How to get Your Girlfriend the Ring She Truly Wants

5 ways to read her mind on her desired ring without asking her.

By Adina Mazilu
How to get Your Girlfriend the Ring She Truly Wants

It’s not even a secret that choosing the best engagement ring for the future wife can be a huge struggle for the man preparing to do this gesture. It is a lot of pressure around, both from friends and family and from society, there are nerves involved, and, on top of it all, the specific cluelesness when it comes to what kind of ring she truly wants. Also, to simply create this magical and special moment for both of you and to end up with an incredible memory for a lifetime can be really nerve-wracking. Thankfully, we are here to help you out.

In this article, we will be talking about some of the best ways in which you can choose the perfect engagement ring without even asking her. We will go through some ideas and hopefully, you will find the right inspiration for your own engagement scenario and everybody will be happy, especially your future wife. Here we go!

When to give your girlfriend a ring as a gift?

But let’s start at the beginning, meaning with the occasion for which you decide to offer your girlfriend a diamond ring. The main idea surrounding this is that such a gift is usually offered when there’s an engagement proposal following. This way, you offer her a gorgeous present while also making memories and asking the most important question of all.

However, if modern times have taught us something is that you don’t necessarily need a big occasion to offer someone a nice gift. So, in case you are not planning on getting married anytime soon, you can still offer her a beautiful ring as a simple gift, only to symbolize your love and respect for her. She will truly cherish this thought, even without a marriage proposal. Still, the main occasion for you to offer her a ring remains an engagement. How you handle it, that’s up to you entirely but in this case, we will also lend you a helping hand.

5 ways to "read her mind" to get her favorite ring design

1. Her character: Cute, sassy or mature?

The first thing that you need to take into account when shopping for the perfect ring for your girlfriend is her style. This includes her overall style of being, her style of clothing, and the way she likes to accessorize herself. Pay close attention to these details, even if, by now, you should already know her well enough. Does she usually wear fancy, elegant clothes with lots of accessories? Or does she like the classic jeans and t-shirt combo without much-added embellishments? Does she have a cute, a sassy, or a more mature character? These things will tell you exactly what kind of ring to get her, whether a very simple one or a more expensive and fancy one.

2. Frequent her social media on what she likes

The next best thing that you can do is to take a look at what her social media accounts look like and draw some inspiration from there. These profiles might reveal a lot more about her preferences than you can imagine. See what pages she follows on Instagram, what she posts on Facebook or if she has saved certain boards on Pinterest that might contain rings. If you are lucky enough to find that treasure, most of your problem might be already solved. Beyond this trick, you probably already know a thing or two about what her preferences are, generally speaking. Combine those two parts of newly-acquired knowledge and see what you can come up with.

3. Cross check with her close friends (and ask them to keep it a secret)

The next step would be to begin some sort of cross-checking with her best friends and to try to obtain as much information as possible in regards to her ring preferences. Hey have probably talked lots of times about this moment and have shared opinions and interests, even places where you might be able to buy a ring that she will like. Be discreet and ask them to keep everything a secret from your girlfriend until the big moment arrives. The worst thing that can happen is for some friend of hers to burst open and run your entire plan for the big moment. Only choose trustworthy friends who are the closest to her.

4. See what other pieces of jewelry she has

Her collection of jewelry can offer you lots of clues as to what she likes to usually wear. So, when she is not around, take a peek and draw some conclusions. Does she prefer silver or gold? Or maybe white gold over rose gold? Does she like big rings with stones or more delicate ones that have a simpler design? Does she wear anything else but rings? Does she have a taste for expensive jewelry or she likes to wear anything, as long as the object fits her preferences? Does she like pearls or diamonds? In this case, colored stones or clear ones? These are all questions that you will have to answer right after doing your research on her collection.

5. Pretend to browse through jewelry stores

Another very good method to find out what kind of rings she likes is to casually enter a jewelry store and pretend that you are simply browsing with her to see the newest pieces of jewelry. Pay close attention to what she shows to you or what she is looking at. You will definitely notice when she will really like a specific ring. She might even tell you about it. If you are so lucky, then you have your answer! You can even buy that same ring that she showed you or a very similar one. However, always be discreet and don’t reveal your plan to her, even if she might get an idea. It will still take her by surprise.

How to check for the correct ring size

Now for the difficult part, getting the right ring size for her finger. Well, as difficult as it may sound, there are a few clever things that you can do in order to find out her exact ring size. Here are some of them:

Borrow one of her rings and measure it. Using a ruler, see the diameter of the ring and write it down somewhere. When you go to the jewelry store, tell the employees there about your discovery and they will know exactly what size she wears;

  • Compare her ring finger with one of yours. It may sound weird, but one of your smaller fingers might be the exact same size as her ring one. Take notice of this when you are holding hands and try to figure it out. If let’s say, your pinky is the same size as her ring finger, there you have it!
  • Take one of her older rings that she wouldn’t notice missing for a few hours and take it to a jewelry store. Be careful to borrow one that she wears on her right-hand ring finger, for example. The people there will know how to approach the situation and will offer you rings that are similar in size. However, don’t lose her ring in the process!

What if she does not wear any ring or accessories?

It will be slightly tricky if your girl is not an accessories' person. Here are some tips to get her ring size discreetly

  • Ask her sisters for help. Get them to somehow slip a ring (the correct size) and pass to you
  • When she is sleeping really soundly. Take a string to wrap around to get her ring size
  • "Accidentally" tape her ring finger and use the tape for her ring size. Masking tap preferred!

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In conclusion, finding the perfect ring for your girlfriend can be a challenge, but with a little bit of patience and skill, you can solve this problem right away. As we have already mentioned, there are lots of things that you can do in order to find out what kind of ring she would like to receive and also, what size she is wearing. You can ask her closest friends, pay attention to what she previously enjoyed, what kind of jewelry she likes, and many other such small details that will help solve your riddle. We really hope that we have helped you with some ideas that you can draw inspiration from in case you find yourself in a similar situation and feel desperate. Good luck!


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