15 Best Gay Books That Are Highly Recommended to Read

Awesome books to read during and even after Pride Month!

By Fred S.
15 Best Gay Books That Are Highly Recommended to Read

June has been hailed as the month of acceptance of the entire spectrum of love. It is the month that brings with itself the colors donned by affection in each one of its shape and form. While June specifically is a period that is dedicated solely to the acknowledgment of the marginalized LGBT community, we do agree that the entire year ought to be a time to celebrate adoration for one another.

Gay or not, there is no better way of showing your support for a cause than by opting to propagate the vast works of literature dedicated to it. Here, we enumerate a handful of novels that you need to add to your reading list in even after Pride Month to have an entire year filled with work of top-notch fiction. 

Why These 15 Gay Books Are a Must to Read

Reading about people, their experiences and getting to know about the way their minds operate is perhaps the most reliable means of getting to wear their shoes to know about the day in their lives. It has been time and again stressed that the LGBT community faces severe criticism from the majority of the people around the world because they do not conform to the prevalent ideas of sexuality that are considered natural by the older generations. These literary masterpieces are cathartic for the community and bring to light many of their issues that most people of society fail to acknowledge owing to their orthodoxy.  

1. Call me by your name - Andre Aciman

Call Me By Your Name : Andre Aciman : 9781786495259

This book has now been made into a major motion picture that has garnered a lot of positive reviews from the community and its supporters worldwide. The story is an unconventional vacation romance between a host and their guest that continue to beat around the bush in an attempt to circumvent the way they feel for each other, till one evening, they untangle themselves from the reigns that hold their romance back, a time none of the two will ever forget. 

2. The perks of being a wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of Being a Wallflower : Stephen Chbosky

Made into a movie, this book is multifaceted and brings to light a great many issues that fail to garner the attention that they deserve owing to the stigma associated with them. The character under question here articulates the challenges of being gay and having to put up a façade during your time at high school as homosexuality continues to be considered as a disgrace for the family. All hell breaks loose when the two are caught making out. 

3. Mysterious skin - Scott Heim

Mysterious Skin : Scott Heim

This is a book that masterfully touches the topic of homosexuality and sexual abuse of minors at the hands of their so-called patrons, a perfect blend of trauma and the courage to stand up against it. The narration aptly captures the impact abuse can have on a teenager and how most children develop bizarre coping mechanisms to shield their sanity from the negative influence of flashbacks. 

Gay Books Series

4. The boyfriend mandate - River Jaymes

The Boyfriend Mandate : River Jaymes

This book is as raw as literature can get, with a perfect fusion of love, breakups, rekindled feelings for an ex and eroticism. The tale follows the stories of two gay lovers from their early years of college, meandering through their lives and several years later from their first ever sexual encounter that none of the two could ever get over. The twists and turns of the story, together with the perfect sexual content make it an excellent young adult fiction novel. 

5. Daughter of mystery - Heather Jones Rose

Daughter of Mystery : Heather Rose Jones

The novel is a perfect read for those who love for themselves a lesbian story that involves drama, politics, revenge and the irrevocable bond of love between characters you would not expect to fall for one another. The death of the Baron leaves his hired bodyguard and goddaughter in circumstances that neither of the two is satisfied with, but the same situations also cause them to find love in the most incredulous way. 

6. Divine touched - Cassandra Duffy

Divine Touched : Cassandra Duffy

This masterpiece is a treat for those who are absolute suckers for fantasy. An ardent fighter falls in love amidst a strong blizzard with a heaven-sent woman who is everything she should avoid but could not resist her charm. The price for this forbidden is love is a heavy one, but the protagonist must choose. 

7. Forever and a knight - Bridget Essex

Forever and a Knight : Bridget Essex

Essex beautifully combines the world of magic with the world that we know by bringing together two women in unforeseen circumstances only to make them fall head over heels for one another, as the captivating beauty from the world of mysticism tries to send the love of her life back to the realm to which she belongs. 

8. The brightsiders - Jen Wilde

The Brightsiders : Jen Wilde

The bisexual member of a renowned band finds herself at odds with the life that she has chosen. While her female partner tries to overcome her legal obstacles, the drummer protagonist is busy locking her lips with a male member of her very own band. Things change, events topple over and all the chips fall in the right places in this absolute delight of a read.  

9. Tell me how you really feel - Aminah Mae Safi

Tell Me How You Really Feel : Aminah Mae Safi

A young adult novel that you should not, at any cost, miss this pride month. The story revolves around a Muslim girl and her lesbian lover, both having an unfavorable history with one another, with the setting that transpires to bring the two together. 

10. Kings, queens and In-betweens - Tanya Boteju

Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens : Tanya Boteju

This is a tale of seamless self-acceptance, an aspect that needs to be propagated in the LGBT community which is continuously bombarded with the false notion that only heterosexuality is the way to go. The novel also beautifully highlights the community of drugs and queens. 

11. Just a bit obsessed - Alessandra Hazard

Just a Bit Obsessed (Straight Guys Book 2)

Imagine a story where a guy realizes that he isn’t as straight as he thought he was only when his girlfriend dares him to taste the bittersweet flavor of a threesome. A story of control, possessiveness, and romance, this novel is a perfect coffee shop read. 

12. Evenfall

Evenfall Volume I : Ais

A WW3 veteran gone rogue finds himself attracted to his new partner in the most unfavorable of the circumstances. The assassin who once thought of himself as being devoid of any emotion is unable to face the sudden bubbling of passion within him. 

13. Forever - Tinnean

Forever : Tinnean

Intelligence agency masterminds who end up falling in love make a duo you can always count on to protect their own family and to unravel the deepest, darkest secrets about those that they have ties with. This is a gay couple who would take you on adventures that are enthralling and exhibit a love that is fulfilling for their readers. 

14. Rock solid - Riley Hart

Rock Solid : Riley Hart

A construction worker struggling to come to terms with his sobriety and the estranged family finds himself being gravitated towards his surgeon client. What starts off as friendship, ends up in a steaming hot love that the two try very hard to ignore, but end up giving in to. 

15. Cost of repairs - A.M. Arthur

Cost of Repairs

A cook and a cop find themselves deep in love with each other despite each one of them being determined not to fall for anything that even closely resembles affection. Their internal traumas and the reasons for their hesitation start to reveal themselves with each encounter and they try to mend one another in their own way. 

LGBT Club: To Join To Get Into The Community

You do not need to be homosexual to support the cause; it just takes you to be human to understand that love does not come with any labels, it is free and it does not care about social constructs. Read gay literature and the history of their sufferings to feel more connected to them.  

Like their social media pages, follow their threads and exclusive online groups, show up with your brightest outfit to their marches and support them in any way you could.  

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Reading is what helps make this life better. Depending on the genre that you prefer, you can find at your disposal a plethora of novels that are based on gays and their stories. The more you delve into the topic, the more you realize the struggles that they have to endure just to be treated as a normal denizen of the world. 

Use this exhaustive list to keep yourself busy with some homo literature throughout the year, depending on your reading pace and alacrity.