15 Tips Worth Trying on How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

Learn these useful tips on how to make your Ex wants you back

By Hana O.
15 Tips Worth Trying on How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

Have you broken up recently and realized that it was too soon? You’re not over your ex, and you want to try and work things out because you still have feelings for him.


Luckily for us, there are some tried and tested ways that you could implement to get your ex to want you back. Because, let’s admit it, ladies, we don’t want to seem desperate by sending drunk-texts and flat out looking miserable by asking him for another chance.


To start things off, we need to set some ground rules. The following are tips to ensure that your plan will work when you start acting on them.


Say you just broke up three days ago – you can’t go asking for him back on the fourth day. It would help if you gave him and yourself some space. Not only will it let him realize some things on his own, but it will also give you time to plan things through or to realize that you don’t want him back after all.


After your breakup, stop yourself from sending text blasts, tagging him in posts, or acting like nothing happened.

Be happy by yourself

Being happy alone is perhaps the secret ingredient to getting your ex back. You can’t fake it, either. When you are happy by yourself, one way or another, both you and your partner will realize some things about your past relationship.


It might dawn on him that he just let you become the one that got away. It will also reassure you that you are a strong and independent woman who does not need a guy but having one is added perk in life. Either way, being happy by yourself is a great way to gauge if you truly want your ex back or not.

Know the facts

Before you can start planning out your “How to get my ex back” scheme, make sure that the reasons why things ended in the first place are clear.


Instead of asking him, “Where did things go wrong?” or “Why did you break up with me?” you can do the reflecting on your own because you do know the bottom line causes for the breakup.


Knowing the facts is a great thing to have that will serve as ammunition for when you start wooing your ex back.

Have a plan

Lastly, don’t go sending unorganized messages or posting vague tweets to try and get your ex’s attention. This agenda needs careful planning, which we will get into detail soon enough.

How to make your ex want you through text

Texting is our primary mode of communication these days. You get to send what you want to say, with visual proof minus the awkward silences of a face-to-face encounter.


Even though you aren’t physically trying your luck in getting your ex back, texting can still work to your advantage because there is such a thing as “reading between the lines” or sending a text that will pique his interest once more.

1. Clear and concise

If your ex is responsive and you can sense that he too is wondering where things went wrong, then you can go ahead and send him a clear and concise message that explains everything.


Start from the beginning, when you stopped communicating and being honest with one another. Make sure to let him feel how sorry you are and that you regret the decision.


It also won’t hurt to inflate his ego a bit by admitting your mistakes and apologizing for them. You’re sorry for all the times you nag and bombard him with trivial things.


Next, let him know that now that you know where things went wrong, and that you can change them. Let him know that you are more than willing to make the necessary changes on your end, should he wish to give things another try.


Be professional, add a certain aloofness to your messages, and show that you are contrite. This will send the right signals of respect and understanding his way, which could work to your favor.

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2. Do not start a fight

At all costs, do not point fingers, dig up the past (unless he starts talking about it), or start a fight while texting your ex. Doing so will only push him away and ruin any chances of getting back together.


Show him that you’ve thought things through and have changed.

3. Start from scratch and flirt

You have broken up with your ex, meaning you are single. Therefore, you can start from scratch and flirt once more. Text messaging is a great way to flirt, whether it’s mentioning things about him that made your heart flutter, or starting fresh and pulling out your big guns in attracting a guy.

4. No drama

The last thing you want to do when you text your ex is to be dramatic. That is a big no-no. Guys don’t like drama in general, and if you’re trying to attract someone that you have a past with, you do not want drama.

How to make your ex want you after a year

If you and your ex have been apart for more than a year, then it’s an entirely different strategy. There is a high possibility that you and your ex have moved on, dated others, and slept with others. He could even be in a relationship already.

5. Ask around

You need to do some research for this one. Hopefully, you are still friends with his friends, and from them, you can check on your ex and how he’s been. Subtly make it known like you’re interested and for sure word will reach him that you’re asking around.

6. Catch up

If you haven’t communicated with him in a year, then now is a good time to do so. Nonchalantly ask how he’s been, what he’s been up to. No relationship topics yet. Keep it friendly.

7. Hint that you’re happy

While you’re catching up, hint what you’ve been busy with. To make him attracted and intrigued once more, find the right balance between showing him that you’ve moved on and are interested in him as well.

8. Treat him like an old best friend

A year apart is enough time for you to treat your ex like an old best friend. Mention your memorable experiences together, not as a former hung-up lover but someone that you’ve shared a lot with in the past.

How to make your ex want you when he likes someone else

One advice for someone who wants to get her ex back when he likes someone else it to tread carefully. There are a few scenarios you need to take into consideration before taking the plunge.

9. Was it a rebound relationship?

Use your connections and check if the new girl he likes is a serious one or merely a rebound after you. Time plays a factor here because if it’s too soon after your breakup, then most probably it’s only a rebound.

When you know his motives, then you can gauge your next steps.

10. Don’t push if he doesn’t want to talk

You cannot force yourself on your ex because he is focused on someone else, and doing so will only scare him away. If the girl does not let him talk to you, then you need to respect that. If you know that she is against you and him communicating yet he still finds a way to stay in touch with you, then that’s a good sign.

11. Meet if possible

The best way to find out if you have a chance at getting your ex back is to meet in person. You can tell if he still has feelings for you or has moved on. To keep things light, meet with your mutual friends, and have a reunion of some sorts. From there, put your flirting game on to the highest level.

12. Don’t overdo it

Let’s say he’s giving hints that he also wants you back. Don’t go charging head-on into getting back together. You have a past together, and the last thing you want is falling into the same traps, issues, and fights you had before you broke up.

How to make your ex want you badly on social media

Social media is perhaps the best way to make your ex want you without actual communication – if he hasn’t blocked or unfollowed you.

13. Facebook posts

Pictures speak a thousand words and posting photos of you traveling, having fun, and enjoying life is a great way to get him wanting you back. Get your friends to tag you as well so that one way or another, it reaches your ex.

14. Twitter

Tweet about your life, at least once a day. If he still follows you, then he stays updated with your daily experiences. Make sure to highlight the awesome stuff. 

15. Instagram

Why not post a gorgeous photo of you taken by an anonymous person then credit him at the caption? That will surely capture his attention. 


Wanting your ex back does not always lead to you both getting back together. Sometimes it could lead to an enjoyable and fulfilling friendship, or maybe you just want to check if it could work again.


If you’re still madly in love with him and could not imagine a future without him, then hopefully some of the tips will prove beneficial. Give it another try before realizing that you both are soulmates or better of parting ways for good.

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