15 Sweet Or Sexy Stories For Your Girlfriend During Bedtime

Short stories from cute to adult erotic for the extra cuddle time

By Madiha A.
15 Sweet Or Sexy Stories For Your Girlfriend During Bedtime

How To Start A Sweet And Sexy Story At Bedtime?

Long term relationships are built on little things; things that matter and make a difference. A single flower, a romantic one-liner, and a kiss can do magic that no candlelight can. You wouldn’t consider the story “a thing” until you have tried it personally and seen the magic.  Whether it is freezing cold outside and you are cuddling with your beloved in front of a fireplace, enjoying a breezy night out on the terrace or are miles apart, you can turn on your girlfriend with a sweet and sexy bedtime story. 
Starting a story is not difficult; you just have to keep in mind a few simple things:


  • Keep it short and simple – long and boring stuff will lead to sleepiness which wouldn’t want for sure.
  • Keep your girlfriend’s characteristics in mind (her hair, eyes, the way she walks and talks, her favorite place, hobby, etc.). Relate her to the main character in sensual but unconscious ways.
  • Improvise as you go – if you think she enjoys a certain part of the story more, try to create situations around that part. 
  • Use the dramatic tone and expressions where necessary – gestures and body language make the story more interesting.
  • Add twists and be flirty – involve her by asking questions or adding comments.  
  • Pause to see and enjoy her expressions 
  • If you are close, keep an eye contact

 Sweet Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

If someone told you that bedtime stories are for kids only, they sure haven’t tried telling them to an adult and if that adult is your girlfriend, you surely are missing a lot of fun in life and because of you, she is missing that fun too. They say it’s never too late to start something new. After going through this article you will be able to surprise your girlfriend with something utterly new. 
Children’s bedtime stories can be adapted in an adult way for the girlfriend. If you know some of her favorite stories from childhood, you can add adult details for her to enjoy. Here are a few sweet bedtime stories which your girlfriend will cherish in the years to come.

1. The Tale of the Mermaid

Mermaids fascinate girls of every age. The story will fascinate your girlfriend even more if you live near the coastal area. Tell her how you saw a mermaid swimming in the ocean one day and when your eyes finally met with hers, it was instant love. The mermaid was bound to stay in the water as the land was out of bounds for her. She had to make a deal with a wicked witch of the water to come meet you and spend the rest of her life as a girl. 

2. The Princess & her Knight

The story is about a beautiful princess who fell in love with a man unworthy of her love. He deceived and tricked her to get her wealth and riches. He wooed her and took her to a jungle in search of a rare flower. When they finally found the flower and princess tried to pluck it, the poisonous thorns of the flower put the princess to sleep. Her beauty faded with time. Years went by and nothing could wake her up. While everyone else got tired and went away, a knight stayed there and waited for the princess to wake up from her sleep. The knight told her about his secret love for the princess and they got married and lived happily ever after. This may sound like a simple story, but you can be creative and twists here and there to make it unique and captivating.

3. Princess Rose and the Golden Bird

Turn your girlfriend into a princess who has long red hair and loves roses. A golden bird comes at the clap of her hands and sits on her shoulder. They sing together and put everyone to sleep and have sweet dreams. Cursed by a witch, her hair turns black and the people start getting nightmares after they are put to sleep by the princess and her bird. The only solution being put black hair in rose water, the witch plucks all the roses from the entire kingdom. The prince comes to the rescue with a single red hair that he plucked from the princess’s head when they were kids. The hair when dipped into the princess’s tear, turned into a rose and the princess got her ability back by dipping her hair in rose water. She marries the prince and they lived happily ever after.

4. P.S. I Love You

PS, I Love You: A Novel

No matter how many times you have watched a certain movie, reading the book the movie is based on has its own charm. Tell your girlfriend that you will love her even after your soul has departed just like Gerry loved Holly.

5. The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife

Yet another great story for bedtime, the time traveler’s wife is the tale of a man who could time travel and how it affected his life and relationship with his family. You have to be completely synced in every sense while you are in a relationship. Those who come and go frequently start losing credibility. 

6. The Note Book

The Notebook (Calhoun Family Saga)

One of my personal favorites, the notebook is about true love. No matter how many hardships and obstacles you have, true love will always find it's way. If you are destined to be together, nothing can separate you. You may drift apart at times but true love will always bring you back together.

7. Beauty and the Beast

The Beast and the Beauty

May sound childish, but beauty and the beast is one of the classic tales about love. The story about princess Bella meeting a beast and falling in love signifies that true love sees beyond apparent looks.
Share with your girlfriend any of these stories on a given day and see how she reacts. Surprise her if you are not in the habit of telling tales. This will become your favorite “us time” in no time.   

Sexy Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

Busy lifestyles, tight schedules, and so many commitments leave no time to spend with your beloved. You both come back home tired and exhausted, ready to hit the bed to get up fresh for another hectic day ahead. A bedtime story is a great way to spend some quality time together and forget about the worries. A sweet and sexy story can lead to physical intimacy that none of you expected. Here are a few sexy bedtime stories to share with your girlfriend at bedtime. You can always add your own version or twist to any of these stories.

8. Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Read this book of erotic fantasies to your girlfriend at bedtime and turn the night into a memorable one. 

9. The Teacher & The Student

The story is about a teacher who fell for his student. They would go to his home after school and spend hours making love. Add suspense about how they kept this relationship a secret from his wife and their friends.

10. Twilight

Twilight: Twilight, Book 1

What’s better than a love story of an ordinary girl and a vicious vampire? When even the smell of her blood would crave him for blood, how would Edward make this relationship work? Unveil the romantic relationship between mortal and immortal beings and the story of this dangerous romance to your girlfriend at bedtime and consider watching the movie afterward.

11. Silence Fallen

Silence Fallen

If your girlfriend enjoyed Twilight, she will definitely love silence fallen. The story is more intense than twilight. Stuck between the most powerful vampire and the most powerful werewolf, how Mercy, the coyote will distinguish her friends from a world full of foes.

12. Delta of Venus

The Delta Of Venus

15 short stories for 15 nights, Delta of Venus is a collection of erotic stories perfect for bedtime. Select one story each night and embark on the journey of sexual adventures.

13. Perfect by Judith McNaught

The love story of an award-winning actor Zachary Benedict and a school teacher Julie Mathison has its own kind of twists and turns. As the story unfolds, rugged and charming Zack and sweet and innocent Julie after spending a few days together in a mountain hideout fall in love. 

14.    The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door

The couple next door is a great read for those who like suspense. The story of deception, duplicity, and infidelity will take your girlfriend by surprise when the final shocking twist unveils. 

15. Create your Own Story

If you have read enough love stories and watched a handful of romantic movies, you are ready to create your own story. As the quote goes, “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite”. Turn your life events into a story and let your girlfriend guess what happens next. A great way to engage in a creative conversation leading to a well-spent intimate night.

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Stories are a great way to connect with your partner. Bedtime stories have evolved immensely over time. The much required “us time” can be spent in an intimate way with a wisely selected bedtime story. Depending on the mood and situation, select a sweet or sexy story from the list for your girlfriend and amaze her with your storytelling skills.