20 Sweet And Sensual Ways On How To Romance Your Man

How to romance your man with these worthy tips and tricks

By Hana O.
20 Sweet And Sensual Ways On How To Romance Your Man

Do men like romance? The answer is yes, regardless of how much they try to deny it. Guys want to be wooed and treated like a king from time to time, and this serves as a hint to us ladies that we must also give him some.


With guys, romance is simple, personal, and straightforward. They look more for the value than the grandeur of their lady’s efforts.


Now that we’ve established the fact that men do want to be romanced, let’s get right on the how.

Importance Of Romance In A Relationship

Romance is crucial to the success and health of a relationship. When there is no romance, the relationship falls apart. Think of it as the coal to a fire which must be kept burning. When that fire dies, problems like cheating and apathy for one another could occur.


Romance keeps the connection and intimacy between partners strong and alive. Romance differentiates a relationship from merely being a friendship. The beautiful thing about it is that it is quickly rekindled. Any gesture, as long as you want to please and show your partner how much he means to you, is an act of romance.


Romance can be incorporated in any activity such as taking a walk together and fully engaging with one another, inserting a sweet note between the pages of your partner’s book that he reads before bed or trying a new position in bed are all acts of romance.


Romantic gestures reassure your partner that you care, love, respect, desire, and are attracted to him.

How To Romance Your Man In A Relationship

1. Take care of yourself

Spending some time at the salon, getting your hair fixed and your nails done or buying new clothes will do wonders to your relationship, much to our surprise. Guys notice these things and you taking care of yourself shows that you also care for him. Plus, they also like seeing us sexy, so it’s a win-win!

2. Giving him guy-time

Let him go out with his friends and unwind. Yes, you want to be a part of his schedule but providing him space lets him know that you trust him and it makes you miss each other. Please resist the temptation to text him while he’s out.

3. Compliments

“You’re hot, handsome and all mine” is a simple compliment that will send his heart in a flutter. Yes, guys can blush and feel affected by such things too! Make the compliments customized to things that will move him and deliver them randomly to catch him off-guard.

4. Trying out his hobby

One way to show you care and support your partner is to try out and give interest to his hobbies, no matter how boring it may seem to you. Who knows, you might end up liking it, and the activity can become a tradition for the both of you.

5. Deep conversations

Talk about the future, your goals, aspirations, your day, your worst nightmares, and anything under the sun. In-depth discussions in a relationship not only builds a stable and robust foundation but also reassures your partner that you love them enough to listen and build rapport.

How To Romance Your Man In Bed

6. Go on top

Ladies, it’s time to take control. Gone are the days when women have to be under the man, literally. When you ride on him, he gets a full and sexy view of your beauty, which is a great turn on. Plus, the position reaches more depth and lets you feel so much more pressure.

7. Legs up!

Time to build your leg strength for this one. Guys admit that putting up their lady’s legs during sexy time gives them more penetration and pleasure. Give your guy some moments of complete bliss with this position.

8. Give him a show

How about a cosplay session in bed? Buy some lingerie or a cute and very skimpy maid outfit and give your man a show. If this is the first time you’re trying it out, try to get some tips online to ensure the smooth and sexy delivery, then watch your guy’s eyes bulge out in shock and admiration.

9. Try something new

If you want to romance your guy in bed, trying something new is one sure way to do so. Buy some kinky sex toys and explore one another further. You’ll be surprised at the new discoveries you will make about one another which will bring you and your man even closer.

10. Do something daring

Why not try reliving the high school years when we were all bold and daring. A quickie in the car or something that plays along the borderlines of danger and getting caught that will send your adrenaline pumping. Behind the dumpster, maybe?

How To Romance Your Man During His Birthday

11. Buy the thing he’s been wanting

While guys may not be vocal on the things he wants for his birthday, it is our task to keep our ears attuned to his hints. From there, we can customize their gift according to budget, or go all out and get him that sportscar. Either way, he will love you for it.

12. Plan an outing with his friends

Plan it all out. Contact his friends, handle the food, book the place, and surprise your hubby with the trip. You can set everything maybe a day after his birthday so that you don’t have to come and he doesn’t feel obliged to tag you along. Some guy-time is probably what he needs for his special day.

13. Prepare a romantic dinner at home

They say the quickest way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. How about a full course meal under the candlelight, with some wine, prepared by the one he loves? Whether you cook everything or order in and put the food in luxurious plates, a meal shared together is a classic way to show love for one another.

14. A body massage

Dim the lights in your bedroom, turn the AC on, put some relaxing music, add aromatic oils, and surprise your partner with a full body massage. Chances are it will to more than just a massage, if you know what I mean.

15. Spend the day with him

Another idea to romance your partner is to spend the day with him, with a full itinerary or staying in and relaxing. You would know him best and which kind of day he would specifically want on his birthday. The important thing is that you are together.

Ideas On How To Romance Your Man At Work

16. Send him food

Romance your guy at work by sending food. All kinds of food. A packed lunch, donuts during his afternoon break, milk tea in the morning, anything! The small surprises will surely brighten his day.

17. Leave him notes

Use post-its and small stationery to your advantage and write short, sweet messages that he could stumble across during his work day. Things like, “Hey handsome, missing you already,” or “Here’s a kiss to brighten your day,” with kiss mark included are some notes that would put a smile on his face.


Get creative on where you stick the notes, such as on the coffee machine, in his notebook, by his coat, in his shoe, or even send him one of those small gifts which could be delivered to his office.

18. Send a text

Sending a text is another way to romance your man while you are separated. With today’s technology, you can even send a photo or video to make things even more exciting. Keeping connected at these moments is essential in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

19. Meet him for lunch

To take things to the next level, opt to surprise him at the office and ask him out on a quick lunch date. Try to subtly ask if he’s free to go out beforehand and you’re good to go!

20. Breakfast in bed

Pamper your man with a hearty breakfast in bed to get him ready for his day. It will give him a boost in his mood, energy, and stomach.

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Romance comes in all shapes and sizes. While those above are just suggestions, there are endless possibilities on how you can romance your man. The beauty of romance is that there is no limit – you can be married for thirty years or together for three months; there will always be ideas you can try.


Romance your guy to make him feel special, wanted, and appreciated. Not only will it make him happy, but the gestures will also further strengthen your relationship.