10 Accurate Ways To Tell If A Guy is Sexually Attached to You

Get the signs to know if he is having a boner because of you ;)

By Aey
10 Accurate Ways To Tell If A Guy is Sexually Attached to You

10 Accurate Signs That He Is Sexually Attached To You

Guys have a way of leaving the girls their approaching confused about their intentions. This is because they want to have a safe zone to back into in case things go south. Girls, with time, have caught on to this strategy of men and have learned to interpret signs that men use. This is one of the guides to help you interpret whether a guy is sexually attracted to you or not.

1. He’s practically touching you with his eyes

Eyes are the gateway to the soul and aren’t just a proverb. A major sign that a guy is sexually attracted to you is that when he sees you, his eye contact is very strong and he doesn’t shy away. His gaze is so strong that you can feel it on your skin. When guys are attracted to you physically, they don’t miss out on a chance to show that to you.

2. He offers you for ‘Netflix and Chill’

If a guy at someplace you’re regular too, who you have seen a couple of times, asks you to Netflix and chill just after just introduction and a few encounters, he’s definitely in it for the physical attraction. If he was looking for something more, he’d have asked you to dinner but instead, he chose to show you his bold and confident side. If you’re all in for a fling, definitely say yes but if you’re not, don’t fall for looks and say yes in hopes of him falling in love with you because he has made his intentions pretty clear.

3. He tries to create tension between the two of you

When a guy constantly tries to create tension between you by coming way too close to you and talking or looking deep into your eyes while smirking in tries of making you blush, he’s definitely attracted to you and wants to get you into bed. To make his intention clearer, he might even flirt with you and tries to make the conversation dirty to see where you stand. If you’re interested in a one night stand, flirt back and maybe even brush your chest lightly against him next time he comes too close because he should know better than playing with fire.

4. His touches linger on longer

We all know what a friendly touch is. Handshakes that stay for 3 seconds or a shrug on the shoulder but we also do know what a ‘something more’ touch is too. When that handshake turns to 10 seconds with him strongly holding your hands, it definitely isn’t just a friendly handshake. He wants to show off how manly he is by a strong yet delicate handshake and make his intentions clear by looking deep in your eyes… if he touches your thigh gently in between conversations to see your stance on the whole physical thing, he really is attracted to you. If the feeling is mutual, return the gestures and touch his shoulder too but if not, you need to set boundaries.

5. You’ve caught him checking you out

If every time you turn, he is checking you out and constantly looking at inappropriate places, this is a sure sign that you turn him on. If he doesn’t turn away his eyes instead when caught, looks confidently in your eyes and smirk, this means he wants to make his intentions clear to you. Most of the time, girls are turned on by such confidence. If you want him too, you can playfully smile back and even lean in a whisper a naughty line i.e. ‘like what you see?’  Topping it off with a wink and walking away while swaying that perfectly worked out booty will only make him go crazier.

6. He compliments your outfit

Guys are that kind of species who will not notice an outfit unless it’s lingerie. If a guy takes a special interest in what you’re wearing, this is a sign that he’s keeping a close eye on your body. If he compliments your outfit, he may be very attracted to you physically,

7. Your conversations are drawn out

If while in conversation with this guy, all you feel is sexual tension and his strong gaze keeping you on your tiptoes, there is definitely only physical attraction involved. A guy who is only interested in you for sex wouldn’t be interested in casual conversation but will try to turn the conversation towards sex to maintain the tension and get you in bed.

8. His voice gets deeper when he’s talking to you

If a guy changes his voice to a deeper and sexier tone while talking to you, he definitely feels a sexual attachment to you. It’s also a way to make you come closer to understand his deep voice. Catch on girl! If you like him too, you could lean in and put your hands on his thighs while pretending to listen to him intently. This will make him go crazy!

9. He takes deep breaths when he sees you

When you’re close to him, he cannot resist but take deep breaths and may also want to smell you. This shows how uneasy you make him and how bad he wants you that by every passing second, it’s becoming harder for him to keep his hands to himself. If you’re interested too, you can tease him a little by ‘innocently’ bumping into him with the right force and then just sit back and enjoy the view.

10. You just know!

Communication isn’t just done by words. If you’re sure that he’s definitely attached to your sexually and want to get you in bed it’s because he has communicated that to you through his actions, his flirting and his staring. You’re not wrong. Sometimes even when the guy doesn’t want a girl to know about his feelings, girls have these inbuilt stronger sensors that just catches the signals if somebody is interested in them to be it just sexually. If you like the guy and you want to play out your sexual fantasies with him, give the signal back. Most of the time, guys are just waiting on a green signal from girls to make a move. Once you give them the go-ahead, they’ll do all the pursuing and you will just have to play along.

Sexual Attachment: Is This Healthy?

There is no correct way of answering this question because to some people it is healthy whereas for the others it isn’t. This depends on what the individual’s priority is for the moment. If a person is prioritizing his/her career at the moment and doesn’t want to invest in a relationship that needs more investment than just physical, sexual attraction is healthy for them. Whereas an individual who is looking for a committed relationship where both parties invest physically and emotionally, just a sexually attachment might become toxic in the long run as they are more likely to develop feelings for the other person.

How To Go Beyond Only Sexual Attachment?

There are several ways to turn just a sexual attachment to an emotional one. First of all, make it a point to not give sex away so that the other person can build a craving for it. Communicate your needs to your partner with whom you want to build a deeper relationship. There are only high chances that he/she may want to give it a shot because if the chemistry is good in bed, it’s worth it.  Go on dates and try to get to know each other on a personal level. This will, with time, escalate into a much deeper bond and the sexual attachment will be the cherry on top!

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You’re a strong and confident woman so there is no doubt in the fact that there will be guys out there who will be sexually attracted to you. It’s your call whether you want to have that kind of experience or with whom you want that. It’s perfectly healthy to be attracted to someone just physically because our body has needs. Go with the flow if you like the guy approaching you who has given you one or more signals that are mentioned above or set boundaries if you don’t feel comfortable.



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