20 Signs Of True Love From A Woman: Reading Between The Lines

Finding it hard to comprehend the signals from your woman? To understand your woman better here are 20 signs of true love from a woman.

By Janani
20 Signs Of True Love From A Woman: Reading Between The Lines

Woman in Love

Women are often considered to be a big mystery, but the truth is you look at her as a puzzle with no intention of solving it. Just a wee bit of extra care and you are already close to solving the puzzle. Never miss reading between the lines when it comes to women. The more you observe the more you know about her. Woman are not great with words when it comes to expressing their feelings of love. The fear of rejection and embarrassment creeps in and never lets them propose. But, she lets you know her feelings for you through many small gestures. Never fail to notice these signs that tell you her true love for you. Here are 20 signs of true love from a woman. Read on and understand your woman better...

1. A woman's eyes is a sign of true love

Woman express their love with their eyes. Just by noticing her eyes you will be able to understand her feelings for you. There is always love in her eyes when she sees you, which makes her eyes even more dazzling. She might not be able to hold prolonged eye contacts with you, so she might try to break the eye contact and look away from you. This could be because she is madly in love with you.

2. True Love is getting Excited to see you

If you notice your woman getting excited just by seeing you, chances are she is truly in love with you. Just by seeing you around her might make her feel very much alive and completely charged. She gets cheerful and instantly bright when you are near her. She might be ignorant of her small gestures that she does unknowingly when you are around. But you just try to enjoy watching her getting all cheerful and radiant.

3. Sharing her Insecurities is one of the signs

Women never reveal their insecurities or their weakness to anybody unless they truly know that they are purely comfortable with the other. If she can communicate her feelings without any hesitation then probably it is true love. Being honest is what she prefers when being in a relationship with you. She trusts you completely and hence the openness, it is love in its true form.

4. Accepts your flaws

When a woman knows your flaws and still finds every reason to appreciate it, it is a clear-cut of true love. True love is being able to accept for who you are and not what she wants you to be. If she accepts you for the way you are and never expects you to change then, you are in for a great luck.

5. Being supportive is a sign of true love

Having someone supportive when in trouble is the dream. If that is the kind of support you get from your woman, odds are she is genuinely in love with you. If she stands by your side and supports you to achieve your dreams then never let her go. Being supportive is a form of true love. It is a gesture which can never get unnoticed. Failure to notice this sign might make you miss the woman of your life.

6. Always Curious about your Life

When in love your woman will be anxious to know what is happening in your life. She will want to be a part of it if she is deeply in love with you. If you find yourself giving information about your everyday life, any significant changes then chances are she is interested in you. No woman is going to spend her time just to know you or your personal interests when she is not into you.

7. Surprising you is one of the signs

Making big gestures, showering you with gifts, and always surprising you around is her way of showing romance and love interests. When she makes that extra effort to try and impress you, it is a sure sign that it is true love. Notice her gifts they will not just be some random ones but the ones that you would treasure and consider close to your heart.

8. Cooks you Meal

She might not be passionate about cooking, but when it comes to making a dinner for you, she would go that extra mile and make your favorite dinner. She will try to make it just to sway you. So, if you find yourself being invited over for quite a number of dinners and if you are served with your favorites every time, then it is a clear sign of true love.

9. Introduces you to her family and friends

When she introduces you to her family and friends, it means that she has accepted you as a part of her life. It is her way of letting you know that you are really important to her and that she loves you. Getting to know her family means to get even close to her, it creates a stronger bond. This is one of the signs of true love.

10. She Knows Your likes and dislikes

If your woman knows all about your likes and dislikes it means she values you and your opinion matters. A woman simply isn't interested in any random guys likes or dislikes unless it is the guy she loves. If she acknowledges your likes and dislikes and makes sure it happens as you would wish it is true love.

11. You are always her priority

Whenever your woman priorities you more than anybody else then she is truly in love with you. If you are always the first person to come up in her mind, the first person she calls or texts, then chances are you are in her thoughts all the time. She always put your needs first, it is you whom she really cares about more than anybody else. If these are the signs, your woman is giving you away it is because of true love.

12. Your opinion Matters

When in love your opinions will be of high priority, she might want to know your feedback or your opinion on matters. Whenever there is any problem she faces you, she would never hesitate to come up and check with you for your point of view. Not only when any problem arises, even for the slightest change in her life she will be looking forward to your viewpoint. It is true love, never miss to notice this sign in your woman.

13. Will dress to Impress

Your woman will wear your favorite color dress just to awe you. She will wear dresses that match your outfit. Her clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories will be as per your taste. She is probably trying to get your eyes on her. This is one of the biggest sign that she is madly in love with you.

14. Interested In your Hobbies

If you notice that your woman all of a sudden develops interests in your hobbies, then she is deeply in love with you. She might be looking for ways to bond with you, spend time with you and seem interesting to you. Having mutual interests or sharing a same kind of passion will develop the love and increase the romantic interests. It is because of true love she develops passion towards your obsession.

15. Spending Some Alone Time

Your woman will find every excuse just to be with you. Spending some time alone with you is what she will want. Even though she might not look desperate, but she might readily cancel her girls night out just to be with you. Her preference for choice will always be you. This is a major red flag for true love.

16. Compromises to make you happy

Love is all about making compromises just to make the other happy. If she is ready to compromise anything just if she could bring a smile on your face, then it is true love. She might be ready to lose a little bit of herself just for the sake a seeing you happy. Anything to make you happy will be her secret weapon. If your girl does anything to make you happy never let her go, grab on to her.

17. Good Listener

When your woman is a great listener around you, it is because she cares a lot about you. She will not just listen to your stories, but she will remember even the tiny details which will usually go unnoticed. Listening is her way of confirming that she is there for you at all times. It is a clear-cut sign of true love.

18. Her Body Language

Notice her body language when she is around you, does she always lean towards you? Or her feet and face all angled towards you? Even when you are at a distance does she seem to be focused towards you? Does she always stand or sit near you when with a group of friends? Never miss noticing these signs as they are major giveaways of her true love for you.

19. Being Jealous

Your woman might act a little different when you are with other pretty girls. She might not be comfortable with the idea of you hanging out with other girls. She might be worried if you would develop any love interests towards any other girls. So, she might be trying to check on you for your love life. This is the biggest sign that she is crazily in love with you.

20. Sees a future together

When a woman plans ahead of time, then she surely sees a future with you. Seeing a future with you means her feelings for you runs real deep. Never ignore this sign, as it is one of the greatest signs that she might be sending you about her true love for you.

If you observe these signs in your woman on a regular basis and just as coincidence then it is true love. Don't wait for her to open up if you are also interested then where is the need to wait. Go ahead and get a hold of your amazing girl. Make sure that she knows that you feel the same way about her. If not, do let her know so she could move on. True love means to understand and love each other despite the differences when you find a girl who sees you through your imperfections then you are in for great luck. Have a fun-filled amazing love life.


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