When You Can't Sleep, It May Mean That Someone Is Thinking About You Crazily

8 signs that someone is thinking about you and you are feeling it

By Aey
When You Can't Sleep, It May Mean That Someone Is Thinking About You Crazily

It’s been so long since mankind has taken over the world. Humans have made progress in almost all physical areas of life. Buildings, communication, advancements and discoveries, almost all areas have developed except for the spiritual aspect of life. Even though awareness of the spiritual side is still increasing worldwide but that increase is very slow as compared to the other progress.

Psychic abilities are one of such underestimated aspect of this generation. If it were up to me, I would’ve already declared as a hidden superpower that all humans have. Psychic abilities exist in many forms i.e. dreams of future events that majority of times turn out to be right, seeing supernatural beings or connecting with another person on a supernatural level.

Psychic Attraction: How You Are Drawn To A Particular Person

People will argue that there is no way of knowing when someone is thinking about you but in reality, there actually are several ways. Your subconscious mind and higher self are two very underestimated reality. If you’re constantly being attracted to a person, it means there is a spiritual and psychic connection between the two of you. There are signs that you will experience if someone is thinking about you crazily and to make it simpler for you, here is a list of 8 common signs that means somebody may be thinking about you crazily.

8 Signs That Someone Is Thinking About You

1. Through dreams

Dreams are a way of communication from your higher self. If you’re constantly seeing a person in your dream, there is no doubt in the fact that your higher self may be trying to send you a message. There are few questions you need to ask yourself to come close to the clarity a little. Who is this person? Is it someone you have met or you meet in your daily life? If yes, try noticing him/her. If that person is continuously thinking about you, their energies might make way into your dreams which is precisely why you may have been having such dreams. Try getting in touch with them or calling the person up if it’s someone you’ve lost contact with.

2. Coincidences

Another sign that someone is thinking of you crazily is if, through coincidences, you are being reminded of them. Such coincidences maybe you running into them at unlikely places or seeing their names is a sign that that person might be thinking of them crazily. In such situations, you may have to take notice of the things going around you that’s related to that specific person because your higher self may be trying to send you a message here.

3. Openness to experiences with someone

Have you ever felt a strong pull towards a specific person? Such a pull may be confusing to you because it’s a new feeling but know that it’s not harmful. You may be a private person but what’s this urge that’s telling you to open up for new experiences with this person? Don’t ignore it as it is a sign that this person is thinking about you crazily. If it’s not too impossible for you, try putting in some effort to get to know them because what’s the worst that could happen? You might actually stumble upon a strong connection and a bond that’s hard to find nowadays.

4. You’ve started thinking about that person

You’re going about your day as per usual but suddenly a thought pops up. It is a person that just exists in your life and you have zero interactions with them so you ignore it. Now you’re working on your assignment and Ben pops up again! You ignore it again because that could be a coincidence… then you’re meditating and Ben is there again… now the question is if this is just random imaginary thoughts or the energies are trying to send you a message? Because remember that nothing is a coincidence. Your higher self is letting you know that there is a connection here and Ben might be thinking about you. Next time you see Ben, try saying Hi and leave the rest to the angels!

5. Overwhelming Emotions

Emotions are a funny thing. You can put it on a leash and think that you are in control but are you really? As soon as they go wild, the next second you know is you’re the one being controlled by them. If your emotions have started hijacking your life way too much and the center point of such hijack is them taking you on a ride to see just one person. This is definitely a sign that they are thinking about you crazily. Your higher self may also be sending you a message and this emotional rush is a way of trying to get you to listen. This is a situation where you need to listen because nobody wants to be controlled by their emotions for too long. There is no doubt in the fact that is a spiritual connection between you and that person so maybe work on building a physical connection. Who knows? This person may stick around for good and you find a connection that’s worth a lot.

6. You feel their pain

Pain is an emotion that very personal to everybody. It can form the basis of very deep connections and bonds. If you’re all of a sudden feeling the pain of a person, you’re sad because they are, it means that they might be craving your attention and are thinking about you crazily. If you know them, try to be there through their painful phase and if you don’t try to ask about how they are doing. It may be a 1-minute investment for you in asking about how they’re doing but it will make their day.

7. Subconscious line of sight

We might think that we are successfully covering up all of the thoughts passing through our minds but this isn’t always the case. When the mind is obsessing over something, the body can catch up to it and give out information that enables the external world to interpret whatever the mind is hiding. How is this possible? The most obvious body part that’s easiest to read is the eyes. It’s not just a saying that eyes are the gateway to your soul. If you notice that a person is constantly looking at you, the chances are that they are crazily thinking about you maybe even falling for you. Focus on how you feel about them looking at you… Is it a positive and secure feeling or a negative and draining one? Because if somebody is thinking about you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s for the good as their intentions can be bad too. If you feel a good vibe, try saying Hi but if it’s a negative vibe, avoid them at all cost. The higher self is always looking after you and all you need to do is trust your instincts.

8. You’re being drawn to new activities

Sometimes you’re drawn to completely random activities… activities that you were never interested in. It’s not even a slight attraction but a strong pull. This can leave you confused but don’t be as this is a sign that somebody is thinking about you and the angels are trying to make way so that you can make your way to them. Trust your instincts here too. Follow the pull because you might stumble upon a soul mate connection here. You can sign up to the nearest class of that activity from your house or try to take part in that activity at your school or college or workplace. The nearest exposure of that activity is most likely where you’re being guided to.

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The conclusion is that if your subconscious mind is nudging you in the direction of a person, then don’t be afraid to listen to it but if it’s trying to warn you against that person, listen to it carefully! If you’ve been experiencing anyone of the above signs or a couple of the above signs then there is a high probability that someone is thinking about you. Your instincts will tell you if you should pursue that connection or run for the hills so don’t be afraid of following what that inner voice is telling you.