15 Way To Trap Your Crush: How To Be Irresistible Sexually

Being sexually irresistible is about confidence,how you talk and dress. Follow these 15 steps to make the man of your dreams fall at your feet.

By Gerald Matiri
15 Way To Trap Your Crush: How To Be Irresistible Sexually

What Makes A Woman Sexually Irresistible?

There is no silver bullet to make you an irresistible woman. You will need to incorporate different tactics to enrich your life and get your crush helplessly falling for you. Do you have eyes for a certain guy and want to transform him to your special boyfriend you can have fun with? Well, what you need is to rev up your seduction game and this post is here to teach you how to become sexually irresistible.

1) Work on your personality

Most men will tell you that an irresistible woman is agreeable and conscientious and she invests in quality. If you want to have a boyfriend or husband in future, try to be easy to get along with and be organized. If you are an impatient girl, calling and texting him twenty times in a day will not make him ask you out. You have to change because a man hates to be pressured or suffocated. Be relaxed and let nature take its course. But do not be an ordinary woman- you will bore him very soon. A sexually irresistible woman is funny, adventurous, flexible, welcoming, passionate, and not afraid to take risks. If you have a negative attitude, you need to cut it out if you want to have a husband someday. A bad attitude is boring and is like an energy that brings down the people around. Instead, look at the good side of life always because your boyfriend will want to be with a girl who makes him feel good.

2) Be the mysterious woman

Men prefer some mystery. You don’t need to be obvious all the time. Make him curious and he will want to learn more about you and get close. It is better off not to share all your details with him or exhibit some behavior which is most common among girls. That will make you different. Concerning your past relationships, keep it to yourself unless he asks. At least don’t tell him until the fourth date. An element of mystery will keep your crush wanting to know more about your life and that is one aspect of being irresistible.

3) Confidence is irresistible

No one can dispute this. A confident woman can put on any dress and look like a beauty pageant because she knows how to embrace her body figure. Confidence is not about being perfect; it is not about wearing the most expensive dress or flawless makeup. Confidence is about letting the world know you are proud of yourself and understands your worthiness. So, hiding behind a fake makeup or putting on tights every day to hide your legs is the opposite of confidence. If your crush reads insecurity in your behavior, he will never want to be your husband. Being insecure about yourself will drag you and you will have a hard time progressing as a woman. You may have been born with it; but if you have a low self-esteem, you must work on it, like building muscles in the gym for guys to notice. If you don’t know how to build confidence, a few tips will help: Always smile: smiling is everything but not the plastic smile. It projects friendliness and the good thing about it are that it is contagious. You will get your crush smiling if you approach him with a smiley face. Walk like a queen: have you seen any queen in a movie walk with her head low? Maintain an upright gait, put on high heels, and swing your hips. Yes, that’s right, there is a certain walk men find sexually attractive. Reward yourself: never dismiss your achievements, no matter how small they seem. Take a moment and acknowledge what you have accomplished and then reward yourself. Don’t be afraid to initiate conversations: This includes talking with strangers and bantering with guys wherever you are at. Show your confidence by asking when in doubt and help others when they seem lost.

4) Steer clear of any drama

Most men hate dramatic women. Sometimes a man likes to listen to gossips but he doesn’t appreciate it when it comes from someone he might want to date. Please do not turn off your crush with unnecessary drama. If you can’t stop gossiping, kindly save it for when you’re with your girlfriends. No man wants a woman who keeps talking behind other people’s backs.

5) Make him laugh

Everyone finds humor attractive, though in different ways. Studies show that guys love it when girls laugh at their jokes while girls like funny men. If you initiate jokes, your crush is more likely to give you more. And why is humor irresistible? A funny individual is creative and intelligent, and intelligence is sexy. So, you will be sexually attractive by chuckling more. Learn how to make your crush laugh and you will gain more attention from him. And when he creates jokes, laugh uncontrollably till you cry. Laughter is magical- it builds intimacy and trust and that is something you want with your future husband. But you don’t have to fake your laughter because he will notice. Let it come off natural and genuine and he will appreciate it. It is also a good way of boosting his ego, knowing he can make a woman happy.

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6) An improving woman is irresistible

There is nothing a man finds sexier than a woman who is constantly upgrading herself. First, improve your life for your own good and in the process, you never know- your crush will be begging you to be his girlfriend. While you are making your life better, you will meet more handsome guys say by attending the gym or enrolling for a subject you’ve been postponing in the past few years. Think about it- enriching your life is not time wasted but makes you totally irresistible, sexually. One of the simplest ways of improving yourself is increasing your hygiene, which is very simple. Take a shower twice a day and freshen up any time you intend to meet your boyfriend. Guys like clean girls. He will appreciate if you don’t have a smell from last night’s drunken party. Who doesn’t want a partner who smells nice? Consider investing in some sweet perfume and he will want to hang around you all day long.

7) Avoid putting on an act

An authentic woman is sexually irresistible. The key is being yourself- in dressing, talking, walking and so on. If you are buying a new pair of pants, choose one that makes you happy as opposed to what you think your crush likes. Putting on a façade makes you look unnatural and a try-hard, which is very unappealing to a boyfriend. Never pretend to be someone you are not because you will turn him off. Are you looking for a potential husband? Stop trying so hard to look sexy; go with what makes you feel sexy as opposed to looking trashy. When it comes to your dressing, always go for subtleness. Less is more. Put on dresses that gracefully accentuate your body figure without revealing too much skin. The golden rule for decent dressing is: show legs or cleavage and not both. If you decide to go backless, ensure that your neckline is not low-cut and vice versa. Opt for sophisticated but elegant attires to make good first impressions. For your information, simple clothes are the best because your man will be focusing more on your face as opposed to crazy attire. Being yourself also means wearing natural makeup. Fake eyelashes and nails will have him thinking that you are not pretty enough to go without makeup. An irresistible woman prides in her natural looks and is not obsessed with add-ons.

