15 Ways To Beat A Player At His Own Game And Be The Winner

Tackle all sorts of player guys from married men to horoscope driven men!

By Diana Nadim
15 Ways To Beat A Player At His Own Game And Be The Winner

Had Your Heart Been Shattered By A Player?

When dating, you are guaranteed to meet with all kinds of people, both genuine and players. It is harder to spot the players because most of them seem real, and later in the relationship is when you find out that you caught the wrong fish. You should, therefore, learn to spot the men who are players long before you commit yourself into a relationship with one.

Partners who are players are some of the most cunning people to be around. They have tactics that they will use on you to keep you in the relationship, and by the time you want to leave, it’s either too late, or they trick you into staying. Players can play you even without you realizing what is happening. This is a part of their nature. The saying that goes once a cheater always a cheater is so accurate because it is true. Being heart broke by someone you love is one of the worst feelings, and it can lead you into doing things that you wouldn't normally do. For instance, one can go to the lengths of getting pregnant to be with the person.

Players typically don't care about you. All they care about is themselves and whether they want them back. They don't mind about how they act until they are caught, and that is when they start acting apologetic.

Have you ever been heartbroken by a player? Most of the people who have will tell you that it was the worst breakup of their life because they loved the person, but in return, the player just disrespected the relationship.

Type of Players

Married Man

When a man seems like he has it all, a wife, a stable family, an excellent job, and a beautiful home, most women find it hard resisting falling for him. You might find it hard to understand why a man who has accomplished all his life goals would cheat.

The following are some of the reasons why married men become players:


  • His woman never complements him, and they find someone who tells him how sharp and smart he is.


  • His friends like the other woman more than his wife.


  • She is hotter than his wife, and that makes him feel better about himself.


  • She is wild, and her sex is uninhibited whenever he asks for it.


  • She is easy to be around and doesn't nag him about bills, kids, and other house duties.


  • She makes him feel like a genius hero.


  • She is younger than his wife, and this makes him feel young too.


  • He has more fun with her as she is often free-spirited and adventurous without many responsibilities like kids.


  • She gives him a rush when they are sneaking around.


Many wives could have written this list by themselves, and it is sad knowing that not many of them are willing to make any changes to keep him from getting another woman. Being a little adventurous and mysterious will bring back some exciting jolts to your husband, and he will stop looking for adventures outside.

Horoscopes Danger: Gemini, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio Men

• Gemini

Gemini is the wordsmith, he is very good with his words, and this makes it very easy for him to come up with lies. He is deceptive and full of mischief. When a Gemini goes dark, he lacks empathy and is capable of mimicking emotions and easily manipulates others, when he cheats in a relationship, he uses his charisma and charm to make you feel for him and forgive him.


They are known to be some of the most dangerous, and this is for a good reason. They usually are sneakier than you would imagine and underestimating them makes it easier for them to play you and cheat on you. When you do not expect anything from him, that’s when he will strike. Cancer is also known to be quite deceptive and lies to others.


The free-spirited nature of Libra makes the not want to be tied down, and if this is a significant factor in someone, he might easily cheat due to his love for adventure.


They are very easily attached and obsessive with the partner. His tactics of keeping the relationship may be possessive and jealous, and therefore, this can lead to him doing crazy things to get your full attention.

15 Ways To Beat A Player And Have Revenge

1. Take care of yourself

What better way to get revenge on your cheating ex than making sure that he knows you are better off without him? Eat well, go to the gym, dress well and there you have it. He will be sorry for letting go of you, and this will drive him crazy

2. Cut him off completely

Men have a particular urge to feel like they have power and control. When you find out he is cheating, break up with him gently and cut loose of all your ties, even when he comes back, don't budge.

3. Become friends with the girl he cheated on you with

This move will surely give him a headache. If the other woman is all in, the two of you can go for lunch in his favorite restaurant. This will leave him dumbfounded! 

4. Date one of his friends

This will chip him off the edge since men are territorial, especially when it comes to his friends and girlfriend. This is why dating one of his friends is an excellent payback idea.

5. Give him the silent treatment

This will make him feel neglected, and the guild will eat him up. Give him the cold shoulder and don't respond to any of his calls or texts but make sure that you answer everyone else, even when he is around.

6. Let everyone know about his infidelity

Not only will this shrink his ego, but there is a chance he will lose most of the people who once cared about him, including the person he cheated on you with.

7. If you are still together, remind him that you could have another man in a minute

There are a lot of other guys out there, and you might find a better one who will respect you. If this won't keep him from cheating play the "I told you so" card and break up with him.

8. Have a busy schedule

Make some new friends and go out for great adventures. Let him feel like he is supposed to be the one doing that with you. Once he notices that you are enjoying life without him, jealousy will kill him.

9. Ask your male friends for help

Ask them to help you lift the heavy stuff to your house or in your home. Ask some of your male friends to compliment you whenever he is around. This will get him wondering what he has lost.

10. Just be happy

After a break up with a player, he expects you to be sad and drained. Instead, laugh and smile, and even if you are faking it, this will push his buttons more than you can imagine.

11. Destroy one of his prized possessions

As much as this is a savage move, it will leave a mark for the end of that relationship. Destroying something he loves also lets him know how much he has hurt you.

12. Refuse to help him in his time of need

If he ever asks you for help in the future, give him the cold shoulder and let him down as he let you down by cheating. This might seem cold but it helps to get the point across.

13. Embarrass him

This might seem low and petty, but it works like magic. Make him look bad by doing something in public to embarrass him and demean him. This will make him think twice in the future as it’s something that he will not forget any time soon.

14. If you are still able to go to his phone, switch and swap his contacts

That way, when he will be texting the person he is cheating on you with, the text will go to his boss or mother.

15. Pay for an advertisement in the local newspaper and call him out for cheating on you

This is an act of perfect revenge for a player as it will humiliate him and expose him. Players don’t like their business being put out there for everyone to see.

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One of the hardest things to do is letting go of someone you love. When he plays you with another woman, that love slowly turns to hatred and other negative emotions. Instead of giving in to the negativity, focus on staying positive, and improve on yourself.



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