40 Quotes From Lighthearted To Deep Sayings For Marriage

Marriage quotes from short funny sayings to strong deep love

By Sophia R
40 Quotes From Lighthearted To Deep Sayings For Marriage

Marriage And Love Quotes As Snippets Of Relationship

Marriage is a big step in life. It is both exciting and scary. It gives us the opportunity to create a new life of love, connection, and adventure while on the other hand, it requires us to walk the same path with another person despite all the differences and incompatibilities that may occur in the relationship.

As challenging as marriage is, it is also a fun and exciting adventure when we marry the right person.

It is popular wisdom that often helps to understand such important issues as marriage. You can see the experience of your friends, the story of your parents and the relationships that develop in books or movies, but no one can tell you for sure what you will live when you start this chapter of your life. Fortunately, there are great authors who have given themselves the task of emptying their knowledge in a few words so that you conceive this phase of your life with philosophy, charm and much surprise. And that is exactly what this article is about: amazing quotes about marriage that will give you advice!

40 Quotes On Marriage

Here you have a compilation of 40 of the best phrases about marriage said by famous people in history and some other random ones we found snooping around. They all talk about the importance of this union, some quotes are wise and others are fun but they will all make you reflect about this important stage of your life. Here they go:

Short, lighthearted, and funny

1. " A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” - Mignon McLaughlin

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is really complicated. Only when we are able to remain in love as time passes and difficulties arise do we show the true loving power of our hearts. Discovering our loved one in a new and exciting light is the true joy of a lasting and loving relationship.

2. “If I get married, I want to be very married. ” - Audrey Hepburn

When we do things halfway, we sabotage ourselves. Only when we give ourselves completely to everything we do is it when we can achieve great things. Commitment and passion distinguish between an exciting and mediocre life and the same is true for marriage and relationships. As Audrey, herself said: be very married, commit to the fullest!

3. “ To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. ” - David Viscott

Love is an incredible feeling but it can also become a heartbreaking experience when it is not reciprocal. Love reaches its peak when it comes to a mutual feeling that brings together two people in the most intimate and profound way. As the sun when it comes from both sides, it feels amazing!

4. “Marriage is like wine. You can’t judge it properly until the second glass. ” -Douglas William Jerrold

Love can make us blind to many things including the fact that the decisions we make are not very wise. This is one of the reasons why a passionate love not backed by solid compatibility can end in an unsatisfactory marriage. However, it takes a long time to evaluate the success of a marriage. And some wine glasses, too!

5. “Marriage must be duet: when one sings, the other applauds. ” - Joe Murray

Marriage is an association in which both husband and wife have their own share and contribute their own personalities, whims, goals, and ideals. Being able to balance all these differences successfully means creating a mutually beneficial and rewarding love association. You literally want your marriage to be Beyoncé and Shakira in Beautiful Liar: best duet ever!

6. “ Sense of humor is great: it goes a long way in a marriage." - Chris Rock

Marriage seems to be a serious deal but there is no reason for it not to be fun. Having a sense of humor can work wonders in case of misunderstandings or conflicts and can create a link through laughter. We cannot be angry too long with the person who makes us laugh, can we?

7. “Before doubting your wife's good judgment, see who she has married. ” - Egyptian proverb

That moment when you think: “oh she’s nuts”, see who she has married: you, right? How could she be crazy if she chose you? I mean, you must think you are the best choice of all, or not? So don’t doubt her choices!

8. “ The secret of a happy marriage is to forgive each other for having married. “ - Sacha Guitry

Yes, marriage can be beautiful and very gratifying, but it is not all hugs and kisses. Sometimes, you might want to kill one another, and that’s the catch of marriage. Forgiving each other for everything that happens in that marriage, so basically forgiving each other for having married in the first place, as ugly as it sounds!

9. “Marry an archaeologist. The older you get, the more charming he will find you. “ - Christie Agatha

All of us are scared of what our husband or wife will think of our looks when we get old, so here’s a little funny quote that gives us some advice on that. What a great way to fix that problem, right?

