[NSFW] Top 3 Lesbian Toys For You To Have Fun With Your Girl

How to have mind-blowing sex with these essential lesbian toys

By Sophia R
[NSFW] Top 3 Lesbian Toys For You To Have Fun With Your Girl

Are Lesbian Toys Any Different From The "Usual" Sex Toys?

Are there really toys designed just for lesbians? Can a couple of women enjoy the same toys as a heterosexual one would?

Today, specific products are made for almost everything, and for almost everyone. There are specific creams for almost every part of the body and distinctions are even made between people of different sex or age for almost every product.

They are also getting more specific with articles regarding the adult body. Brands study the body of men and women to find the most appropriate way to satisfy their sexual needs depending on their gender and sexual orientation.

The truth is that sex toys are designed mostly for the female audience, whatever their sexual orientation. One of the questions that you might usually ask yourself is: are there specific toys for lesbians?

Although it may seem that most toys are intended for the heterosexual market, there are a lot of items for lesbians, too.

There is still a long way to go, there are not many manufacturers that have developed toys or erotic accessories focused solely on the lesbian community. Because of that and because there is not much information on this topic, we have made a selection of the best toys for lesbians and the types there are available nowadays. Keep reading to find out more about this super interesting topic!

Types Of Lesbian Toy Explained

We could say that, for solo use, any product indicated for women can be enjoyed by a lesbian couple, too. Everything will depend on what you want at the moment and the individual preferences of each woman.

In a couple of experiences, you can opt for the alternate use of toys, use two toys at the same time reciprocally or resort to double toys.

Beyond the classic dildo, there is a world of erotic toys to discover. We decided to tell you the different types of lesbian toys you need to check out right now! Here we go:


These right here are the oldest erotic toys in history. They are all basically phallic-shaped and are introduced into the vagina, as a penis would. Some of them are slightly curved to reach the G spot, but the shapes are very varied depending on what you want or like.

With regard to materials, you can find slightly flexible silicone dildos or more rigid materials such as glass or metal. If you are looking for a dildo, I recommend that you choose one with textures, they are very nice.

There are also realists dildos (who recreate a penis, with its glans, veins and other details), but it is not so popular. In any case, use a good lubricant (preferably water-based) to improve the experience, and you will love this toy.


As the name suggests, these toys emit a vibration. There are many types, but I will differentiate them into two groups:

The first one is the stimulators for the clitoris, which have a fairly discrete shape and are usually the size of the palm of the hand. They are used to stimulate only the vulva, clitoris, and lips. These defiantly triumph the most, wanna know why? Because 75% of women need stimulation in the clitoris to reach orgasm.

Clitoral Vibrator with 7 Whirling Modes for 60 Seconds Quickie Orgasms

The second ones are all those that have phallic form and that, therefore, are introduced in the vagina. With these, you can stimulate your g-spot. This category included the rabbit (which also includes an extension that stimulates the clitoris), eggs (directed by remote control), and others.

There are some vibrators designed to use specifically for lesbian couples. For example, We-Vibe, which is a kind of clamp. While one of the two is wearing it, the other can take advantage of the contact of the toy on her own clitoris. There are also vibrators with two ends to use together, which are defiantly worth the try.

PLSRx by HoMedics | Rabbit Vibrator |


Blowjob Licking Tongue Vibrator Sex Toy Female

For a while now, suckers have been conquering more and more women. They are objects that work with a technology that creates an air vacuum and makes a slight suction with little contact.

They are very powerful toys that help reach orgasm very fast. Very noisy, yes, but this feature is improving over time with different technologies. The good thing is that you can also use them in the shower ... and that intensifies the stimulation even more.

Strap ons

USLong Strap on Harness for Women Couples with Double Heads

This one here is the classic toy for lesbians, but be careful: it is important to get a good harness. Make sure that the straps are wide so they hold well and I recommend that you have the option to use different dildos with only one harness.

In recent years they have begun to sell strapless harnesses, that is, without straps, or double dildos. They are basically dildos with two parts, one that is inserted into one of the vaginas, and the other side into the other vagina. These might be very difficult to, so I recommend conventional harnesses if you are inexperienced.


Top 3 Lesbian Toys To Have And Why

1. Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness

While most Vac-U-Lock compatible harnesses will only work with Vac-U-Lock toys, this one gives you the option of using the Universal O-Ring System as well.

So it gives you a ton of compatibility whether you want to use the very stable but limited Vac-U-Lock System or any other dildo with a base with the included O-Rings.

Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Platinum

The kit comes with a Vac-U-Lock Adapter, Differently Sized O-Rings and plenty of strap-length so it can fit on bigger girls as well.
Of course, you should cut the straps to your desired length if you don't want them dangling about.

The Supreme Harness is unisex and is the most comfortable harnesses on the Vac-U-Lock collection in part due to the back support that won't dig in your skin as you thrust.

It basically offers control, comfort, and pleasure, all in one, which is quite a difficult thing to find when it comes to strapping one. Check it out, you will become addicted to it!

2. Tantus feeldoe - strapless strap-on vibrator -

Tantus Feeldoe - Strapless Strap-on Vibrator -

If you've heard about "Strapless" dildos, chances are you know about the Feeldoes & Realtors.

All models are rather rigid, so if hard toys aren't your thing, you might have to consider the other toys.

The Feeldoes are non-realistic and have a shiny finish that offers almost no friction during play, which is something many like.

Tantus Realdoe - Strapless Strap-on Vibrator -

On the other hand, the Realdoes are a realistic-looking alternative that has a matte finish that feels soft to the touch. The matte texture will also cause more drag, so be sure to use extra lube.

Both models come in 4 sizes (being the Classic, the Slim, the Stout, & the More that is extra long) and they offer models with bullet vibes for extra stimulation. 

These ones are loved by many, so you might want to try them!

3. Lush by Lovesense

LOVENSE Lush 2 Bullet Vibrator

If you're looking for an app-controlled, powerful, and versatile vaginal toy to use in public, in the bedroom or while wearing a strap-on, you will love the Lovense Lush.

This great little toy can be used solo by controlling it with your own cellphone or it can be controlled from long distances when connected to the internet. You can also grant access to a partner to control the toy over Bluetooth. Isn’t that exciting?!

Recommended shops

1. Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve

You will basically find anything you need in this amazing online sex store. Thanks to the wide range of products offered you can get items that are very low priced or very high priced, so there is basically an option for every budget.

Also, the Adam & Eve company is considered the business leader that has branched out into almost all aspects of sex-related products. From dildos and BDSM equipment to anal beads and lube, you will find whatever you are looking for.

Their website is also a great place to shop for those that like to keep their purchases and deliveries discreet, so nobody is going to know about the sex toys you got at your doorstep last Friday.

Check them out right now!

2. The Pleasure Chest

Adult Sex Toys by The Pleasure Chest

This particular NYC based store is a high-end boutique shop that is simply luxurious. Why? Well, they offer all the things you would expect to find in an XXX store but they are probably one of the most expensive in the industry.

They have 4 locations, 2 in NYC, 1 in Illinois and 1 in California, but their online store works just as good.

Now, the splurge is definitely worth it for this store!

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Hop to your car or hop online and get any of these amazing toys to please your girl and have the best lesbic sex now! You will definitely thank us later!



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