10 Best Places To Go For A Date In New York City

Dating in New York City? Check out these impressive date ideas

By Evelyn
10 Best Places To Go For A Date In New York City

How To Date In NYC? Advice When Preparing For First Date

New York City is an exciting city. You've got so many places to visit, to experiment, to admire, some say it's a city where you never get bored. But when it comes to dating in NYC, that's a tough one. It shouldn't be with all those millions of people living there, but it is. Still, a lot of people do it, they may have to go to a lot of crappy and funny and awful dates to finally find one that's just right, so if you're asking yourself how to go about it, keep reading.

How to date in NYC? A whole city is a perfect place for dating, professionals said, you just have to know where to look, how to catch someone, and most importantly, how to set boundaries. As we said, it's not easy but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it try. If you're wondering how or where to start, here are some tips you can follow.

Try using a dating app and don't look down

As we said before, New York City if full of people, dating there shouldn't be a problem because you can have your pick right? Just during your commute, you can be in touch with six million people, so if you look up, you'll always be surrounded by people from all different places. But, that's the thing, having so many people around poses and advantage and a disadvantage too. The advantage is that the number of people gives you variety, so many options to engage with. You'd think, but that's not the case, people in NYC can be rude to strangers, they don't even look you in the face.

That's why the dating apps could be your best bet to find a date in NYC, actually, they're part of the equation. Just remember to use the location-based searching (to find someone near you) and be very specific on what you're searching for in terms of dating. And when you're on the street walking or in a restaurant on riding on an elevator, keep your head up, that's the best way to connect with people.

Search for unique places to have dates

Search the city for unique and special places where you would like to have a date. Each neighborhood in NYC is like a little village, so we're sure that if you really look, you'll find little gems. A place where with so much color and history, a local that's been around for more than 100 years, a family-run restaurant with excellent food. The possibilities are endless, that's the beauty of NYC, you'll find a place to serve every kind of taste.

The knowing of this place could be like your secret weapon for dating in NYC because instead of suggesting going to "the place" where everyone goes (which would be crowded and loud), you'll have a special place that could make the date memorable.

Join a club or a team

You'll be multiplying your chances of meeting like-minded people by joining a sports team or a book club or a professional network. Search in a park near you, we're sure you'll find a sports event there, you can join but not just for playing or practicing but also for socializing. The people in your group or team are bound to know other people and before you know it, your chances of meeting someone interesting doubled. Even if you don't find a suitable date, you'll make new friends.

Prepping for a first date in NYC

You've gone and found yourself a date, you want it to go really good because you really like this girl. First dates can be awkward if you're not in the right mindset, you, as a guy, need to "crack the code" so you can give that special girl a great first date. It is not a simple thing to achieve, especially if your date is in the Big Apple, but it's doable, you'll just have to put some thought and effort into it.

Take this advice into consideration for your first date in NYC.

Pick a place in advance

Be a man with a plan. That will show her that you're prepared. Instead of asking her where does she want to go, suggest a place you know she'll like (because you've done some research and some reconnaissance of cool vibe places).

Arrive early

Arriving early will let you get a great seat by the bar or a great table in a quiet corner. This is way better than having to wait for the happy hour to end so you can find a table. Arriving early also lets you socialize a little before your date arrives. This is going to help you relax and be comfortable and ready and in the right social mood for her arrival.

Ask her interesting and thought-provoking questions

This is what really makes a difference, you want to get to know her right? So the same boring questions won't help you achieve that. Show her you're interested, don't talk just about you (that gets boring really soon). Something like, "What's the best day of your life?" "Or what city would you like to visit on your next trip?" or "What's the most interesting part of your work? 

Show her you real self. be vulnerable

Yes, women want to meet the real you. We know it can be frightening to be vulnerable but that will help you connect with her because that way she can be vulnerable too. Besides, vulnerability is an attractive trait. Authenticity can be the difference between having a great first date or a very crappy one. 

Creative Date Ideas And Activities In NYC

NYC has it all when it comes to date ideas. You can be as creative as you like because we're sure you're going to find exactly what you and your date need to have a great time. New York is a city full of possibilities. don't get stuck with that boring dinner and movie or theater date, think outside the box. 