10. "Marriage is saying: “ I don't care, what do you want to do?” Forever.” - Unknown

We have all been there, in the process of making a single simple decision as where to go for dinner and not being able to choose. Well, that is what marriage is also about, but for a long time, we can even say forever. Good luck on choosing where to go next Christmas!

11. “Marriage is being able to see another person eat chicken wings and not vomit.” - Unknown

Yes, seeing someone eating chicken wings is absolutely nasty, but when it comes to that special someone, I think we might even find it charming. After all, in marriage, all we though ugly is no longer that. We are blind by love, I guess!

12. “Love opens the parenthesis, marriage closes it” - Víctor Hugo

What a cute way to see this amazing stage!

13. “After getting married, husband and wife become two sides of the same coin; They can't even see each other, but they're still together.” -Hernant joshi

Happy marriage

14. “A good husband makes a good wife. “- John Florio

A happy marriage is the work of two people, never one. A good wife encourages the husband to give his best to the relationship, so a good husband motivates the wife to do her best for her marriage. A good marriage is always a balanced relationship. Remember that!

15. There is no relationship, communion, or company more beautiful, friendly, and charming, than a good marriage." - Martin Luther King

Unlike family relationships or friendships, marriage is unique because it implies a conscious choice, lifetime commitment, common goals, and very high compatibility. That is why when a marriage is successful, it becomes more satisfying than any other type of relationship. Isn’t it beautiful?

16. “The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. ” - Henry Youngman

There is no secret to a happy marriage because each marriage is different. Each couple creates their own rules, their own agenda of goals and dreams, and each has its own language for love. What may work in one marriage may not work in another, so don’t look for the secret, create yours.

17. “The important thing to have a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility. ” - Tolstoy lion

In a marriage, good compatibility helps a lot. However, the strength of a marriage is more related to the relationship of the couple with their incompatibility. Can you cope with the differences? Can you commit to each other? These are the questions that dictate the success of a marriage.

18. “A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short." - Andre Maurois

When two people are happily married, they enjoy a mutual company with the greatest delight and excitement. Like many of the moments they would spend together and the number of conversations they would share, it seems that it is never enough. You can find infinite joy by discovering each other and sharing your being with the other, but it might never be enough for you; that is when you know you are in a happy marriage.

19. “Happy marriages begin when we marry the person we love and bloom when we love the person we marry. ” - Tom mullen

Some might say that being a celebration of love, marriage is also a test that aims to reveal how strong love really is. In a happy marriage, love flourishes despite misunderstandings, conflicts or hidden incompatibilities.

20. “What I like most about my home is who I share it with. ” - Tad Carpenter

Sharing our lives with someone we love is very exciting. They are always there for us, talking, playing, sharing laughs and misfortunes, making plans and keeping us company. This powerful connection makes every boring detail of everyday life seem like an incredible occasion for love. Getting home has never felt so good when we find this connection.

21. "When a marriage works, nothing on earth can take its place." - Helen Gahagan

Being in a good marriage is not an easy goal to achieve. It takes time and effort to find that special person and it takes effort to maintain such a deep connection with a serious commitment. Despite the difficulties, marriage can bring a unique set of gifts in our lives that can hardly be found elsewhere. Literally nothing can replace it, nothing, so don’t even try looking for anything like it; you won’t find it!

22. “ The more time you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes." - Amy Grant

A marriage requires love and commitment and for this reason it must be properly nourished to survive and strive. Time is a key element in this equation. As we give more and more time to our loved one, the connection deepens and strengthens. Always take this into consideration when building your marriage.

23. “An ideal wife is any woman who has an ideal husband. “ - Booth Tarkington

To have an ideal partner, we must be an ideal partner. We do not need to impose such tough expectations on the person we love. Two people who love each other will grow together and learn to be the best for each other.

24. “This is just the beginning of a great adventure, let’s discover more of that beautiful trip everyday” - Unknown

Another great way to see this beautiful journey!

25. “I don’t only love you for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you.” - Unknown

We all feel better when we are with that someone we love so much. Love is so magical that it can even change us.

