with your best friend with her date, try telling great impressive stories or how your best friend is the girl a significant number of men are dying to be with but you gotta be subtle about it.

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Girl code quotes

“You know a woman is strong, beautiful, and secure by the way she empowers and inspires others.”

Alwill Leyba Cara, Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur

"Allow your friends to just vent. Don’t say anything back. Just listen."

Universally accepted girl code!

"Every girl wants to be told they're pretty, even if it comes from a 6 year old."

Universally accepted girl code!


These are the girl-codes that you need to live by to maintain a solid and happy relationship with your best friends. Relationships between girlfriends can be fragile and when a girl code is broken, pressure and tension can rise much quicker than you can ever even imagined. Girl codes can really cut out gaping holes even in legitimate friendships which sometimes are so unfit that they can never get sewn back together so I hope I helped you in highlighting the major ones.

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