10 Emotional Needs That An Alpha Man Want But Wont Say

Smart ways to handle the harden emotions of an alpha man

By Kimmy
10 Emotional Needs That An Alpha Man Want But Wont Say

How To Handle An Alpha Man?

Opposite attract is true. Every girl has fantasized about dating an alpha man at one point because an alpha man is an exact opposite to most girls’ indecisiveness. An alpha man is dominating, born-leader, loving, caring, and would do anything to protect his pack, his family.

Never confuse a true alpha man with a fake one. An alpha man dominates, not controls. If someone is controlling and threatening you when you don’t listen to him, he is not an alpha man, he is just controlling. An alpha man is courageous and smart. They do what they do to keep the family together, but they would never turn on family members and threaten them.

Having an alpha man in life is like winning the lottery. If you’re dating one, don’t ever let him go. Take care of your alpha man’s emotional needs as much as he takes care of yours. Follow this guide and you will have your alpha man hooked and dedicate his life to make yours better!

10 Emotional Needs Of An Alpha Man In The No-Go Zone

1. Don’t challenge his role in being the alpha man, ever

I can’t argue that the role of an alpha man does play on gender stereotypes. Men should be the one to stand up for the family and protect. A lot of feminists may hate this idea and challenge their alpha man partner. While it’s true that being an alpha man plays on the gender stereotype to some extent, it’s not in a bad, demeaning manner that girls can’t protect themselves so men have to do it. Rather, it’s because they believe that if anyone should get hurt for this family, it should be them.

An alpha man by no means wants to undermine your capability to defense. They just want to step up for you because they’re born to protect their families. Don’t challenge their role. They mean no harm. Don’t challenge their belief in the duty of an alpha man.

2. Be humble

Don’t be a smart-ass or a know-it-all when dealing with an alpha man. They love teaching their partner with new skills so they both can grow. Their eyes just lit up when you pick up something new. Be humble and let them enjoy and explain what they want. Don’t cut him off and just say that’s something you already know. Let them have their moments. We all have our moments, don’t we?

He doesn’t ruin your fun by saying your rom-coms are unrealistic and will never happen in real life. He just sits with you quietly and lets you enjoy it. Why can’t you do the same for him? Mutual respect is important. There’re always times you can shut up and just let your partner have their moment.

3. Be attractive at all times

Always staying at your best is a great self-esteem booster for an alpha man. Slacking and not cleaning your look makes an alpha man feels he is useless and not worth your effort. Staying attractive and look your best build confidence for an alpha man. He feels wanted and valued. Hence, he will even try harder for this family.

Throw on a nice outfit to date night. Come up with a new idea for the next weekend. He is always here to protect you. You should let him know he is always appreciated by putting on your charms every single time to win him over.

4. Show off your feminine traits

An alpha man is attracted to those that spark off the best of the feminine traits. It arouses their inner desire to protect the female. The more feminine you look, the more they want to handle you with care. Throw on a pair of earrings and a couple of bracelets. Give him his daily dose of your feminist charm.

Showing off your female traits doesn’t equate to playing dumb. You aren’t trying to play stupid, you are trying to show off your charisma. Such traits can be your loving and caring features, attention to detail and the desire to nurture, and of course, you look too.

5. Give attention to his words and actions

An alpha man needs attention as much as any girl. They need to be acknowledged and approved. Pay attention when he speaks and try to remember the things he says. Don’t dismiss him and repeatedly do things that upset him because you forgot to listen. An alpha man is more than happy to teach you and to guide you. But they don’t appreciate those that refuse to listen and make the same mistake over and over again.

Paying attention to him shows your respect for him. You look up to him and affirm his leadership role. He would appreciate it lots if you can do something without him constantly reminding you of. If you agreed to cook this weekend, he would certainly hope that he doesn’t have to remind you to get certain ingredients again and again. You should be smart and know when to do what.

6. Let him shine

Being protective towards his partner is something an alpha man would do. You’re capable of taking care of yourself and you feel it’s a sign of weakness to ask a man to do things for you. Sure, a lot of strong and independent women feel this way. But this is different.

He isn’t trying to put you down. He is just eager to show what he is capable of. Let him fix the wires on the roof, let him change the boiler in the basement. Let him shine. He is at his best when he can do what he is proud of. He wants to be the one that provides.

Don’t fight with him to argue who can do it better, or how you can do it too. He just wants to do it for you, just let him shine and appreciate his kindness to provide.

7. Affirmation

Approval is important for an alpha man. Who else would they know they’re being recognized if you don’t say it out loud? Actions speak louder than words, but words matter a lot too. Don’t be silent with your words. Tell him how much you appreciate him doing things for you and thinking for the best interest of this relationship.

Affirmation builds up a huge part of an alpha man’s self-esteem. They need to know what they’re doing is worth it and that they have the trust and loyalty from those they protect.

8. Don’t challenge him directly

It’s normal to encounter problems when you date someone. While some might appreciate you telling them they’re wrong directly, an alpha man won’t. There’s a much simpler way than telling him he’s wrong upfront. You can tell an alpha man what you want instead. Being a family-oriented alpha man, they will cave and give you what you want.

An alpha man doesn’t like being challenged directly. But they’re willing to give their family anything. So there’s no need to get upset next time. Just be honest and tell you how you would want things done.

9. Don’t be obsessive

Keeping distance from time to time is good. As much as an alpha man appreciates a loyal, stable partner, he would also prefer to be left alone sometimes. Refrain from calling him 24/7. He will come to you every day after he finishes work. An alpha man would work hard and come home to his girl. Just wait until he comes home. Don’t rush him

10. Only see him as the alpha man!

This is absolutely important. Other guys may be okay with their girls hanging with other alpha men, but not your guy. Avoid other alpha men to give a sense of security to your alpha man. It provides an emotional reassurance to him.  An alpha man can be jealous or get really anxious seeing you hanging with other equally dominant men.

You’re allowed to have friends, of course. Just think before acting to make sure you’re not hurting your man’s self-esteem. Everyone needs different emotional assurance and an alpha man needs to know he is the only one in your life. Better give him that.

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Romantic isn’t even enough to describe how awesome it is to date an alpha man. They take care of you, stand in front of you when they sense danger. They are just the dream type for so many girls. You feel totally safe and secure around an alpha. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

It’s so dreamy to date an alpha man. They are protective, dominance, smart and gentle. If you know how to play it right, they will stay loyal and in love with you forever. They're things that an alpha man needs emotionally. Make sure you can satisfy his needs. After all, he is doing his part for you. Put in some effort and follow our tips to get your alpha man hooked!