26. “True love does not come from words, but from the deepness of the heart.” - Unknown

I am sure you have all heard “ actions speak louder than words”. Same happens with true love. It doesn’t come from words, but from our hearts. There is no other way to say it.

27. “ A great marriage does not happen when the “perfect couple” joins. It occurs when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.” - Unknown

So don’t look for perfection in marriage ever!

28. “The difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary marriage is in providing that little "extra" every day, until death do us part.” - Unknown

Start giving that extra something and take your marriage to another level.

Strong and intense

29. “ Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. “ - Lao Tzu

A good marriage is based on a deep love relationship. The best thing about love is its power to demand so much from us but it also gives us a lot. Feeling loved and giving love at the same time is empowering. Through love we decide to be better. That’s the beauty of it all.

30. “ You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry the person you can't live without. ” - Anonymous

The greater our capacity for commitment and our level of tolerance, the easier it will be to make any relationship work. However, when it comes to a marriage, the best thing for our own well-being is to choose a relationship that is less based on effort and more on the passionate need of the other. When you feel that you can’t live without someone, that is when you know your marriage is perfect and that they are truly the ones.

31. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. ” - Emily Bronte

In a good marriage, the husband and wife reach such a deep level of understanding and love that they feel made for each other. Their personalities became fluid influencing each other while their goals and desires merged. The couple becomes a unit. It is actually quite crazy.

32. “One must believe in marriage as in the immortality of the soul. ” - Honore de Balzac

There is no point in getting married if we don't believe in marriage. If we do not see marriage as a sacred connection of love and lasting fellowship then we cannot see how it can work. As in many aspects of life, having faith is a crucial condition that allows miracles to happen. Always keep that in mind!

33. "Let's be honest, marriage is a bet." - Yoko Ono

As much as we deny it, especially when we are in love, marriage is a risky bet. We do not know how our love will survive through time or difficulties, we do not know how strongly we can commit ourselves and finally we do not know how each person will change. Although it is often a bet, marriage is still valuable, so don’t loose your hopes because of this quote, take the risk!

34. “Marriage is a boat that takes two people through a stormy sea; if one of the two makes some sudden movement, the boat sinks. “ - Leon Tolstoy

Marriage is all about being calm, thinking about actions, it is just an all brains game. That is why any sudden harsh decision made out of rage, anger, jealousy is extremely damaging for it, as a sudden movement in a boat through a stormy sea. See the metaphor there?

35. “If it ever gets dirty, you polish it with love until it shines again.” - Unknown

Love is the only thing that can fix any cracks in any marriage, so put it to work when anything negative is near your relationship.

36. “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” - unknown

As we have said multiple times in this article, forgiveness is the key to marriage. You will both make a huge amount of mistakes, and the only way to make it work through them is being good forgivers, which, as this quote says, are vital for a happy marriage.

37. “In every marriage that has lasted more than a week there are reasons for divorce. The key is to always find reasons for marriage.” - Robert Anderson

Again, mistakes, hurt, lies, and bad things will happen in your marriage. Let’s not lie to you, nothing is perfect. But don’t worry about it, it is not all lost! Instead of concentrating on the bad, look for the best, for the reasons why you should fight for your marriage. 

38. “You shall shield it to protect it. You should never leave it exposed to the elements.” - Unknown

This is quite a beautiful metaphor to represent how much you should protect and look out for your marriage. After all, it is as precious and delicate as a newborn child, so treat it as if.

39. “There is no destined , pure ,or easy love, but human love, which is built daily, in which you have to sweat to get through.” - Unknown

This one here is absolutely true, it is a reminder that no love is perfect, that we are all humans and that our love is flawed. It is in you to fight and sweat for it to overcome anything.

40. “With each breath we breathe our love will grow.” - Unknown

In marriage, love grows every second, minute, and hour of the day, with every breath you take.

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We hope you loved and felt inspired by these beautiful quotes on marriage. Dedicate, analyze, share, or keep them to yourself.  After all, marriage is one of the best feelings in the world when it is with the right person and at the right time, and there should be a way to express it with words. 


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