8) He will find you irresistible if notices signs you like him

Do you want a cute guy to show interest in you? Ensure that he finds out that you are interested in him. Research shows that most people fall in love after knowing the other party loves them. But you must not be too easy to get. Playing hard-to-get goes a long way making him fall hard for you. However, you must show enthusiasm about him. But how exactly will he know you like him? When having a random conversation with your crush, make sure that you chip in some sexy stuff. What you talk about matters a lot. Try to exchange personal information and show emotions to enhance the connection between the two of you. A personal dialogue is more powerful than you think; it makes you feel close to another person, which is a foundation of a romantic relationship. If you intend to have this guy as your official boyfriend, do not be afraid to ask him suggestive questions. Find out if he has a girlfriend, but in an indirect manner, He will start to take the hints that you are interested in him. You can also let him know that you like him by giving him random gifts like chocolates and flowers during completely unexpected occasions.

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9) Share your interests

Talk to him about what you like, your dreams, hobbies, and future aspirations. A woman with ambitions is irresistible. Be enthusiastic when you talk to him about these things. Your energy will be elevated as you discuss your favorite topics and you will keep him locked to the conversation. Ask him about his hobbies- whether he likes cooking, swimming, what his ambitions are, and so on. If there are any common interests between the two of you, consider exploring them even if it is something like mountain climbing.

10) Use irresistible body language signs

This is one of the most effective ways to get your crush, boyfriend, or husband in your seduction trap. It starts with a sexy smile whenever you see him to send a signal that you are approachable. If you it’s the first time you are talking to a guy; introduce yourself and do not face him directly but rather pivot to his side. Turn a little bit towards his side when talking or lean on him. If you are staring at him across the table, do not make it obvious. Give him a mysterious look and turn away when you see him staring back. Many times, the good vibes and intentions you put forward through body language will always come back. He might even start winking at you. You already know that eyes are the window to someone’s soul. Make eye contact to make him feel important and respected. If you are falling for this guy, look at him with sexy eyes as he speaks but don’t be creepy- it will have negative effects. A subtle touch is another powerful body language sign. He will get the hint that you like him and start having wild thoughts. A man may fail to recognize all other signs but physical touch is irresistible.

11) Know how to be independent

No man wants a clingy woman. When you find a boyfriend, you don’t stop taking responsibility for your own life or change it all of a sudden. You should continue making your own decisions (ask him for advice when necessary) but don’t expect him to do everything for you. Your boyfriend has a life too- bills to pay, classes to attend to, and siblings to love. Approaching him like the stage five clinger will piss him off and it is nothing close to irresistible; it’s annoying. He would appreciate if you don’t change your lifestyle for his sake. Sometimes, he will want to do things on his own like watch football or go out with his friends, you excluded. Unless you are invited, do not show up. Show him that you too have got personal things you prefer doing on your own and it will be a big turn on. But being independent doesn’t mean you dismiss his help. Accept it when he offers a helping hand as it will boost his ego.

12) How you make him feel is everything

Did you know that most of the time you fall in love with how someone makes you feel and not the individual? The law of emotional contagion states it is hard to explain what makes one have particular feelings; but it is easier to associate those feelings with people who are around, though they aren’t the causative agents of those feelings. If you are able to make him feel romantic, then he is more likely to fall into your trap. Make an effort to bring about exciting feelings and that is how you will establish strong love between the two of you. For instance, suggest a romantic movie or read him a story about two lovers. He will associate the excitement with your friendship hence get closer.

13) Let him see the soft side of you

There is one irresistible thing about a woman- her softness. It is not the physical aspect but the femininity. Being feminine is sexually attractive. If you him to find you irresistible, instill this notion in his mind: that you can play a sport with him and get your hands dirty. He will love you for taking your stance and playing rough but he would be more attracted to your feminine side. Being feminine does not mean you are a weaker human being or dumb; it means you can tap into every part of you. Nonetheless, do not give up on doing tougher things like having drinks and playing baseball- just make sure you show your weak side as a lady.

14) Show some don’t care attitude sometimes

You don’t need to be conscious all the time especially during fun moments. Be like the woman whose husband can chill with or the down-to-earth girlfriend who is willing to try to something new with his boyfriend. Laugh out loud, tan your skin in the sun, and put on whatever you want- that is the type of girl an adventurous man finds irresistible. You don’t need makeup and heels all the time- walk barefoot and short rye passion for life. Enjoy life to the fullest! Don’t take life too seriously. Sometimes all you need is to relax even when you are late for dinner. Just calm down and stop being so anxious or worried about every breaking news. Life is great and is not supposed to be lived in constant worries and frustrations. If you care too much, your crush will be uncomfortable around you because he won’t know what to make you calm down.

15) Ignore your crush for a while

Putting yourself on silver platter looks great but he already knows that he has you as his option. Do not just give yourself too easily- play hard to get so that he can miss you. But this is not about playing games with your boyfriend; it is about letting him see that you won’t simply fall into his arms like a toddler. He has to work hard to get you. A little sweat is good and healthy for a relationship.


Now that you know how to seduce your crush, don’t wait too long before you execute your game. Get that cute guy you have set your eyes on and make him yours! The law of attraction is not an exact science. However, relationship experts have observed qualities that a man finds most irresistible in a woman. You don’t have to acquire all of the above qualities but take a close look at yourself and see if you have some of the attributes. Start utilizing them to your best and within no time, you will trap your crash.