Tips On How To Have The Hottest Sex In Bed Ever

2019 updated guide on how to have the best sex ever

By Fred S.
Tips On How To Have The Hottest Sex In Bed Ever

No matter what aspects time changes around us, the art of lovemaking remains essentially the same. The sensuality and intimacy that is articulated through a hot session of sex is unprecedented and is a basic human need that makes life livable and colorful. 

It is wrong to assume that the sole purpose of sex is conceiving and the propagation of the human race; it serves as the perfect expression of affection. This latest guide is dedicated to familiarize you with the in-vogue crazy lovemaking tips that are guaranteed to spice up the things in the sheets. Follow these instructions the next time you two are about to hit it off to make it go better than ever. 

Tips That Will Lead Both of You to The Bedroom

Men and women operate very differently when it comes to getting turned on and reaching the climax. For women, a stage and mood need to be set before things can go in the right direction. Regardless of the gender, gradually setting the pace and building up the heat is going to make the intercourse a whole lot better. Here are a few of the most effective tips and methods to switch on the wildest side of your partner: 

1. Don’t miss on a good make out

Making out is usually the initiation of the hottest sex that has ever happened in the history of humans having sex! The kissing, the feeling of one another’s body, the erotic caresses and the getting very close all contribute to raising the temperature one degree at a time. This leads to an increase in desire, making the succeeding mating episode very satisfied.

2. Never in a hundred years miss foreplay

The quality of the foreplay that you two indulge in is going to determine the quality of the sex that you two have. Good foreplay involves a lot of on-top action, allowing you to light the fire brighter and brighter with each move without ever giving away the best part till your partner is begging for it to happen. 

3. Watch sexy movies or turn up the sensual music

Many couples tend to underestimate the power of good porn, erotic movies or tracks that turn both of them on. These two forms of entertainment work to set into motion a wave of passion that force you two to take it all to bed and not stay apart even for a single second. 

Sexy Foreplay Tips Before the Action

4. Keep the clothes on for added drama

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it sure does enhance your partner’s yearning for you. Foreplay never equals sex, as the name indicates. Try to keep the attire intact or don’t just go fully nude to keep your partner guessing about what you have in keeps for them. Keep on mounting them or touching them in the right places without ever giving yourself away completely to make them go crazier with impatience for you.  The nibbling and constant delving for an outlet for the heat that you two shall house during steamy foreplay are going to act as the aptest catalyst for the sex that follows. 

5. Strip if you have to!

Once you have had enough of the physical barrier provided by clothes, take off whatever you are wearing, one piece at a time. Again, being slow yet erotic is the key to making the foreplay effective for satisfied intercourse. Make sure to be sultry; there is no shame in acting naughty in front of your beau. Tease them a little by attempting to take off your shirt, but not fully getting rid of it till you hear them asking for it. Use your own hands to sensually slide off their dress and undergarments. Haste makes waste, take it slow and systematically while making out non-stop. 

6. Bring in whipped cream, ice cubes and chocolate syrup

The tongue is not just a tool that you use to explore your partner’s mouth with a passionate French kiss. Use it on the rest of their body and make it even better by using their skin as the support for your favorite brand of whipped cream or chocolate syrup. Lick it off your darling; glide your tongue up and down to make sure that you are able to taste it well. Ice cubes are a major turn on when slid down your partner’s bare skin provided that it isn’t a snowy day outside. All this will make them burn like fire. 

5 Best Positions on the Bed to Reach the Peak

1. From the back

If you and your partner love to take things up a notch in bed by going unusually wild, then the man from behind position is a must try. Commonly referred to as the Doggy Style, this means of having sex has the added benefit of allowing you to penetrate your female partner better than ever, giving you the edge of holding on to their butt as a means of setting the tempo as you continue to reach them deeper to hit the G-spot. If you two prefer spanking, this position gives you unparalleled access.  

2. Man on top

This is the most common position for couples, but it has so many variants and a very intimate setting that it never goes out of style. It allows both partners to kiss, look at one another to gauge expressions and make it more sensual. This style gives complete control to the male partner, allowing them to thrust in deeper with the added support from the bed and its headrest. You can ask your lady love to raise her legs that you can support on your shoulders for a more intimate setting that is sure to make her reach the Big-O.  

3. Girl on top

For all the women who are fearless and love to take control, the girl on top position with its variants is a delight not to be missed!  This gives the female partner the control of the pace, the depth reached and the direction taken by her male partner’s penis within her vagina. As a girl, you have the complete liberty to stimulate your clitoris while your man penetrates you on your own terms, making the whole scenario a major turn on for you two. You can sit on him in the reverse position to make it hotter. 

4. Sideways

With both of you on your side, you can enter your girl by engaging your leg between hers as you enter her slowly and steadily, picking up pace only gradually. In this fashion, the penis is directed in the pathway that certainly leads to the usually hard-to-reach G-Spot. You can forget missing your girl’s orgasm machine by getting good at this position and employing a few of its many variations to have the best sex ever. You can reinforce or up to the heat by grabbing on to her breasts and gently caressing them or water-boating them during this position if you prefer, as you try to reach deeper into her.  

5. Butterfly 

A little crazy than the conventional positions, the Butterfly is the key that can potentially unlock your girl’s multiple orgasms, giving her the time of her life. This style gives you the ultimate penetrability. You stand at the edge of the bed with your girl lying down. Gently lift her legs up to rest on your shoulder or hold them in the extended position. Stand very close to the bed such that your knees are supported against it. Slightly raise her pelvis till her vagina is at an approachable level, and enter her as deep as you can without causing her any discomfort. To maintain stability and to make this position effective, multiple sessions would be needed until you realize that this is the best thing that could have ever happened to you two. 

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The summit of your affection for your partner is a sex that is all-encompassing; by this, we mean intercourse that is a true representative of your love and an undying desire for them, an appreciation of their bodies and an act that leaves you both completely satiated.  

Having sex in the same way, with the same starting and ending point can make the whole affair very mundane for you two. The secret to a good relationship is to keep stirring excitement into it by trying something new in bed whenever you can, this will maintain the vitality of the spark between you two. 

Follow this guide for your next under-the-sheets session and make hot love that is better than all the times before. 


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