10 Emotional Vows to Make Him Cry And Laugh On Your Wedding Day

Funny and emotional templates to create the ultimate wedding vow

By Evelyn
10 Emotional Vows to Make Him Cry And Laugh On Your Wedding Day

How Do Wedding Vows Come About

Are you planning your wedding? How's that coming along? We bet it's an exciting and lovely and sometimes, frustrating time. There are many things involved in planning a wedding and you want all to be perfect for you and him because you want to remember the day when you both say "YES, I'll be with you forever" in front of family and friends.

How about those vows? Have you decided to go with the traditional ones or are you planning on writing your own? You can't go wrong with any of those options, just choose the one that will portray you, and what you want to promise to each other, better. If you're having trouble coming along with the right words to write a lovely vow, we'd like to help. We have compiled a list of emotional vows, you get to choose if you want to make him cry (the happy cry of course) or make him laugh.

Before we get to the list, let's get into a little bit of vow history. How do wedding vows come about? Sometimes knowing where things come from can helps us understand them better and can give us a different perspective (like thinking outside of the box). This can only help get your creative juices working so you'll end up writing some very emotional and kick-ass wedding vows.

So, when did the wedding vows started and how they have changed with the passing of time? They started way back, during the Roman Empire (17BC-476DC). They weren't any elaborate thing, actually, they were very simple. The lower class had "free marriages", this meant that when a couple wanted to get married, the father of the bride walked his daughter to the groom's house and there they (in front of some people) would agree to be wed and keep a vow of marriage by mutual consent. And that was it.

Fast forward to Medieval England where they had the Sarum rite. To celebrate any kind of Christian public worship, they follow the Sarum. This was a manual written by the dioceses of Salsbury & York and it contained the original wedding vows used in most Anglican church vows. Back then the vows to obey were only recited by the bride, the groom only stated that he will love and honor his wife.

Are you familiar with the traditional or standard wedding vows? They can be traced back to the Book of Common Prayer, written by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer. "I, ____ take thee, ____, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, cherish and to obey, till death us do part, according to God's holy ordinance,"

The very first Marriage Act was written in 1753, the act allowed all religious groups to write their own vows, so each religious group customized the wedding vows for their unique form of worship.

Now, you can write your own vows, you can personalize your wedding, you can even write a marriage mission statement. Writing your own vows is not as simple as it may seem, it can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, there are countless "how-to" guides all over the web, you can go the sweet route, the emotional route, the funny route; it'll depend on how the two of you want to express and declare your promises to each other. 

If writing your own vows is not for you, but you still want to add a personal touch to your wedding vows, then you should talk to your priest, pastor, officiant or minister so they can help help you customized the traditional vows available.

Take This Tips Into Consideration When Writing Your Wedding Vows

So after talking with your future husband, you two have decided to write your own vows. The reasons for this decision could be many (you're not religious, you're not crazy about the simple civil vows, you'll like to put a personal touch on the vows, etc.) Nevertheless, you have no idea how to begin and the words are not coming forward so you can write them. Don't worry (much), here are some tips that can help you with this lovely but daunting task. Take a look.

Set a structure

This should make it easier in terms of comparing notes with your groom, length of your vows and the similarity of the things you're going to say. You need to decide if you're going to write the vows together or separately. If you chose to do it separately, decide if you're showing them to each other before the ceremony or if you'll prefer to be a secret. Setting a structure can help you in setting a  limit to your words and matching your vows with your future husband. Look for templates (like the ones below), choose one and go from there.

Do some research on vow-styles

Research and read all kinds of vows if you're religious, you can use the traditional vows as your jumping-point. You can also find inspiration by reading poems or books, by watching movies, by listening to songs, even by playing games (if you're both into that), you can steal ideas from all of them. Jot down words or phrases that capture your feelings, what you want to convey in your vows. Here's a time when plagiarism is encouraged. wink 

Think about your relationship journey

Take some time (alone and together) to think about your journey together. Write down anecdotes and what is it that makes your relationship special. From there, think about the promises you want to make to each other and what you want your marriage to be. If you want to include some anecdotes, keep them short and sweet.

Define the tone and keep them short

Before writing your vows, decide what tone you want to achieve. You're going for the emotional tone or for something more humourous? The most important thing here is that they sound true, that they come from the heart. You may have "stolen" the words from someone else but with the right tone, it's like they come from you. Don't make them so personal, that the people attending your wedding won't be able to follow. If you go for the lighthearted tone, make sure they also acknowledge the seriousness of your commitment.

Once written, they may need some editing to make them shorter. Aim for your vows to be one minute or less. It sounds like to little a time, but you'll find out it's not, It's just the right amount.

Emotional Vows to Make Him Cry (the happy tears)

Want some inspiration for writing an emotional vow that'll have him in tears (the happy good ones of course)? Take a look at 5 five templates from where you can take notes so you can sweep him off his feet.

"In your eyes, I have found my home.
In your heart, I have found my love.
In your soul, I have found my mate.
With you, I am whole, full, alive.
You make laugh. You let me cry.
You are my breath, my every heartbeat."

"Wyatt, I believe in. the person you will grow to be, and the couple we will be together. With my whole heart, I take you as my husband, acknowledging and accepting your faults and strengths, as you do mine."
"You are my person, my love and my life, today and always."

"You are my mine. My puzzle piece. Even after just meeting you, I felt like I'd known you my whole life, and now I get to know you forever, as your wife and best friend."

"To me, your love is like water. It is shapeless and it is formless, but it is also peaceful, yet so, so strong. You cannot live without water -- and I cannot live without you. You, my darling, are my heart. I promise to support you, through thick and thin. I cannot wait to walk back down that aisle so that can start the rest of my life with you." 

"While climbing the attractive Mount Everest of your mind, I attempted to hike a little higher to take a peek at your soul. I lost my footing on that trail... and there is where I fell in love.

Make Your Groom Laugh With This Funny But Emotional Vows

We all know that marriage is a serious commitment and your vows should reflect that. But it doesn't mean you can't insert some witty and funny words or phrases just lighten up the traditional vows or the ones you're writing.
Here are some heartfelt humorous wedding vows that are guaranteed to make your groom laugh.

"Let's be dumb together ---just plain stupid. Make bad choices, eat the wrong things, take the wrong turns, and then let's tell great stories, the same ones -- forever and ever until no one can stand us but each other."

" I just want your company, that's it. Just your company and your support -- your undying support. Oh, and for your to forswear all others besides me -- just all those things. Oh, and your kidneys -- can you give me a kidney? Just one -- and oh, your whole life -- everything in your whole life -- so I guess that includes your other kidney and your internal organs and soul and such. So that's all I want. Just that. Think you can handle that?"

"Once I take your hand, I promise I'll never let go -- our clothes will have to be specially made -- but it'll be worth it."

"Through good seasons and bad, I promise to comfort you when the  49ers lose, cheer with you when the Giants win and dress in full regalia when the Chargers play."

"I vow as your wife to always support your dreams, even the one about the whale in the living room."

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Whether you choose to write your own vows or customize the traditional ones with your special touch, make sure they feel real and are a reflection of what's in your hearts.


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