Here Are 7 Tips and Places to make out in Your Own Car!

How to Have an Awesome Car Make Out and Tips on Good Spots

By Fred S.
Here Are 7 Tips and Places to make out in Your Own Car!

Sometimes, the period of time that remains before you two can finally have your own private space to make out like crazy after a fabulous night at the party might feel like forever. The road appears to stretch only longer, the traffic signals always turn out to be red and there are just a lot of interferences that can potentially spoil the mood you are in with your partner’s mutual interest. 

At other times, a road trip demands road measures. Getting turned on has no timing; the mere sight of your sexy lover can turn up the heat. We say, give car make-out sessions a go and lessen the strain on your nerves. Patience is always overrated! 

Enjoying a sultry session in a car can be a time that you two will remember forever, given that you follow the right tactics and park in the right spot to be extra safe while horny.  

How Was Your Last Car Make Out?

  1. Were you two too distracted by the vehicles and people around?  
  2. Was it very vague?  
  3. Did it count as a comfortable experience? 
  4. Was it better than the other make-outs you have had at different places and under diverse circumstances? 

Different couples have dissimilar understandings of how good or how distasteful an in-car make out can be. Nevertheless, you can always make it better by following some extremely effective tips and tricks that will turn your car into the hottest spot for you two ever. It can be more exciting and more realistic than the shower sex you two tried to have the last time both of you were too turned on to not attempt something unusual.  

7 Good Places for a Car Make Out

Car placement is extremely crucial for the execution of a fulfilling make out episode. A poorly chosen spot can attract towards you two a lot of unwanted attention and can lead to spoilage of mood. 

Here are seven places that you should definitely have up your sleeve if you just cannot hold your horses back anymore: 

1. Outside a party

What better place to have a steamy make-out session than right outside a house full of people who are too wild to notice you and too drunk to care? Secondly, making out and having a lot of crazy sex is a common occurrence on occasions like these. You could be an attendee at the party or just a passer-by, in both scenarios you can safely slam the brakes amidst a plethora of other vaguely parked vehicles and eliminate that space between you and your darling in the front seat. 

2. Surrounding a park

While parks might be the busiest places during the day, when the darkness descends and the night prevails, there are rarely any people who would choose to run on a track that is too deserted and too poorly-lit for any physical activity. Even the guards might be busy sleeping as there is no bustle to be suspected late at night. Find a spot with a number of trees to act as a canopy for your ride or park in the vacant parking area before all hell breaks loose. 

3. Gas station

Nobody uses the gas station throughout the day. Especially the ones that are located on the outskirts of the city rarely have more than a few handfuls of people on-premise. The local mart might be functioning, but this is more of an enhancement than a hindrance, as you can always get any contraception that you might need if things take a more sensual turn. 

4. Favorite diner

Food and make outs go together, always! There is no denying the fact that the immaculate parking spot outside the neon-light-flashing go-to dinner is the place where most couples retreat when it is time to have some fun in the car. People who visit these places opt for dine-in, leaving you with a parking lot that is filled with empty vehicles. Your car parked in there with its own kind would not garner any suspicion and you two can kiss in peace. 

5. Shopping mall parking

Everyone is busy buying things they probably won’t be using anytime soon, with their cars parked outside in the dedicated parking space to give cover to yours! If there are several parking floors of a certain shopping center, make sure to find the one that is the most secluded and is one of the lower ones. This way, you can get to make out, buy some grocery and come back to make out all over again. 

6. Residential area late at night

It couldn’t get easier than this. Even if most residents of a safe locality are older people who love to host tea parties and play golf all day long, they have been in your shoes at least once when they were your age and had the nerve for it. You can park your car in an area that is deprived of any street light and is farther away from attention late at night in a residential space to have the best make out of your life. 

7. Right in your driveway

In the mood right when you are about to drop them off or are being dropped off? No troubles! Just pull them back in, lock the doors and kiss them hard on their lips. This has the added benefit of being on your own property, but with the greater risk of being caught by people, you do not wish to tell anything about your personal business. 

Tips to Have an Awesome Car Make Out (That Leads to Sex)

1. Spend on car mists

A car that smells good is more likely to create the aura that leads to a lip lock and sex later. Do not expect your partner to mount you in a car that whiffs like your socks. Have a car air freshener, or opt to buy specific hang-able car perfumes to make the inside feel like heaven. 

2. Keep your car clean

Imagine making out like a maniac, giving or receiving the most incredulous oral sex of your life because the kids just did not cut it and finally arriving at the moment that you make sweet love to your partner only to find out that the sole comfortable place in the car is occupied by papers, shoes, fabric and other unwanted items. Maintain the tidiness of your car, interiorly and exteriorly, to make sure that nothing comes in your way of having sex. 

3. Choose tinted windows or keep shades nearby

If you or your partner are horny but are two very shy people who want to have car sex without the attention that comes with it, it is preferred that the car have tinted windows or a set of black shades be available that can somewhat block the view of the inside. This adds to the sense of privacy, ridding you two of the apprehension of being spied on, leading to a greater chance of having an orgasm. 

4. Always bring the car to a halt

Do not waste a hot make-out session that could lead to a love-making episode by being unwary of the traffic around and by choosing not to park the car first. You might be the best kisser in the world, with the distinction of being able to have the finest foreplay, any disturbance in the pace and mood being set might cause everything to go to waste. Therefore, avoid annoying honking of horns, traffic, and interferences by choosing a safe spot to stop your car in. 

5. Maintain a comfortable temperature

Don’t let it get too hot or too cold within the car by carefully setting the temperature of the AC, allowing you two to get turned on without being drenched in a sweat so bad that it makes both of you stinky to the point that all chances of the make out leading to sex might get thrown out of the window.  

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You will need these 10 make out tips whenever you are with your partner. They are applicable for new hookups or long-term lovers.


There are a lot of places which you can use for your next in-car make out session. You only need to make sure that you do not indulge in anything attention-demanding while driving, as it might lead to a roadside accident. Be responsible when you drive and when you make out with your partner in your ride. If you do truly love them, their safety would be your number one priority. 

Choose the right spot and set the right mood to have the best kiss leading to the most heavenly sex ever, that too in a car!  


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