Here are some of those possibilities, some creative ideas, and activities where you can take your date and wow her.

1. The Museum Of Interesting Things

The Museum of Interesting Things

NYC is full of big museums with awesome exhibits. The MoMa, the Met, the Guggenheim are all great choices, but we bet they're always going to be full of tourists on any given weekend. How about taking your date to explore the Museum of Interesting Things, which is a traveling interactive demonstration and exhibition of antiques and inventions that inspired innovation and creativity. You can book a unique private tour for you and your lady where you get to see its collection of antique toys, or bizarre inventions and other oddities. 

It sounds like a fun thing to do on a date.

2. The Snug Harbor Cultural Center

The Snug Harbor Cultura

This is a very well know gem situated across the bay in Staten Island, it used to be a home for retired sailors. Now it is a cultural center and botanical garden boasting several contemporary art galleries and beautiful expansive gardens. Imagine yourself walking alongside your date in the popular Chinese Scholar's Garden with its koi pond and flowing waterfalls and pavilions. Lots to do there, you'll both enjoy this creative date idea.

3. Gallow Green

Gallow Green

This is a very unique rooftop bar situated atop the McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea (home of the fame Sleep No More). It's a highly conceptualized romantic garden party meets cocktail lounge. Perfect to take your date, during the warmer months you get to sit among short trees and twinkling lights while actors play weave around the tables making conversation like famous socialites. And during the winter months, the place is transformed to the Lodge (a crafted alpine cabin) right there in the roof, with bunk beds where you and your date can grab a hot toddy and sit by the fire pit.

Romantic Date Ideas And Activities In NYC

NYC has no shortage of special places and activities for a perfect romantic date. Whether you're going on a first date, on your 5th date or going on a date with your wife. Since it could be overwhelming to narrow it down, we're going to suggest some ideas.

4. Picnic in Central Park

Who doesn't love Central Park? There's so much going there, it's an oasis for residents and tourists and is perfect for a romantic date. You can just walk around a section of the park and enjoy all it has to offer or you can go and find a quiet spot and have a very romantic picnic.

5. Take a stroll on the High Lane

The Highline

The High Line was formed in the Old New York Central Railroad platform on the West Side of Manhattan. It's the perfect setting to have a romantic date because you get to walk on an elevated park with gorgeous gardens and a lot of other activities and places where you can grab a cup of coffee or something to eat. 

6. Have a drink at a Speakeasy


Speakeasy was the term used in the US during the prohibition days. Nowadays, speakeasies are hip establishments with intimate atmospheres and craft cocktails where you can take your date to have a romantic evening. These kinds of bars are very popular in big cities, so of course, there are a few in New York. If you want to have a romantic blast from the past date we suggest you check out Attaboy or Dinner Table.

Fun Winter Date Ideas And Activities In NYC

If you think winter can spoil a great date, you cant' be more wrong, especially in NYC. The city if full of possibilities when it comes to fun winter dates. Here are just a few ideas and activities you can try. 

7. Go have a Boozy Paint Night

Paint Lounge

Are you or your date the artsy type? Even if you're not, this boozy paint nights sounds like a fun activity to do on a winter night. There are dozen of studios across the five boroughs that host paint nights. You can buy a bottle and go have a creative and fun night date.

8. Go listen some Jazz Music

Jazz music is very romantic so it'll set the mood to have a romantic but also fun date. NYC is one of the biggest cities for jazz, with dozens of jazz clubs where you both can hide from the cold, have a bottle of wine and listen to some amazing music. The Blue Note is a good place to start.

9. Go visit The Cloisters

The Cloisters

You can't go wrong with a Museum date, especially during winter. The Cloisters is an extension of the Met and is a well-kept secret that you have to visit. It was an old French monastery that offers a stunning view of the city, especially during the winter. 

10. Ice Skating

This is a must-try winter date so you should include it in your fun date ideas, and in NYC it's a staple. You have many choices, you can go to the Rockefeller Center, to Central Park, to Bryant Park, to Prospect Park, just to mention some. Get all bundle up and go have some fun.

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While dating in NYC is hard, once you get yourself one, the possibilities of where to go have a romantic and fun date are endless. We hope you give these suggestions a try.



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