40 Clean Truth Or Dare Questions For All Ages

Clean truth or dare questions for starters and beginners

By Kimmy
40 Clean Truth Or Dare Questions For All Ages

Fear of playing truth or dare questions?

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Spin that bottle and let the game begin! It's a fun game night. You are all a little tipsy and want to play something fun. For sure truth or dare is fun and exciting, but it can also break friendships apart if you ask something too aggressive or personal.

Today we will show you the best questions to ask, without hurting anyone's feelings!

40 clean truth or dare questions for all ages

Funny questions

1. Meow like a cat and lick your own hand

Stop always asking people to bark like a dog! Ask them to meow like a cat instead!

2. Describe your gym teacher with fruit and explain why

Is he like a pear because he is chubby or is he like watermelon because his face is always red?

3. Kiss your own toe

Yeah, we don't want to kill you here so just one toe is fine. Just bend over as hard as you can and kiss that toe already!

4. Name five of Van Gogh's paintings

We've all heard of Van Gogh, but how many of his paintings can you name? Do you even know where Van Gogh is from?

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5. What's your guilty pleasure?

Definitely Shake Shack for me, not super proud of that but not going to lie, Shake Shack is pretty damn good.

6. Which Disney princess would you have a sleepover with?

Don't know about you, but I probably would not go for the Sleeping Beauty...

7. If you can make one movie come true, which one would it be?

Seeing Resident Evil becoming reality should be quite interesting, or not...Depending on how well you think you will be able to adapt to the new world.

8. Call your teacher and say Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata!! Long live the Lion King! Just call your teacher and say this awesome line and hang up. You're likely to give your teacher a smile on the face!

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9. Which one of your family members would you slap in the face?

Ouch, don't do it in real life but let's face it, we all have a family member that we just want to slap the hell out of.

10. Take a super stupid and ugly picture and send it to a modeling agency

Hey! You never know what could happen. The standards change every second in the modeling industry. You could end up being the next Kate Moss!

Very easy questions

11. If you're an animal, what would it be?

Being a sea urchin is quite nice because no one will ever step on you, like a dream come true in real life.

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12. Wink

Seems too easy? Well, you'd be surprised how many people can't even wink properly. Just closing one eye smoothly has never been more difficult for some people.

13. Who's your favorite movie star of all time?

Tom Cruise? Keanu Reeves? Or the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger?

14. Do a tongue twister!

Don't go too fast or you might actually twist your tongue!

15. What's something that you really like about yourself?

Your eyes? your positivity? Or your smile?

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16. Sing the happy birthday song

Sing it to whoever's having their birthday next! An early celebration is here!

17. Draw a nice circle without any tools

How perfect can your circle be without any tools?

18. Name all the Kardashian-Jenners by age

Kim...Khloe...wait. or is it Kourtney? I'm already confused.

19. Sing 'Baby'

Remember when Justin Bieber was in every girl's dream? The baby singer is no longer a baby but how could we forget this glorious song?

20. Name 20 different colors

Pink, turquoise, lavender, navy blue...There're way more colors in this world just the seven on the rainbow. How many can you actually name? This question might be a bit difficult for guys that are a bit color-blind (according to their girlfriend).

Intermediate questions

21. Lick your own elbow

Trust me, this is not as east as it sounds, as many of you would know.

22. What's your dream job?

What do you want to achieve for your career? Do you want to save lives or do you want to build up wealth?

23. Mix coca cola with orange juice and drink it

Many would go 'what?' when they hear it, but actually those that had tried all said it's quite a good combination.

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24. Smell someone's armpit

Better pick the one that's least likely to sweat.

25. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Are there any decisions that you would make a difference in life if you could go back in time?

26. Put a popcorn up your nose

Try not to inhale too hard or it might actually fall into your windpipe. We just want this to be fun, we don't want anyone to die.

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27. Have you ever tasted boogers?

I'm sure everyone has gone through that period in their childhood where boogers seemed interesting and honestly, might be tasty. Have you ever tried? Did it actually taste good?

28. Have you ever peed in the pool?

Pretty sure the answer is going to be a yes. If you haven't, sad to break this to you but you've surely swum in pools with pee.

29. Take 5 shots at once

Come on, it's only five shots at once! You can do it!

30. What's the weirdest dream you've had?

The weirdest dream that left you feeling empty or uneasy after waking up, please do share!

Questions for the courgeous

31. Mix soy sauce with milk and drink it

Yeh, it's digusting just to think about it, let alone to actually drink it, but well, you're a brave soul.

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32. Take 8 shots at once

Let's just make it 8, 10 might actually kill you at this point.

33. Among the 5 closest persons you have in your life right now, if you have to lose one, which one would it be?

We all have people we don't want to lose, but if we have to lose one, which one would you pick? It's a really tough one.

34. Who're you the most grateful for in life?

Was he a teacher or a friend? Why are you so grateful for him? Did he do something eye-opening for you?

35. If I can have a super power, what would it be and what I would use it for?

This is such an evil question. We all have the ability to do bad, the real question is, when we have powers above others, would we actually use it for good or bad?

36. Lick the doorknob

The doorknob is certainly not clean, but just about how dirty it is? It's a dare for the courageous ones.

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37. Has your boyfriend or girlfriend ever embarrassed you in public that you didn't want to admit your relationship?

We can't always see things eye-to-eye. Sometimes our partner doesn't think what they're doing is embarrassing, but it already makes us want to stay away from them, at least in public.

38. Pour some curry sauce on ice cream and finish it

Spicy ice cream sounds just about right, especially when in the heat of summer with you sitting in an AC room.

39. With the skills you have, how do you think you can change the world?

How do you think you can change the world? If you have to a solution, don't just talk about it, do it.

40. Do 40 push-ups in one minute

Definitely a dare for those that go to the gym frequently. If you can't even do one, better be prepared for some punishment!

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Truth or dare doesn't always have to be humiliating to be fun and entertaining. There're many clean harmless questions that allow people to simply enjoy a good old drinking game night. It's supposed to be fun for everyone.

Next time you play truth or dare, remember all these 40 questions and bring this game to the next level with just fun and no hate! Grab your glass or a bottle of beer and start spinning! Let's see if you get the easy ones or the ones for the courageous!


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